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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Workspace-Strap Effect

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 122 comments

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Oct 25 2014
Sorry for the very late reply, I was very busy in the last months.
Automove should be fixed. :)
Please confirm that it works for you as well, now.

Kind regards, Anton - Oct 25 2014
Sorry for the very late reply. I had other things to do as well and didn't find the mistake. (It was a very simple one-liner after all).

I uploaded a new version with both bugs fixed and without the .git folder ;)

I remember your question but couldn't find it anymore (I was sure I had answered, seems I only thought I had. Sorry for that.)
The reason is, that I think it drives the whole thing unhandy. With a one dimensional strip you can just drag quickly, with a two-dimensional thing you'd have to drag more carefully to maneuver it to the position you want it to be. Technically it's not a problem. So, if there is demand for a 2d drag area, I'd be willing to adapt the effect accordingly. - Jul 31 2014
Yes, I had the plan to do so, but for now it's not yet possible to write kwin scripts that include UI.
It might already be possible to port the effect to QML though (still as a kwin effect). Might be worth an investigation. (Primary target would in this case be kwin 5, though) - Jul 10 2014
I uploaded an updated version. It should work again now. :) - Jul 09 2014
Which distribution do you use and which version?
Do you have the kde devel packages installed? You'll eventually also need kactivities dev-packages. - Dec 09 2013
Technically it's feasible, yes.
But it requires a really good concept how windows should be organized, how windows will moved when what happens (e.g. when a window get's closed or minimized), what cases exist, why one would open a window, what behaviour is expected in which case, etc.
If you can provide me such a concept, I'll do my best to implement it :)

PS: sorry for the delay of the reply, my first reply (~2days ago) was lost somehow... - Feb 24 2012
Nice to know it's working now :)

May I ask, what the problem was? just for personal interest. (Maybe I can use it to help others, who have the same problem) - Feb 22 2012
I don't have an account at redhat's bugzilla so I'll reply here:
kactivityconsumer.h and others have been removed from libkworkspace in 4.8, in favour of libkactivities:
libkactivities is not part of kde-workspace but a own repository and such a own package: kactivities(-devel). (See comment #1). So it is not a bug.

This effect is able to use /usr/include/kde4/kactivities/consumer.h (from kactivities-devel). You should install that package and retry. - Feb 20 2012
you need the package "kactivities-devel". Are you sure you have it?
Which version of Fedora (I guess you're using Fedora) are you using and which repositories? - Feb 19 2012
Please run 'find /usr/include -name *consumer.h' and post the output here. - Feb 19 2012
Please download the code via `git clone git://` and try to compile. If it works, I'll update the code-package here. - Jan 20 2012
This is because the OpenSUSE Build Service is currently down for maintanance. I guess it will be available again tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't help here. Just wait ;) - Jan 14 2012
well, do you use the standard-repos for kde or do you use some other e.g. a seperate update-repo?
If not, I fear I can do nothing, until the OBS gets current packages. - Jan 09 2012
To give you any help you need to do what the error message sais:
"Please run 'find /usr/include -name *consumer.h'."
and post the result here. Moreover you should look out for a package called kactivities-devel (or similar) in your packagemanager, you will probably need it.
- Jan 09 2012
These are defenitely three things that need investigation. I will look at them as soon as I have free time, which is always quite unpredictable...
But I'm glad you like it :) - Jan 09 2012
For 4.7.4 you need to install the package libkactivities (I don't have Fedora so I can't verify it, but it's probably like this). It's probably not listed as dependency because OBS builds against 4.7.2, but it should be in the fedora-repos. - Jan 09 2012
first check whether /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib64/ exists.
If not there should be a package libkactivities (or similar) in the fedora-repositories. If it exists, install it, else post again here with the information you gained. - Jan 09 2012
Well, I already feared this error would come...
I will try to find a solution, but I have made a package for Fedora, you can just install that one. - Jan 08 2012
Sorry, I planned to inform you, but I have forgotten it...
What exactly do you mean with "say the users, that you can center the view/strap by pressing meta+alt+space"? a kind of hint, when using the effect (do you have an idea where to place the hint?) or what did you think of? - Jan 08 2012
Yet another stupid mistake of mine.
It should now be fixed. - Jan 06 2012
Three things:
1. Delete your build-files and try again (sure you have the latest version?)
2. Please run `LANG=en make` and post the output of that instead
3. Please post the ouput of `find /usr/include -name "*consumer.h"` and look in the file it should have found for something like "class KDE_EXPORT Consumer: public QObject {" and post that line, too. - Jan 06 2012
This behaviour is really strange...
Please run xprop (you will have to click on a window) on a window that moves correctly and one that doesn't move and post the output. - Jan 05 2012
Infact, sorry. It seems I uploaded the unpatched archive again... Now it's there. - Jan 05 2012
fixed. - Jan 05 2012
Can you please download the updated version and try to compile again without the symlink? it should now work, but I'd like to have it tested.
Thanks. - Jan 05 2012
Thanks it helped me a lot to find the mistake.
It was a typo, I didn't recognize. Should now be fixed with the latest download. - Jan 05 2012
It was a typo, I didn't recognize. Should now be fixed with the latest download. - Jan 05 2012
Have a look in Systemsettings->Desktop Effects->All Effects. One of the last items should be Workspacestrap. Is it activated?
If yes, what happens if you press Meta(aka Windows-key)+ALT?
(What should happen is that you get the preview of the strap and then can move it by dragging.) - Jan 05 2012
Thanks a lot for the hint, when I made this change the namespace was Activities, it was just changed to KActivities. - Jan 04 2012
I'm going to update the effect as soon as I have a fix for the above problem, until then you can edit the file workspacestrap.cpp and replace line 59 by this:
KActivities::Consumer *ac = new KActivities::Consumer(this);
Then it should work. - Jan 04 2012
please post the ouput of `find /usr/include -name "*consumer.h"` and look in the file it should have found for something like "class KDE_EXPORT Consumer: public QObject {" and post that line, too. - Jan 04 2012
please post the ouput of `find /usr/include -name "*consumer.h"` and look in the file it should have found for something like "class KDE_EXPORT Consumer: public QObject {" and post that line, too. - Jan 04 2012
First of all: thanks :)
make a easy way of switching , maybe by clicking on the desktop with the middle button and dragging the desktop ( kinda like android swiping )

I didn't quite get what you mean, with that...
mouse button scrolling : kinda like scrolling on normal windows with the mouse wheel. for example , if on vertical mode and i would scroll the wheel down while cursor is on desktop , the strap would move 5% or 25 % ( configurable ).

I've never thought about things like that. Thanks for the input, I'll have a look whether it is possible.
another good way would be for example , while the plugin is showing the strip , flipping mouse to the left would move the strip to the left :)

Not quite sure whether this is possible, but I'll have a look at it, too.
you should contact the kwin dev's about this plugin. its really nice. I much prefer this idea than the "static virtual / abstract " virtual desktops we have now :)

I will blog about it, as soon as I finish version 1.0 (including all the wishes from the commentators) and have my blog on (I hope to get it rather soon, so stay tuned ;) - Nov 14 2011
Nice to hear that you like it :)
1) It should be already implemented... So, when you move the strap to the left on one activity switch to another one move it to the right and switch back, the strap is on the right for you?
If yes it's a big bug.
2) This is also already implemented, but just when the window is completely outside the view (and you use the taskbar/alt-tab to switch), but I'm planning to automove also when less than ~25% of the window is shown. Hopefully at the weekend I have time for it... - Nov 09 2011
Can you please search for kactivityconsumer.h in /usr/include? (if it's there please give me the exact path)

You don't have to recompile this one, just for the next time (LANG=en means that the output is in english. I understood the output, but for general it's better to have english output) ;) - Nov 06 2011
What version of KDE are you using?
The file kactivityconsumer.h just exists like this in KDELibs 4.7. In master it was renamed to kactivities/consumer.h
PS: @reves121: If you get compile errors you should recompile using 'LANG=en make' and post the output of that one. - Nov 06 2011
Lasted a bit longer than expected (too many other things to do) but finally the vertical version is there :)
I'm not quite sure about the thing with maximizing to whole strap, as the strap is meant to be quite big (I have a horizontal strap with 5000px size).
You can still resize the window to a size bigger than your screen manually, but I don't think it makes much sense to have a window with a geometry of 1024x3000p. But you can convince me ;) - Nov 05 2011
Sorry that I couldn't reply earlier, something called real life was distracting me ;)
I already thought about this, but I wanted to hear whether it would be requested.
So... It was requested so I'll do it, when I have time, but currently I'm at some other things, so it may take a bit longer (between a few days and a few months). - Jul 31 2011
@UI: Tabs it not enough, if you have a good idea how to organize the ui using tabs, I'm listening. Else I think simply tabs will not help to make it clean.
If you give me at least two other useful shortcuts I might have an idea... (and no, left and right end are no candidates)

@flicker: yes it happens, I think it's a problem inside kwin, it's on my TODO-list to hunt it.

@VD-slide-effect: I tried to copy your setup; the behaviour I saw, was that windows that are half in the view, are cut off and just the visible part was animated. Is that what you meant?
If yes: I think there isn't much I can do about it, sorry
If no: then I didn't get it...

@general: It's very satisfying to see that it is going over so well :)
And: Thank you for your much and good input, it's helping me to perfect my effect and to keep my TODO-list long :)

PS:Don't worry, today I was already looking into the heads of some other KDE-users, but they're all satisfied by the perfection of KDE, so I can sleep tonight. Yeah really they are!! No, I don't say it for laziness! - Jul 24 2011
First idea: Here it is!
Second idea: I understand... might be usefull, indeed. Let's say I'll implement it, if you say me how to keep the config ui clean :)

btw: if you click on a window that is not in your view the view will move automatically to that window. That migh be an alternative for the time being.

Of course I was looking into your head and found this thought. Then I implemented the effect in one night ;)
/me is dreaming of being able to implement this in one night... - Jul 23 2011
First of all, thank you :)
About your first idea: Nice one, currently implementing it.
About your second idea: I think I didn't quite get it, do you mean a shortcut to
a) move the view to to the middle of the strap
b) set the position to the middle without moving the windows
I don't see a real usecase for none of these, but I may be wrong. Or did you mean something completely different? - Jul 23 2011
This is indeed not an easy one...
So probably you really have to wait for 4.7, but I'll have a look at it again, maybe I get it working (but it's not very likely).
Sorry for that. - Jul 23 2011
I didn't use Qt5 Signal-Slot syntax, but I used a signal, that is just available in KDE 4.7. It should now be fixed.
If you have still compilation problems, feel free to post them here :) - Jul 23 2011
Done. It's in the README. - Jul 23 2011

QtCurve 546 comments

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Jan 08 2013
it's really really awesome, now KDE has reached perfection in design :)

Just one suggestion: it would be even nicer if qt-tooltips could also be blured :) - Aug 29 2010
Flexible Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 80 comments

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Mar 30 2011
till now this applet is really "yet another tasks applet"
But I have an idea for how to let it stand out from the others as a taskbar with a diffrent target.
Why not target on creating a fullfeatured and easy to use tasks applet for small devices (about 10-15inch)?
What I think of is the following concept:

-The panel is on the top
-The titlebar is hidden for maximized windows
-The item of the active window is expanded, the others are collapsed
-The X for closing windows is shown on mouse-over in the expanded item
(of course everything is configurable)
Just a few ideas...

I think I could help on developing this. - Aug 27 2010
launchersupport is included in libtaskmanager in kde-trunk and soon the applets will implement it too so for KDE 4.6 you'll have support for "app pinning" - Aug 27 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
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Nov 05 2010
It's the work that needed to be done before he could implement this, yes.

So @panzi:
launchersupport in libtaskmanager is in kde-trunk for a few seconds.
So you finaly are able to implement what everybody wanted :)
If you have questions or wishes regarding the API, simply let me know.

Great work with smooth-tasks, keep it :) - Aug 26 2010
Character Runner

System Runners 3 comments

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Apr 04 2010
Now you can define aliases so it is possible to write e.g. #tilde to get a ~. - Apr 04 2010
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Aug 28 2010

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