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Office Apps 34 comments

by kendy
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Nov 26 2004
You need from gcc 3.3. I am not a Mandrake user, so I have no clue what package contains it, but I'd start with something like gcc3.3-3.3.4-2mdk.i586.rpm or similar. - Oct 25 2004
Of course I keep track of the OOo development. I focus on OOo 2.0; e.g. NWF is already in the mainline (

I just do not have enough time to produce a stable 1.1.3 KDE build for the community at the moment so that's why I finally filed 1.1.1 version here. But everyone is still free to build his own 1.1.3 KDE version by grabbing ooo-build-1-3 ( and building with target KDE. - Oct 25 2004 KDE

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 17 comments

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Apr 29 2004
I agree, much better; thank you!

I have one more request... Could you please provide a version with dark outline around the text (instead of the current white) not to interfere with the seagulls? What do you think? - Apr 29 2004
Thank you for the pictures!

I vote for removing "KDE" as well. Or maybe you could add a small note like "KDE edition" somewhere instead of it? - Apr 29 2004