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Udo Viehweger , Germany
Klikit Dragon Pink KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by Sproggy 2 comments

there are some faults in your ~.xml
but I'm not really firm in changing it to the right config
with my gdmthemetester it doesn`t work
but i tried to correct it
Some hints why
center <> not c or nc
after this i got the result that there exists no login/passwd - Dec 06 2008
the benighted

Wallpaper Other by aytacortac 2 comments

really good atmospheric picture for christmas.
Good made - Dec 05 2008
you 'n me

Wallpaper Other by kikoa 2 comments

I ment it in a more subtly way.
We got some missunderstandings in our past.
Cause we live our life in a slightly different way.
But this situation I ment is 15 Years old.
THaNX - Oct 11 2008