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Sensor Krionius
bluemote-k750 (for sonyericssons)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 23 comments

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Feb 08 2007
Otherwise you can checkout original bluemote project at which is intended for your mobile!

Or checkout my java project, If you are interested contact me, and I will try to provide you with a new java extension. In theory it's not a big thing to use it with, but I have no opportunity to test it (i have only k750i). - Jan 24 2006
Yes, it is working perfectly! :) Thanks for the info. /dev/ttyACM0 is a perfectly usable serial device. bluemote-k750 works with it. - Jan 21 2006
thanx for the info! I will try this, when I get home. I hope my kernel version will support it well, and that serial connection might work. If so, on ewont even need a bluetooth dongle to make it work! :) - Jan 16 2006
Thanks for the patch! Now it is fully incorporated in version 1.4!

Cheers, have a happy new year! - Dec 31 2005
Java version is 90% complete. Its usable except Yes/No and Volume slope. It has some improvements. Configured in XML file (using xstream). It will be available soon in sourceforge. - Dec 29 2005
Java version is 60% complete. Hardwired menu structure is working great, events like incoming calls are now handled.

Multilevel menu is a great new thing... I have some problems with RXTX's close connection of serial port, so it is restarted from shell script right now.

Configuration file implementation and some other UI elements are missing to be as complete as this C version. :) - Dec 28 2005
just wanted to let you know, that currently I am rewriting this whole app from scratch in Java. It will be using's library for serial communication, and will be easier to extend. - Dec 27 2005
this will surely not work with any other as this is for SonyEicsson AT command set of k750 and alike.

the question is still open, as anyone can create such an application for siemens AT command set, Suerely Siemens published its own set of commands. If someone is interested enough he/she can create such an app easily, the program itself is based on AT commands and responses, and can serve as an example . - Dec 23 2005
I have looked at some SE docs and found that your phone is compatible with K700 and such, so a generation before AT commands. You should try the original Bluemote project, which will hopefully work with you V800.

These are said to belong to one AT command definition:

AT Commands
Online Reference:
K700 series
S700 series
K500 series
Z500 series
V800 series
Z800 series
K300 series
J300 series
K600 series
V600 series

Also look at the link found in this apps description for KDE scripts and some patch for k700i, which maybe needed to use bluemote with v800. - Dec 23 2005
Sony Ericsson mobile phones
Generic names
K750 K750i, K750c, D750i
W800 W800i, W800c
Z520 Z520i, Z520c, Z520a
W600 W600i
W550 W550i, W550c
W900 W900i

Third edition (October 2005)

This is in the document about compatibility for the AT commands which I used. This is the official. I dont know if it is compatible with V800. It may worth a try, as V800 is a recent SonyEricsson mobile. - Dec 23 2005
ok, fired up lineak, it works when i set keyboard to mine in KB settings of desktop. - Dec 23 2005
looked at the link you provided. Previously I have done some search about HID and k750 + Linux, and fired up my mobile with bluez's hid daemon. Its quite usable and goodly configurable based on sonyericssons developers' guide of HID.

Unfortunately I couldnt configure it to work with multimedia keys, but found that this is out of scope of Sonyericsson's HID definition. (HID usage for multimedia keys is not working)

Do you know about any application that can map keyboard presses to another keyboard presses? It may solve my problems... lineak didnt work with my Xorg 7.0 :( - Dec 23 2005
great to hear that it works not just on my mobile! :) Thanks for reporting. Next thing which I am interested in is the incoming call detection funcionality. I think I will upgrade from original bluemote to bluemote-k750. I was thinkin about hiearchical menu too, but I think its too much a headache for little gain...maybe later. :D - Dec 23 2005

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Jul 05 2005
ok, thanks! - Jul 06 2005
or is it working now? I want to try it out. Does "Support for Kontact 1.1 (KDE 3.4)" mean I can compile now with 3.4? - Jul 04 2005
why not publish a working version for kde 3.4
this way its pain to make it work :) - Jul 04 2005
simple bluemote konfig

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Jul 09 2005
I just want to thank you for your efforts, making this nice app for bluemote! My post was just plainly compressed scripts, and unfriendly.
So this app is very cool and great move ahead! :) - Jun 22 2005

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
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Jun 30 2010
thanks for the quick solution. will test! - Jun 15 2005
and i use recent compiler under Gentoo - Jun 15 2005
Got the same compiling error under kde 3.4!

hope for a fix soon! :)

thanks - Jun 15 2005

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
Keep up the good work. It is getting cooler and smarter, and very usable. - Jun 06 2005
Amarok is very-very good, and gets better every release!

Smthng else: I spot that to edit id3 tags, pressing F2 works not in most circumstances. Other problem is, that only title of song can be edited with F2. Could it be improved somehow? - May 24 2005

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Oct 09 2005
you are right, i knew the option. unix style process handling rules. But it still would be nice, if you implement in a later version, if its not a big thing. Otherwise dont worry about it.

Your app is cool. I was not aware that my AMD CPU get so hot while converting movies... its near 70 Celsius degree. :) - May 31 2005
Great work. I tried it, and it works well.
One little upgrade could be, if you make it start a resident child process, so when i close konsole, it wont stop the program running. (Especially, because it it an application that is for the task bar.)

Anyway, I like it very much, because ksensors is much depreceted, and more complicated to install.

Congrats! - May 28 2005
I also have the message, but it doesnt actually crash! - May 28 2005
Great job, thanks for the work. I will try it when I got home, and report back. - May 27 2005
Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical LX 500

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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May 24 2005
Thanks for the great infos, man!

I will check it out as it sounds very good!
At least scan code definitions are already done by my script. :) - May 26 2005
actually, after some cuts out from utils eventtest source code it did compile, but actually didnt work, it gave error messages about x events happening, so i stopped experimenting with it. Also it may bind keys somehow, but not in the way I wanted:
i like to bind keys not to starting apps but, to bind to !shortcuts! in apps. - May 24 2005
i looked at that piece. It didnt compile, unfortunately, and it doesnt solve keybinding directly with KDE apps, as far as i know.

BTW, by default XOrg handles some keys too, but not ALL, i repeat... :) - May 24 2005
Sounds good. I hope they will integrate into XOrg too soon! :) Until then it may be useful for XOrg 6.8 users. Thanks for the infos! I am using Gentoo, so it is maybe related to it also. Maybe I need a full upgrade? :)

Anyway, I tested it with 6.8.2 too, its the same, working. Again, I dont see a keyboard layout entry for such a keyboard. (which XFree has, as you mentioned) - May 23 2005
You may try this if it works or not, but I think that XOrg and KDE already has some kinda support for your keyboard. Try KDE Keyboard Layout in control center!

Its impossible to do it for your keyboard, as I cannot try it, I dont have such a keyboard, But I wrote detailed how you may do it.

Or maybe someone else can do it,who has such a keyboard, and feels motivation. - May 20 2005
Please tell me which XOrg version are you using, and what KDE. For me with my config, no function keys, part of messenger and pictures/video/music keys didnt work. I found in log, that some scancodes were not recognized by kernel.

All of your keys are working? Well, maybe I was unlucky, and missed something, to make it work. (Partially it worked for me too.) - May 20 2005
Plastik for Thunderbird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 23 comments

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Jan 04 2005
Thanks for this one. I prefer mozilla over kde's own mail/browser, and now both firefox/thunderbird fits into my kde look and feel. (Although i prefer aktive heart over plastik too much.) Great job! :)

(however kde staff's improving it much, so i like to use konq for browsing my computer.) - May 25 2005
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 167 comments

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Apr 10 2006
Thats nice! :) Very nice...

Is there one for active heart? i will look for it right now. :)

I found it through your comment on my logitech keyboard stuff... Please see that your comment is replied there. - May 20 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 21 comments

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May 04 2005
Is there an easy way to send easily the X fake signs based on your KAL daemon's inteceptions? Do you now such a program that already exists?

It would be nice, that kde applications shortcuts could be set to those fake signs. :) - May 17 2005
kde bluemote scripts

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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Apr 18 2005
I think there must be some problem with the paths. It should work, if the commands are interpreted by bluemote. I am happy, that you found other controlling way.

Actually I think bluemote has more advanced possibilities than simple HID manipulation. But it would be very nice to know how you managed to do HID use with k700i. - Apr 26 2005
Great! You are a smart one!
If you can, please share this knowledge. - Apr 26 2005
Probably you should use the original bluemote serial.c, as far as I see, your k700i returns OK for ATZ.

My returned TZ and OK, so i changed the code of serial.c!

Please try downloading original bluemote version, extract serial.c, and use it instead of mine.

I hope it helps. Please notify me.

Thx - Apr 25 2005
0.4 now contains serial.c - Apr 11 2005
Sorry! I will add it, currently I dont have it on hand... Expect it tomorrow - Apr 10 2005
pls, comment if bluemote works for other mobiles than SonyEricsson. - Apr 08 2005

Graphic Apps 105 comments

by bk12
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Sep 17 2007
gwenview is simply my favorite!

hats off :) - Apr 18 2005
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008
i found out, that i compile xine without X support (xv,x11shm) - Apr 11 2005
plastik blue 3.4 - sonyericsson k700i th

Phone Themes 16 comments

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Apr 08 2005
You're welcome, and thank you for testing it! - Apr 10 2005
Thank you for your theme. BTW I found it not here but I think on your personal site, and it was a theme for Opie, AFAIR. Very cool theme, congrats! :) It makes me feel like I was using a cool KDE Linux desktop ;) - Apr 10 2005
1.1 version added for Funnymites to test. Pls do it, hope it will work for you, too! - Apr 08 2005
I think you have R2AA003 sw, which is recent. I've got R2AE033 ..., which maybe newer, but Im not sure. I will post a recompressed quartiary download for you.. i hope it will work... - Apr 08 2005
Sorry, I dont know why it doesnt work. :( I will try to recompress it for you in my root directory... maybe the Software on your phone doesnt support this kind of theme creator? (Basicly they are all the same... i am just guessing...) DO you have a recent SW? - Apr 08 2005
are you sure you downloaded the first one which is for k700i? It is zipped, and must be zipped out, and then sent to your mobile. It must work! - Apr 07 2005
plastik kde water 3.4 - SE k700i theme

Phone Themes 2 comments

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Apr 08 2005
I am glad you like it. And I thank for guys for posting really nice wallpapers like the one used for this one. - Apr 07 2005