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Kelvin Miller
Ambient Light Fix

System Software 3 comments

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Sep 08 2018
I have a Surface Pro 4. I recently tested out GNOME on my device. I was a little jealous of GNOME's automatic brightness setting, even though it's intrusive and doesn't work that well. I just found and installed this on KDE Neon (KDE Plasmq 5.19.2) less than 30 minutes ago. It works great! It's way better than what GNOME has! Could you please add a way to adjust the minimum and maximum brightness level? - Jun 26 2020

KDE 3 Color Schemes 6 comments

by fuze
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Jul 30 2007
Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The kore theme is posted here on The link to the theme is

I'm having trouble with the dialog boxes (meta-data) that appears when you hover over an icon. The letters are black and I don't know how to change them. - Aug 02 2007
Hi. I love your color scheme. It goes very nicely with the kore theme. I have a problem with dialog boxes for file meta-data. When I hover over an icon the dialog box is black and the meta-data information appears with a black font. How do I change the font color to white? thanks! - Jul 29 2007