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Skyler Visconti Murray, UT, United States of America
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by zb123
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Apr 02 2009
What part of southern Utah is this? I'd love to drive down for the weekend to see this! - Apr 20 2010
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Mar 20 2007
Since this is GPLed, you're open to fix it yourself and provide code, but if you want make something else you're welcome to do so. With your last comment you sound like a fan boy of your own project.

A pimp and a whore... WOW! Your family must be so proud. - Aug 20 2007

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Jul 04 2007
Mistype... "now" not, "not"

Sorry 4 the confusion (a "delete comment"/"edit" button would be nice) - Jul 22 2007
Nice Mod! I like it a lot and it's not residing on my phone, and my desktop #1... now comes the KDM mod...

Yeah, time to brush up on my CSS. Thank you. -Skyler - Jul 22 2007