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Blurring Shadow at Logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

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Mar 15 2005
hi dude. great work but you know should be great if you do some kparts friendly effects.

in that way we can choose what effect use at logout - Mar 15 2005
AKDC Beta3 preview 2(see changelog)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 357 comments

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Dec 20 2004
you haven't all dev packages installed or you have and old version of gcc - Nov 22 2004
you must open the UI file in config directory with kwrite and change the header for your qt version

mandrake has a very old qt release that's the problem - Nov 04 2004
dude, read at top of the page, i'm not a graphical designer, akdc is not a project to port wb decos to kde, i will not create any kind of graphic art for kde

i am a !!!!!!!c++ developers creating an advanced code engine for those who make graphic art, why???

graphics artits are not developers, so they can't do complex native decos for kwin, with akdc they just paste pixmap in a folder and akdc do all the code work for them( in rc1 you will see all tools needed for graphical designer and documentation )

so but why you are use wb decos anyway???

wb is a very complex(not efficient anyway) engine that let you do almost anything with your skins, so this is a good example to me and show what is needed for graphical artists(wb have a lot experience in this sector you know!) in other hand i need show to people what can they do with akdc and this look good(remember i will not loose my time trying to make art when akdc be ready artist people can do nice art !!!not me!!!)

to finish, if you don't like any akdc decos you have two choices

1. Don't use it
2. Make a nice art, send this art to me and in few days you can see your theme here in - Oct 18 2004
which buttons have you activated ????
how do you compile it???? - Oct 14 2004
first -you need to compile
./configure --prefix=/your kde path(suse:/opt/kde3)
make install

second -this is a preview not a release(preview is intended to show what's coming for the release )

third -you only can download beta2 files - Oct 04 2004
the theme's name is the name of the JPEG image that my friend send me - Sep 30 2004
first thanks for use akdc

i make test about performance with kde 3.3 and suse 9.1 in my pII 333 with 128 mb ram
and a geforce 2 gts(6111) and processor load is less than 6 doing anything
PD i use xorg 6.8

is possible an XRender problem or you have not the XRender extension active at all maybe a buggy driver like ati's one check your X conf

you can download the beta 2 release

for more info you need to send me all possible information to - Sep 23 2004
i use screenshots for this theme but i don't know who made them because a friend send me this shots, so if you can give me the names of this great artist or the page where i can find their info i will put them in the credits and i can ask their perms(to do it in the right way)

rafael castillo - Sep 16 2004
please be more specific, i don't understand

Rafael Castillo - Sep 10 2004
hey dude this is a pretty fucking weird failure because i'm not using openGL yet in this code, so what the hell your linker is looking for gl.

well let me see my makefiles, but this seem to be another mandrake's super bug

rafael castillo - Sep 08 2004
i know about this problem since alpha version but i have coding priorities and it's functionals from kwin control center modules(there is more important issues to do first)

in rc1 you will see a new control center module common for any akdc theme(based qwidgetstack)with a nice art that works on 640x480 monitors.

sorry about this and thanks
rafael castillo - Sep 08 2004
dude akdc (advanced kwin decoration client) is the first item on the assk project.

assk is composed by

on a second stage

on a third stage
build a kde media player using kparts composed by juk, amarok, kaffeine, kdetv, konvert,kscd,and gstreamer with a common skin like wmp or winamp

akdc is really and advance because this is the only deco that use all the power of kwin, install it and compare it with those that come with kde and you will see the diference - Sep 08 2004
compiling it using ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3
make install - Sep 07 2004
akdc works is full compat with kde 3.3 in fact i work with suse 9.1 with kde 3.3 and qt 3.3 - Sep 07 2004
hi dude, i'm interested in offer a good support for gentoo users so if you have a messenger account in yahoo or hotmail, we can discuss all about gentoo issues

thanks for your help
rafael castillo - Sep 06 2004
this is the final purpose of akdc, let you make kwin themes very easily just like windowblinds do on windows but result is at least 3 or 4 times more efficient and without code for custom goddies.

so if want port some theme urgently send me the pixmaps and a screenshot to, or wait until rc2 ready so you can do it by yourself ;-)

P.D the rc2 will come with a very nice guide and howto's

rafael castillo - Sep 06 2004
hi, please send me the compilation dump to (that means copy the text to the konsole to kwrite, save it and send it to me)to see what's happens with mandrake

thanks - Sep 04 2004
in rc1 i will release a new control center modules common for all akdc theme - Sep 03 2004
you must use ./configure --prefix=your kde path in suse is /opt/kde3 - Sep 03 2004
where can i find this media center theme? - Sep 03 2004
is not so trivial for really complex theme like nvidia, because you need to follow the drawing style of the deco.

Example. the top right pixmap in nvidia and the avatar are the only icons that must be blended but the right side contain part of the center pixmap that is drawn in tiles

so is a hell make the blending work for all posible themes variant

wait, maybe on rc1 part of these code work with some themes - Sep 01 2004
this is not a release, is a release preview.

this is intended to let you see what's coming for the release - Aug 25 2004
the another themes will be released in 2 weeks, i have to fix some glitches and apply double bufering to the painter code.

and in 4 weeks you can see the new akdc control panel - Aug 09 2004
i'm working on a new enhanced version common for any akdc engine you will see some preview in rc preview 1(a month maybe). - Aug 09 2004
thanks dude - Aug 06 2004
is not one theme, are four theme based on the same code

PD. all themes in the pictures will be released in two week - Aug 06 2004
my final idea with akdc is give to graphical designers like everaldo an super adaptable[akdc works with the same code a theme really simple like quartz or another extremely complex like corona or nvidia, impressive right] kwin native decoration core, so the graphical designer just paste some pixmaps in a folder, set some options and that's it, he has a kwin native theme.

the big thing about this work is that the code make all c++ work automatically[layout calculation, mask calculation, kparts integration, configuration module[i have to rewrite it from the scratch], effects, and all other features], in a memory efficient
way and faster as possible, in fact with the latest code akdc demonstrate be faster than keramik in almost all situations.

so i hope you like it and this help to convert kde in a awesome a piece of art - Aug 05 2004
please send the complete compilation dump to - Jul 12 2004
alpha stupid means !!!!early stage of development!!!

find a .deb somewhere in this page.

Fuck you - Jul 01 2004
what distro?????????? - Jun 25 2004
this must compile on suse9.1 (x86 or x86-64) without problems, amd 64 bits processors works with both 32 and 64 bits, so check if you have all development packages installed on your box

in fact i am making the beta version in suse9.1 - Jun 25 2004
i'm a c++ developers making a new engine for kwin, automatic enough to be easier than IceWm but native with a lot of graphic posibilities, i'm not a graphical designer.

i'm using this nvidia pixmaps just for see something (i love nvidia anyway), in fact when i finish the code you will see something like 40 WindowsBlind decos working with this engine

well, so if you don't like it modify it to something you like or just don't use it - Jun 23 2004
nice idea, when i finish the kwin and kstyle engine i will rewrite the kaffeine gui code to handle a skins(and maybe use winamp 5 skins) - May 13 2004
es de windowsblind, buscalo en - May 12 2004
i really have problems to make rpm in my suse box, when i can pack it i'll post it

sorry - May 12 2004
no, install kwin dropshadow patch 0.8 - May 11 2004
yes this happen me too, but i fix it later because is a really fuc@"#!&% freak error that is killing me

well maybe i need more pizza ,CSI and some time - May 10 2004
yes, i know, this code is not functional on the alpha version, on beta you can choose between original or system colors

well in fact anything different of original keramik options work in this version

wait for beta in 1 week - May 10 2004
i don't know how to make an ebuild, where can i find a how to - May 10 2004
not yet, packages for rc1 o rc2 and final, sorry - May 10 2004
that's it dude, the color scheme, wall papers and xmms skin are in downloads

the style is thin keramik 3.1.5a with custom colors(i will release a howto for this with the next beta)

icons are lime rade, and some of my ported icons from mac os x and win$"@@·$" X$@#~· - May 10 2004
please tell what is your gcc version and qt version

and you download the version gentoo? - May 10 2004
the beta version will include all this functions, when maybe in a week - May 10 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 45 comments

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Oct 21 2004
hey men you could try akdc luna beta2
this look exactly like winxp luna deco(the default one) or maybe luna metallic - Nov 09 2004
hry men nice work you can use akdc luna or luna metallic to make more realistic your idea - Oct 20 2004
VA/Xi desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Sep 21 2004
this is not a winamp 5 skin is a winamp 2 skin(backport) and winamp 2 skins work perfectly with xmms

Pd this mean that the autor make this theme for both versions of winamp - Sep 22 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 20 comments

by motyR
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Sep 24 2004
i'll checking your blending code
nice work

thanks - Sep 21 2004
BlueIce kwin decoration w/ color scheme

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 72 comments

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Nov 05 2004
hey guy the original windows nvidia theme is not a micro&%@$ one(micro%$@& didn't made it, Noooooo!!!) is from stardock windowsblinds 4.2(very bad engine but nice art) so micro¬½#@ doesn't have nothing to do.

in fact i've heard that you can make reverse engineering for compatibility reasons, so i hack it;-)

if you don't like it or you have some kind license moral problem just does not use it.

is not stole is compatibility;-) - Jun 04 2004
i'm rafael castillo from kwin nvidia, excuse me, i cannot respond your mail, but i like it so much. thanks a lot for your idea - Jun 04 2004