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John jc , United States of America
My own slickness variation

Beryl/Emerald Themes by satriaulie 13 comments

what icons are thoose?

And could you maybe consider porting this to metacity?

looks nice - Nov 24 2009
Xaphire debs for debian

KDE 3.5 Themes by qgqlochekone 4 comments

Yeah I'm sure I messed up somewhere. I've only been using Linux for 8 years now. Personally I don't think Ubuntu is that bad. I've used gentoo and that is more advanced than debian in my opinion. I've tried all the mainstream distros and it's a lot of fun.

I found this on your site.

"Not work with stupid frontends like synaptics, call to a linux real expert to use my packages!"

I like synaptic and aptitude and frontends or gui applications work really great.

Sounds like your real professional with that type of stuff.

And as for being a windows users. I love computer science so I work with many types of operating systems and platforms. Use what works for you and sometimes that means Ubuntu or whatever suits your fancy.

I still think your theme could be better. Good luck getting that to work on kde 4. lol - Nov 20 2009
Xaphire debs for debian

KDE 3.5 Themes by qgqlochekone 4 comments

I think this whole thing your trying to do here just plain out sucks. I put this on an old debian box I had and it completely screwed up the whole system. It must have been the bootpsplash thingy because I got "kernel panic" message when I rebooted.

Plus it just looks bad. The colors are awful and so much more.

Please don't quite your day job. - Oct 04 2009

Wallpaper Other by picture 2 comments

must be hard for her to see. - Dec 23 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Yaba 12 comments

I believe the name of that gkrellm skin is 'prime23'

Great idea but just one question on the ipod theme I keep getting yucky blue titlebar color can I change that to silver? Also I had to changed colorschemes in kcontrol which was not installed by your install script but it's still blue. - Dec 04 2004
Gnome 2.8 3D Succesor

Gnome Screenshots by john81 3 comments

It's a xwnc and metisse a link below. Good luck and have fun. - Nov 20 2004

Cursors by dvornik 34 comments

I just wanted to say that this is really nice mouse theme. It's the only one I've ever used set aside from default cursor etc. In fact when I come to this section of the site this is the only one I get.

No offense to others who have made nice mouse themes but this one just seems to go well with any theme.

Thanks - Nov 19 2004
Baghira 0.6 for Slackware

KDE 3.5 Themes by rgeber 9 comments

There is no doubt that baghira is very nice style but IMO it is a bit too bloated. And when I hear people say their apps crash with baghira theme applied it don't suprise me. However, with the most recent versions that has rarely happened to me so I choose to run it anyway cause it's cool like a Mac.

As for baghira trying to copy OS X
I spend money but I just don't see the point in paying for a box that only looks good. I been on macs before in the store when they had them on display and for a "power pc" arch they don't seem that fast.

So I guess if you come over my place and see a few dells' as opposed to a mac then you won't feel at home?

It's all about status, just like you would prefer to drive a pinto and me a BENZ.

Bad analogy maybe but true enough. And I'm not directing that to anyone in general just indirectly speaking.

And thank you for making slack package ;-) - Nov 19 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by kzaty 11 comments

It does not make sense to get a "theme" when I have to manually go and download all the components that are needed to comprise the theme itself.

Huh? - Nov 11 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Senshi 8 comments

Your desktop is awesome! - Nov 10 2004
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lucher 201 comments

This a great addition, keep upthe good work. - Nov 08 2004
FreeBSD + superkaramba + gdesklets

KDE Plasma Screenshots by john81 3 comments

You can't really see the style but umm I think it's plastic with a touch of grey ;-) - Nov 08 2004

Ice-WM Themes by typeprinthere 8 comments

It looks really nice! - Nov 08 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by motyR 198 comments

I can't get this to build. Help your style is nice and would like to use it.

metalstyleconfig.moc:113: error: `StyleDialog' has not been declared
metalstyleconfig.moc: In member function `virtual bool metalStyleConfig::qt_property(int, int, QVariant*)':
metalstyleconfig.moc:121: error: `StyleDialog' has not been declared
*** Error code 1

Stop in /?/?/metal/src/config.
*** Error code 1 - Nov 03 2004

Wallpaper Other by romka 1 comment

Gives me a sweet tooth. I like it alot. - Nov 03 2004

Ice-WM Themes by typeprinthere 8 comments

When I double click my windows shade. If I want windec like this I'll use windowmaker! - Nov 03 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by alexanderolivares 21 comments

You should read more karamba tutorials. Is there not a way to have the theme auto resized to fit any res? - Nov 03 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by alexanderolivares 21 comments

I can't change the resolution beyond 1024 yuk. Any suggestions? - Nov 01 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by seguso 27 comments

Confusing - Nov 01 2004

Ice-WM Themes by typeprinthere 8 comments

In answer to your question NO, not if it gets in the way of functunailty. Please add more buttons, other than that it looks ok. - Nov 01 2004
halucard22 style

Gnome Screenshots by halucard22 2 comments

I like that. One question, how did you do that with firefox? - Oct 22 2004
Bootsplash - Paris Hilton - Verbose

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by wishie 11 comments

Oh yeah that's my lady, can't you tell she's busy everynight, thus, the blackened knees.

Anyway very nice dude. Id like a wallpaper sort of like that......hint? - Oct 22 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DjMadness 8 comments

I much like this one. Not so much nudity, now my fiance won't kill me when she's hunched over my shoulder when I log in. ;-) - Oct 15 2004
Gorilla IceWM Decoration

Ice-WM Themes by systemx 6 comments

Thanks for the theme, completes my gorila theme well. - Oct 13 2004
c owns you

Wallpaper Other by frikiorg 7 comments

Keep it up though, eventually you will create something that is actually tasteful. - Oct 13 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by guppetto 74 comments

I like the icons, they look great in konqueror. - Sep 27 2004
3Dimensionnal Desktop !

Gnome Screenshots by jon1012 6 comments

I'm thinkin this ain't a GNOME desktop but rather a Metisse desktop (and Xwnc) running GNOME applications. I reckon I'm right?

Proof of analysis via your "off" dimensions in your screenshot. - Sep 27 2004
My 2 cents for "Aero"

Desktop Concepts by zammi 23 comments

The windows logo is trash and should be replaced with something else.

Just my 2 bits. ;-) - Sep 25 2004
3Dimensionnal Desktop !

Gnome Screenshots by jon1012 6 comments

Hey it would be nice if you were just blunt like saying Metisse and Xwnc when people ask instead of being discreet you should share.

Also be a sport and advise others of not wasting their time unless they have a "decent" graphics card that can support the opengl 3d accel etc.

For thoose who want to check it out metisse can be found at the link below. Be warned that it's totally experimental.

And since were on the subject here is mine with "only" fvwm, running stuff like gnome panel in metisse adds more bloat IMO. - Sep 23 2004
My Gnome

KDE Plasma Screenshots by john81 5 comments

If this is coming up on kde-look then I don't see how because I uploaded it on gnome-look. - Sep 23 2004
My Gnome

KDE Plasma Screenshots by john81 5 comments

I'm using xcompmgr and transset for the transparency. You'll need xorg 6.8 or better. - Sep 23 2004
Donnie Boy ( Rated S - Stupid )

Wallpaper Other by hypestar 13 comments

Seriously, is this wallpaper or just another frivilous attempt to bash america's incompetent leaders?

I know their fools, there is no need to rub it in. - Sep 18 2004
3Desk Workspace Changer

Karamba & Superkaramba by static-slack 2 comments

This is exactly what I was looking for.

One thing though, would be nice if when you click it you can stay inside 3ddesk and make the workspace selection manually by clicking it.

I like to click my mouse and watch it go round and round. - Sep 18 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by vicokde 7 comments

At first when I installed this I said o myself this is not any different than plastic. Then I saw the hints of keramic and put 2 and 2 together. Kerastic?

Cute. - Sep 18 2004
Cracker not Hacker

Wallpaper Other by blueSceaDa 3 comments

Since your using the symbol at the bottom that is suppose to be symbolic for "hackers" shouldn't it be the other way around?

Ya, I think you mean hacker not cracker? Other than that it looks pretty good. - Sep 18 2004
OSX like Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Chris12349 1 comment

I was having the same problems with xcompmgr until I said the hell with it and bought an nvidia card, now my xcompmgr runs 10 times better. I still have issues but they are slim to none, I can run it for as long as my xsession last, switch back and forth between virtual consoles and maybe a glitch here and there but nothing major like before.

That solution worked for me but to be honest all that stuff still has a way to go.

I'd bet that baghira looks just as good on your box without the xcompmgr. ;-) - Sep 18 2004
Hey thanks this is a great tool and fits nearly all my needs and the best of all it looks great! - Sep 17 2004
Liberal United Australia

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 9 comments

Well the good news is if I was trapped in Linux hell I would only be forced to look at this horrible piece of work for a few seconds. - Sep 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by hypestar 1 comment

You call that bacon? I feel sorry for your health lol. Why not some nice crisp brown bacon instead of all that fat? Now that would be a wallpaper I could wake up to. ;-) - Sep 15 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by john81 6 comments

I attained the wallpaper from deviantart dot com in the Female section. If you go there and browse a few thumbnailed pages you should see it. - Sep 13 2004
Xorg-trans 6.8 and kde 3.3 screenies

KDE Plasma Screenshots by asciiwhite 1 comment

This is an abusive use of transparency. You should tone it down a bunch. From here it looks like an eyesore. - Sep 13 2004

Various Artwork by meNGele 19 comments

I have absoulutely no way of interpreting this as a pdf icon. At least put the words "pdf" somewhere near the k. - Sep 12 2004

Wallpapers Windows by sgwallpapers 6 comments

I like it. If you make some bigger ones that would be great. - Sep 10 2004
So is it safe to say this an ldap client cause I've been searching for one of thoose for a while. Also can I use this with anonymous bind queries? - Sep 06 2004

Network by fornwall 11 comments

I much like what you have done here but nmap is much better when used from the command line, for me at least. Even nmapfe gets in my way. I can only imagine what a qt derivative would be like. - Sep 06 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Aristo 36 comments

Try droppin em in ~/.fonts - Sep 06 2004
"We Don't Do Windows!" Wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows by sbrown1038 7 comments

Don't kid yaself. I've had more white honeys than you got Linux experiece.

You do the math. ;-) - Sep 05 2004
kde 3.3 + 6.8 = transparency :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by terra 7 comments

IMO it's not worth it unless your a developer and want to do some debugging yourself.

Oh it looks nice but looks a whole lot better in a screenshot than it runs. For most folks there is not an interval that passes that xcompmgr does not crash in some way or another.

If you don't want the headaches then just wait for the final release. ;-) - Sep 04 2004
KDE3.3 03092004 screen

KDE Plasma Screenshots by na6411 1 comment

That's very nice screenshot. - Sep 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 3 comments

Looks good. Maybe a bigger one perhaps? - Sep 03 2004