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Kephren Newton , United States of America
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Livid - Iconset Preview

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Apr 25 2007
I agree with you, I don't like the trash and it isn't very clear. There are many icons to be made and I will definitely go back through and fix those as the set evolves. - Apr 25 2007
First off thank you '4x2mile' for your constructive criticism and thank you everyone for you comments and votes.

I'm not designing this Icon set for just myself so the more input the better. You don't need a doctorate in Art to know when something looks like crap.

I understand that they are busy and they will become even more detailed as I revise them. Simplicity is not my goal for this icon set, but clarity is. I would like to know what specific icons are unclear.

Remember a lot of icons that people think are clear and easy to recognize is sometimes due to familiarity. For instance the Firefox Icon itself doesn't scream internet browser, but something more like 'A giant hell beast has engulfed the earth, run for your lives'.

Once I am done designing the first approximately hundred to two hundred icons, I will go back through and definitely add variations. - Apr 16 2007
Thanks for the feedback. I am hoping to have a good portion of this icon set ready by May 2007.

I would like to have a good collection of basic Icons found on most peoples machines instead of sending out an incomplete theme.

If anyone has a request on specific additions, please post a comment. - Apr 13 2007
iSimple Vector Icons

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Score 46.0%
Apr 07 2007
freedom isn't free. - Apr 13 2007