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Kris Kerwin
kmenu incremental search idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by timcharper 16 comments

Try using the Alt-F2 shortcut. It pops up a dialog box that can be used to enter commands.

Also, you can enter webpages here. Even better, try gg: to search in Google.

Kris Kerwin - Jan 02 2006

Browser by ceebx 11 comments

I love the idea of context-based search using meta-data. It's much more intuitive, and follows human thought more closely.

However, IMHO, I feel that requiring a user to specify which categories these pages fall into requires as much work as organizing bookmarks into nice, neat folders. A much more convenient method would be a way of automatically filing these bookmarks into categories based upon the text that is contained in their respective web pages.

Is there any way to, say, store the archived text (minus the HTML) of a webpage that has been bookmarked, or at least some of the topic headings on it, parse these archived copies for similarities and then group them accordingly in a database?

Now, I am not a programmer, so I am completely unsure of even how feasible it is to set up an automatic system of categorization. But, for the sake of theorhetical conjecture, I'd like to note a couple of previous implementations that I'm familiar with.

Spamassassin does an interesting job of categorizing using complex algorithms, but does so only into two categories: spam and not-spam. Not exactly scaleable into what we're talking about here.

If you stop and think about it, Google does this exact thing: it categorizes web pages based upon the text that they contain, but also includes the additional variable of voting (aka: PageRank).

I've read the KDE is planning on implementing a context browser into KDE 4 [1]. Mind you, this is for files that are stored on the local drive. I've read more about this elsewhere. I believe that what KDE has is mind is a project called Tenor [2]. Not entirely sure, but at least, it's going to be like it very much.

Also, there's Beagle (GNOME) [3], WinFS, and Spotlight (Mac OS X Tiger) [4], which all promise the same functionality as Tenor. I read here [5] that BeOS's befs file system also had similar features.

My point is, it might be interesting to look at some of the other projects that are out there that are also starting to get into organizing content by metadata, rather than the traditional file-folder way.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Kris Kerwin

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[5] - May 24 2005

Groupware by smt 12 comments

Here's an idea for akegator:

Allow it to integrate with KNewsTicker, or (maybe easier) write a plugin to provide the same functionality of having a RSS ticker across the desktop in addition to akregator's paned view.

Just an idea.

Kris Kerwin - Apr 15 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Zoombie 44 comments

For the program! A very sleek, sexy, and intuitive replacement/enhancement for the Alt-F2 "Run" dialog. Well done!

I do have one feature request, or perhaps the feature is already implemented and is rather a bug with that feature: better integration with Konqueror's handy Web Shortcuts (like gg: to search Google) and other nifty KParts (like camera:/ to open a digital camera). These are both provided by the Alt-F2 dialog, but are either missing or buggy in Katapult (because Katapult crashes when I try them).

Aside from that, thank you so much for your hard work!

Kris Kerwin - Feb 28 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Zoombie 44 comments

To your question: what keystroke opens the UI.

For me, it is Alt-Space. Though, you can right click the :/ icon in the system tray and select "Configure Shortcuts" from the menu to change it.

Best of luck. - Feb 28 2005