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Mar 26 2010
So, I put in this theme a lot of work, and I'm still making a lot of changes. But I don't regret it because I'm still enjoying using this theme, and I'm happy to say, that there is a couple people that likes it too.

Background of this theme I created on this website: This website allow You to create a various designs using optional colors, and various shapes. Licence on this website allow You to using this graphics for no-commercial uses. When I maded this background, I created the titlebar in metacity adding the shadow in Gimp. It was very easy. The most of the work I put in the buttons, scrolls, tabs, and others elements. This was, and still is a very arduous job. But I like it. :) - Mar 26 2010
Thank You. I will try add the colors servicing. I'm working also with few new elements, so I'm still intense developing this theme. And if You want to have the version with the white fonts just send me email (, and I will send You the vip version. I didn't published it because the version with white fonts have too big contrast in my opinion, so I think that this version is much better. - Mar 17 2010
Thank You, it's means a lot for me. - Feb 27 2010
Unfortunately there isn't any method to disable high contrast in open office. I just do kind of bypass - I notice that high contrast is enabled for window background set to #282828 and darker. So I just set window background to #272727. (maybe #282828 - I don't remember exactly, but for sure or #272727 or #282828). Colors of other elements, I think that didn't matters. - Feb 26 2010
I'm afraid that in this engine unlock the colors will be very difficult. But I can make a special version for You. Just send me ( two things: print screen witch pointed text color that You want to change, and color that You want to use, for example: "#d0d0d0". - Feb 26 2010
I'm sorry, but white or silver version doesn't look good enough :/. But I'm still trying. When I finish my work I will immediately publish it. - Feb 25 2010
Sure, I will try, but give me a few days (maybe even weaks :/, I try do it as quickly as I can) - Dec 05 2009
I just didn't put this wallpaper inside my theme. On this website "" I locate links for every elements of my desktop, wallpaper to. On this screen You see my own modification of this wallpaper. I didn't put my version of this wallpaper anywhere because of licence of this wallpaper. But If You are interested send to me massage with Your e-mail.:)

greets - Nov 08 2009
Yes, You absolutely right. Either I disable dis, either I make something much better. - Sep 23 2009
Thank You very, very much :) - Sep 22 2009
ok, problem with high contrast in openoffice was resolved :) - Sep 22 2009
Thanks You very much, I glad that You likes it. And indeed there is a problem with openoffice, but I find this: . Still it isn't look perfect (I get this: but much better. (I must say that I love black themes because it's much better for my eyes :) ) - Sep 21 2009
YAMIT (+ elementary-nautilus version)

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Apr 30 2010
very nice theme, simple, clear and very good looking :) - Mar 26 2010
Any Color You Like

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Score 83.9%
Aug 26 2011
And I will be recommending Your icons theme, on the site of my window theme (kreator_theme), because it's looks beautiful whit my theme. - Mar 16 2010
This is the best theme ever, because:
1. The shapes are beautiful, I love that minimalistic shapes, and it's perfect fits to the new ubuntu icons.
2. There is so many icons! Most of the themes have only few icons, and it's looking terrible when we have so many icons looking difference. So this is very important.
3. WE CAN CHOSE COLORS which is more than great !!!

congratulations, and thanks for shearing (it looks beautiful whit my windows theme)

I will give You good mark, and I become the fan of You work. - Mar 16 2010
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes
by switzak

Score 83.9%
Mar 16 2010

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by kai100

Score 50.0%
Oct 26 2009
Feel of Japan Icons

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by zenmaster

Score 50.0%
Oct 26 2009