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Kevin Krammer
KABC Client

Groupware 10 comments

by krake
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Sep 06 2005
Updated Debian package for KDE 3.4.2 - Sep 17 2005
I just uploaded a binary package for Debian/unstable (KDE 3.3.2)

Linked here and on the project's website - Sep 06 2005

Just as a note: while the vcard output gets you all possible information, using the csv output can be a lot easier when you just need some of the possible data fields.

There is an example for this under doc/examples in the source archive, where a script uses an own CSV template to create pre-fill LaTeX letters.

If you encounter any question, don't hesitate to post again or send an email - Aug 29 2005
Thank you very much for your feedback.
I implemented the necessary changes in 0.5.2 - Jun 21 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

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Feb 17 2005
Small tools like this are really needed and for the developer a good starting point to get into KDE development.

However you should consider doing a stand-alone application first and worry about integration into the file association dialog later. - Feb 03 2005

Video Apps 15 comments

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Jul 31 2005
kde-config ---prefix
or maybe even better all directories from
kde-config --path data

see kde-config --types for a list of resource types you can get paths for. - Nov 15 2004
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Dec 15 2004
Please add it to KDE/Konqueror.

Happend yesterday.
David Faure moved our sources from kdenonbeta to kdeaddons, so unless anything unexpected happpens, we are part of kdeaddons for KDE3.3 - Jun 01 2004
ahh, I just uploaded something like that as well.

Will check out your tool right away.

Kevin - Jan 26 2004
Attach to Email Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 110 comments

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Oct 30 2006
Maybe use an option to attach an archive if more than one file or a directory is selected - Mar 27 2004

Audio Apps 7 comments

by Neil
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Jan 28 2004
I know people who complain that Noatun uses plugins for playlists instead of a built-in one.

Those are always peopl who haven't tried Hayes yet :) - Jan 28 2004