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kendon mcbright
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Nov 07 2010
ok, good to know, thx. - Aug 12 2009
what happens when i write to that folder? where is the data written to? - Aug 11 2009
Terminal Green

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Feb 27 2007
hey nice theme, actually was looking for just that. but what window borders are you using? - Sep 25 2008
Elegant Brit no borders

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Jun 08 2008
it's pidgin with the pidgin screenlet. you can fing it in the screenlets section here. - Jun 15 2008
there you go, it's in the description. - Jun 08 2008

Conky 126 comments

by meek
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Jun 10 2008
actually this works with pidgin 2.2.1 on ubuntu gutsy.

but i have problem with the skin, everytime the screenlets is started the skin is set to default, not black like i want it. any idea? all other settings are saved correctly. - Jun 10 2008
Elegant Brit

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Mar 16 2008
ok, again posted too early ;)

i did it, you can see & get the result here:
- Jun 05 2008

this is where i got stuck. - Jun 05 2008
can anybody tell me (or do it for me ;) how to get rid of the borders? i managed to remove the lower, left and right borders and the white line below the title bar, but i don't know what do to with the frame around the titlebar. just painting it black would be awesome also, but when i change the #FFFFFF to #000000 which i think should change the color nothing happens.

great theme btw, just want to save some space on my desktop. - Jun 05 2008