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the frog
Got... Map?

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 6 comments

thats far from eye-candy. and definitely not in the right place. you could post that somewhere on an '3D-modeling for beginners'-site. a penguin somewhere an a picture simply isnt enough... no, it cant be tux, because tux is good looking :D - Oct 16 2003
Korilla v1.3.5 (Kool Gorilla)

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 34 comments

why dont you change the folders colors? i still have some folders in that strange brownish color as in the original gorilla. i was thinkin your theme wants to get rid of that awful brown colors. the shapes of gorilla rock but the colors...
...i was hoping korilla would give same nice colors to the nice iconset. what happened? - Aug 17 2003