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Mar 08 2008
I got this wallpaper a while back on deviantart.

Unfortunately, the artist seems to have been inactive for a very long time (, and her gallery of art is now only accessable by (paid) subscription members - which I am not.

I've uploaded the wallpaper to

As for the clock, I did not spend time looking for (or making my own) superkaramba theme.
It's actually the clock applet for kicker - an additional top panel was configured to occupy a large space in the top right corner to achieve this effect.
It's quick and effective, but occasionally gets annoying when mousing over the top edge of the desktop. This clock is probably not an option for people who use desktop icons though.

A relatively simple superkaramba theme could probably be made to do a far better job. - Mar 12 2008
Yep it's conky. My own config there with a *VERY* badly coded bash script for the weather info.

if you want to try it anyway, i've uploaded the files to: - Mar 09 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes 23 comments

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Nov 01 2006
yeah, the colour sheme is fantastic :P

it's from here: - Jan 05 2007
sorry guys, i don't login to kde-look that much.


can't you tell what messaging client that is? i thought the stripes would give it away :-P

it's kopete ;-)

i just hid the menu bar, toolbar, status bar, and with a buttonless windeco, it fits in well :-P - Jan 05 2007
I'm using kde ;) so no gtk theme here.

Anyway, the kde style I'm using is baghira with a dark colour scheme. - Nov 18 2006
the dark colours were set by this fantastic dark colour scheme from here:

i'm pretty sure that's how my milk-style is black.

the only other colour setting i changed was the "button colour" in the baghira style settings (i set RGB to 0,0,0)

i hope that helps =/ - Nov 04 2006
It's KDE with some tweaking ;P

To install KDE and the extra styles (ie. baghira) you'll have to read up on your distribution documentation or forums - shouldn't be too hard. Google can help :D

Kubuntu is a good KDE-based distro for newcomers to linux; try kubuntu out if you're not already.

as for Beryl+Emerald you'll find howtos at and maybe in your distribution's forums as well (depending on how popular your current distribution is). Beryl provides nice animations to your desktop (search on youtube!), and Emerald is the window decorator which this theme (Transience) requires to run.

Anyhow, KDE is extremely flexible :) plenty of styles, icons and configuration options - you can make it look like anything you want.

Gluck and have fun learning Linux :P
Hope i helped a little... - Nov 01 2006
the text on the top panel is actually the menubar for any focused kde app (the desktop was in focus in my screenshot).

it's in KDE's panel->behaviour settings: called "Current application's menu bar (Mac OS-style)"

i don't have a taskbar running, so no application icons there ;) - Nov 01 2006
it's baghira - milk :) - Nov 01 2006
Yeah no buttons, just a frame =)
i use the keyboard shortcuts for closing and minimising etc.
thanks for the positive feedback =D. - Nov 01 2006
looooong - looong Bug, get a killerspray in Mandi

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May 28 2006
have you all no compassion? give Blacky a break please, (s)he seems to be struggling with english already. =(

in Mandriva, the 'Panel Background' customisation section doesn't exist/appear.

this is the problem yes?

what (s)he has been asking is who does this fault lie with? is this a choice by Mandriva, or is it a bug with their binaries? or somewhere/someone else? or missing a package?

All Blacky is asking for is a fully configurable KDE... not much to ask? (considering everyone else is able to get a fully configurable KDE...)

in regards to the problem, not sure what is best to do. have you found other madriva users with this problem? try google to see if it's common or not. (if you haven't already...)

if you can't find anyone else out there, then it's probably something to do with your own installation of mandriva.

hope this can be solved soon... - May 28 2006
My huge green desktop :-)

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Oct 18 2005

got to it before i did.

oh well, i was hoping it was 'true' transparency (with composite)

thanks for you reply. - Oct 20 2005
how did you get 'true' transparency for Yakuake? ('true' as in, you can see the windows / icons beneath yakuake) - Oct 19 2005