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Pavel-Ionut Buidan
OS Catalina

Full Icon Themes 128 comments

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Jun 28 2020
The icon theme update is now fixed, however, the GNOME terminal application icon theme still looks out of space... - Jul 01 2020
Check icon theme issue my screenshot_ - Jun 13 2020

Openbox Themes 7 comments

by reorr
Score 61.7%
Jun 21 2018
I have run Trinity on Q4OS, MATE, tested Moksha ( Bodhi ) GNOME on Sabayon (tested the distro), Pantheon from PPA on Ubuntu and even Elementary OS, Enlightenment, Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDE on Debian and/or Ubuntu and derivates ( based on ~ distributions) ... while keep thinking to of how can I make JWM look great and easy to use yet have the facilities other desktop environments may offer; yet I am considering (again) setup/testing Trinity (Q4OS or PCLinuxOS) when new version will be up ready for download). till then I have spent some time setting up my JWM configuration file and It helped me inspire from other themes, resources of other products, and in this case I have used 272727 color to hope make good look of my theme :D ;) - Aug 19 2018
I have used #272727 in my JWM configuration file ; screenshot download - Aug 19 2018
Nice, easy colors :) - Aug 16 2018

Gnome Shell Themes 15 comments

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Dec 08 2017
nah, I like Debian GNU/Linux :-) ; Thank you but I am yet not familiar with # pacman ( package manager ) and the Arch User Repository!. Now in this message I tell you is that I have tested netrunner Core Linux distribution and the result of test is unstable operationg experience mostly due to KDE ,how it works ,and because of combination Debian #stable system plus latest desktop environment libraries does not pair and/or cooperate well in my opinion; so I had erased netrunner installation on my local hard disk and then I quick wiped with zeroes the free space which was left behind and finally then I did this installation of Debian #testing ,screenfetch: .I now intend to keep this installation for some longer time ,especially mainly because the mouse pointer theme is not buggy (corrupted ). I have used for my Budgie desktop session customization resources found at the following addresses : - Oct 25 2016
Here is a $screenfetch: I've erased Solus installation on my local hard disk due to a minor bug in the mouse pointer theme that I couldn't fix and that I've considered so annoying.... - Oct 24 2016
My PC build is now ready and up running: :-D - Oct 21 2016
OK :-) I am not an active GNOME desktop user; I setup GNOME, on that computer, which for the moment is my only personal computer, to use it to do the work I have to do, and I have some computer spare parts and I will buy some other spare parts to build my very own personal computer and on that computer I will probably won't setup GNOME desktop because that's just not what I use on Linux, I'm not that interested in GNOME. I like the Axiom shell theme because is modern and decent, enough to use it on a work-to-do desktop computer. Thanks :-) - Oct 01 2016
I like it and I much need it for comfortable GNOME desktop computer experience http - Sep 28 2016

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 8 comments

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Dec 17 2015
OK! Great thing to make Adwaita xfwm4 theme! I very much like it!
.....And I did not like to keep custom title color so I
.....well.... I did nothing, I am xfwm4 themerc noob and I just did quick copy-pase from the Xfce 4.12 xfwm4 default themerc into this theme's config. file fro to make window title font color gtk-pick-up ...... .
and that link is very handy and I will try learn much on how to make and edit xfwm4 themes! Thanks! - Feb 28 2016
I must say that my themerc config. is FOR Adwaita GTK theme as it will not work on some other GTK 2/3 themes ;d ;
and I'm not sure I understand you , have I did something wrong ? - Feb 27 2016
- Feb 26 2016
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Feb 28 2016

by ratoli

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Feb 28 2016

Openbox Themes
by reorr

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9   Aug 16 2018
Nice, easy colors :)
Materialgnome 0.1

Gnome Screenshots
by moiozx

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9   Oct 01 2017
Score 58.0%
9   Aug 26 2016
Score 58.0%
9   Aug 26 2016

Metacity Themes
by fabrigallim

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9   Mar 01 2016
Score 75.5%
9   Feb 28 2016

by ratoli

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9   Feb 25 2016

by Kycok

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9   Oct 08 2015
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9   Oct 08 2015
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9   Aug 14 2015