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Dolphin Service Menus 225 comments

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Aug 06 2017
Looks like krusader was hit by the same bug/change in kdesu that affected this service menu.

As you figured out, the issue lies with krusader. - Apr 12 2011
1. Looks like changing button labels in kdialog is for kde sc 4.6> only...I'll work around that in the next version.

2. ok here on 4.6 Natty (with ruby installed). I'll try to investigate - Jan 29 2011
Version 2.6.92 uploaded with the bytesize change.

Thanks again for the report and the detective work. - Jan 28 2011

I'll upload the fix for testing ASAP (it shouldn't break anything). - Jan 28 2011
Issue confirmed...didn't have much time to dig into it, but seems like an issue with nesting double/single quotes.

Example (with kdesu)
if I run
kdesu "'kate' 'foo'"
the resulting command shown in the kdesu dialog is:
-in kde sc 4.5.5: 'kate' 'foo'
-in kde sc 4.6.0: ''\"kate'\" '\".bashrc'\"'
(So we basically have escaped double quotes after each single quote, and then the whole thing wrapped inside single quotes...say what now?)

Theoretically, I might be able work around this within the script. But because it would require quite a bit of rewriting and testing, and (more importantly) because it would more than likely cause different breakage/problems somewhere else, I'd gladly wait a bit until either the issue gets fixed in kde/kdesu or I understand why 4.6 kdesu behaves as it does (if the change was intentional).

In the meantime, you could try using kdesudo (I seem to recall kdesudo is available in the AUR repositories for Arch), as it still works as expected (more accurately, as *I* expect)...although there was a similar issue with kdesudo quite some time ago (which was eventually fixed). - Jan 27 2011
Thanks again, I'll keep the idea alive and take a look at those scripts...If I can come up with an install (and uninstallation) script that works nicely, I'll certainly put it in the tarball. - Jan 27 2011
I'll add that to my list of things to do.

Thanks for reporting. - Jan 27 2011
Thanks for the suggestion Rog.

I'll look into it, but something tells me that the need to copy the perl script into a root owned directory (/usr/bin) might provide a few obstacles for the install script (and I'm not confortable with installing the script under $HOME security-wise).

I'll see if I can make an install script that can handle it nicely.

All suggestions welcomed :)

- Jan 27 2011
"Compress" menu option uploaded for testing (version 2.6.90) - Dec 31 2010
On closer inspection, I'll likely use ark for this.

This would add ark as a dependancy, but the ark compression dialog should handle different formats and file naming nicely. - Dec 31 2010
Thanks for the suggestion.

I think that due to the number of compression formats and options compression tasks are better handled with a dedicated (backup) application rather than a quick task from a menu, but I'll consider adding a compress option to the menu if I can think of an elegant way of putting it in without overcomplicating the menu.

I could, for example, choose "sane" defaults for compression, and let advanced users modify the format/options.

I won't make promises, but I'll certainly look into it. - Dec 31 2010
Thanks for reporting Rog,

Works ok in KDE SC 4.5, so it's probably a new option that's isn't available in can check whether it's listed on "kde-cp --help" in 4.4 (it probably isn't).

I'll remove the option for now (in the next release)...or make a check for the KDE version. - Sep 14 2010
Should be fixed in 2.4.11 - Sep 01 2010
Thanks for reporting, will fix in the next release. - Sep 01 2010
The gmail address in the readme works (gawab address seems to be dead...probably deactivated because I haven't logged into the account for a good while).

I'll probably change the readme file and remove the gawab address to avoid confusion. - Feb 16 2010
Should be fixed in - Feb 16 2010
Thanks for the report Rog, I'll upload a fixed version later today.

And I'll look into the email issue. - Feb 16 2010

your Greek translation has been added (2.4.9) - Feb 16 2010
I edited the description in an attempt to make it clearer, I'll try to remember to change the README as well in the next upload.

Thanks for the comments. - Nov 10 2009
I see no immediately apparent technical reason why not (although some of the actions could probably be implemented straight with the krusader user actions...and not needind the perl script).

Anyway, you should get a port of the actions in krusader by saving the lines below (lines between '---' marks) into an xml file and importing it in krusader's action manager:

1. Haven't tested it extensively, so I can't promise it'll behave correctly under all circumstances
2. Icon names are for KDE4, so if you use KDE3, you'll need to change them (you can do it with the action manager).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE KrusaderUserActions>

<action name="rootactions_open_as_text" >
<title>Open as Text</title>
<tooltip>Open in a text editor as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Edit a file as root in a text editor</description>
<command> open_with kate %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_with_custom" >
<title>Open with ...</title>
<tooltip>Open with a program of your choice as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Edit a file as root in a program if your choice</description>
<command> custom_open_with %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_in_filemanager" >
<title>Open in File Manager</title>
<tooltip>Open in a file manager as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Open a directory as root in a file manager</description>
<command> open_with krusader %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_open_in_terminal" >
<title>Open Terminal Here</title>
<tooltip>Open in a terminal as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Open a root terminal in the directory</description>
<command> root_konsole_here konsole %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_copy" >
<tooltip>Copy target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Copy target files/directories as root</description>
<command> root_copy %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_rename" >
<tooltip>Move or rename target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Move or rename target files/directories as root</description>
<command> root_rename krename %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_delete" >
<tooltip>Delete target as root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Delete target files/directories as root</description>
<command> root_delete %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_root" >
<title>Ownership to Root</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to root:root</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to root:root</description>
<command> root_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_user" >
<title>Ownership to Active User</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to current user and primary group</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to current user and primary group</description>
<command> user_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_custom" >
<title>Ownership to ...</title>
<tooltip>Change target ownership to user and group of your choice</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change ownership of target files/directories to user and group of your choice</description>
<command> custom_ownership %aList("Selected")%</command>
<action name="rootactions_change_permissions" >
<title>Change permissions</title>
<tooltip>Change target permissions</tooltip>
<category>Root Actions</category>
<description>Change permissions of target files/directories</description>
<command> root_permissions %aList("Selected")%</command>

--- - Apr 09 2009
Thanks for your comments.

The broken ümlauts are a fairly recent issue, and since I haven't changed anything recently, it looks like a charset problem with KDE (seems utf-8 chars get borked when used in options for GUI programs).

You can test if it's the same issue by running (for example): 'kate --caption "ÜüÄä"'
(and check kate titlebar).

- Mar 12 2009
Ah yes, the install instructions are sort of outdated (the example uses ~/.kde4 as the kdehome folder...I'll update it to include ~/.kde which is probably more common.) - Nov 03 2008
Ibex has the newest kdesudo, so it'll work.

@your previous post:
I should have clarified this a bit more:
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`

The (`)s are "backticks" not single quotation marks ('). The difference is that the output of `kde4-config --prefix` is substituted in place.

You used single quotation marks, which is why your installation attempt tries to:
Installing: /home/paul/kdesudo-3.3.1/kde4-config --prefix/bin/kdesudo

instead of /actual/path/to/kde/bin/kdesudo - Nov 02 2008
After cmake, you need to run:
1. 'make'
2. 'sudo make install'
in the build directory (the same directory you ran cmake in) to actually install it.

You can also install 'checkinstall' and use 'sudo checkinstall -D' in place of 'sudo make install' to create a .deb package. - Oct 28 2008
You need the devel libraries installed to compile, package 'kdelibs5-dev' and it's dependencies should do the trick. - Oct 28 2008
"/usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/cmake" looks like the shared resource directory for cmake...not the executable.

Do you have 'cmake' package installed? - Oct 27 2008
Unfortunately 3.3.x has not been backported hardy (kde4 ppa).

If upgrading to intrepid is not an option, your options seem to be:
1. make do without that action (the kdesudo bug may affect you in other ways running kdesudo from krunner).
2. Compile the newest kdesudo version from source (available from kde-apps, for example)
Note: since you have KDE4 installed alongside KDE3, you'll probably need to cmake with "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ." (to install in the right place) - Oct 21 2008
The 'blank' window issue is fixed in kdesudo versions 3.3.x. - Oct 20 2008
Probably a binpath issue in the script (since it can't find kate in your kde4 installation path). I thought I had that issue 'fixed' with the latest changes, but apparently not..I'll take a look at it when I have spare time and a hardy machine to test it on (which may take a while :P)

In the mean time, as a workaround, try running with the absolute path to kate:
" open_with /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kate /boot/grub/menu.lst"...and if that works you can change the command accordingly in the 11-rootactionsfiles.desktop file as well.

Also, this issue is probably specific to hardy (with it's dual KDE installations), so if you're planning on upgrading to intrepid that will fix it. - Oct 20 2008
Hi Snowhog

A few questions:
1. Which version of kdesudo are you using?
(See known issues on top of this page)
2. Do other actions work as they should?
3. What kind of output/errors you get when the action is run from a terminal?:
" open_with kate /boot/grub/menu.lst" - Oct 20 2008
Did you copy the '' script to one of the executable directories in your $PATH (/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin are common valid choices)?

You can check your $PATH directories with the command:
echo $PATH - Aug 10 2008
Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately these issues seem to be with upstream dolphin.
1. The empty space seems 'dead' when it comes to service menus, the menus only show if clicked on file or folder, there's not much I can do about that.
2. Dolphin doesn't merge menus with the same name (like konqueror does), so it shows two menus instead of one (which two depends on whether you clicked a file or folder).

(This can probably be worked around by creating only two .desktop files, one for files and one for folders...and adding the menu items that are common to both types in each .desktop file...I'll look into it in the next release)

- Apr 30 2008

Should be fixed in 2.1.2, which I'll be uploading shortly. - Dec 05 2007
You can email me the translated files, my email addresses can be found in the README file in the download.

Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into the language detection routine to make it more robust.

Could you post (or email) what the console command:
'kreadconfig --group Locale --key Language'
returns in your Mandriva? - Dec 03 2007
Krayscale (Plasma tray icons)

Icon Sub-Sets 30 comments

Score 79.1%
Jul 30 2014
I certainly would, but I don't have the png icons as svg (they were created as bitmaps)...once the apps support the new notifier icons, I'll redo those as svg and add them in the pack. - Dec 10 2010
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll put those on my todo list, but my priority is creating plasma icons (which I don't think knemo supports yet, but I'll check it when I have the time). - Dec 09 2010
I was able to add the promised changes "ahead of schedule", included in version 0.4. - Oct 13 2010
Thanks for your comments.

I kind of like the colors, but I can make a few alternative icons for those of you who like less color. Look for them in future versions.

I've been meaning to do some work on the notification icon, so I'll probably make some less colored versions while I'm at it (I'll probably get around to it next week or so). - Oct 12 2010
I'm glad you got your issues resolved.

Icon for ktorrent included in 0.2.

Can't promise skype icons, but I'll make a mental note of your request.
- Oct 06 2010
Hmm...sorry for more "obvious" questions, but I can't think of anything else ;):

Have you tried switching themes or restarting plasma?

And you have the .svgz files in /root/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/air-netbook/icons/ directory?

And you are actually using the Air-netbook theme?

You could also try replacing the existing/original plasma icons (after backing them up) to see if that makes a difference?

- Oct 05 2010
Thanks for the suggestion,

I downloaded the theme and it looks nice (and would definitely go nicely with this theme).

I won't use the icons directly (most of the theme uses 24px size instead of 22px, and since they'd also need some other adjustments...I'd likely do the icons faster from scratch (I'm not aiming for a full icon theme :) ). The licensing on that theme is also a bit confusing.

But I'll certainly use them as inspiration. Figuring out how to depict an icon is (for me) the most labor intensive part, and often it helps to see what others have come up with. - Oct 05 2010
1. Which KDE SC version are you running? (I think you need at least 4.5 for the new plasma theme icons)

2. You're editing root's plasmathemes/settings...are you running KDE/Plasma as root? (if not, modify /home/USERNAME/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/air-netbook) - Oct 05 2010
Added the missing icons to 0.1.1, thanks for pointing that out.

I'll add the suggested icons into my TODO list. - Oct 05 2010
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

Score 82.9%
Jan 16 2013
You're not the only one ;)

Although I mainly use keyboard shortcuts to pin windows to top/bottom, the buttons were important (for me) visual indicators for when a "pin" was active.

So I'd happily have them back. Preferably with a different icon for active pins. Double arrows are fine, if you can think of a way to show active status (perhaps combining double arrows as a single large arrow)...alternatively you could use triangles (filled triangle for active pins). - May 16 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
Score 86.9%
Nov 05 2010
It will close a task when middle-clicking the taskbar item (don't let the tooltip hiding fool you, it's part of the left-click routine).

As far as middle-click-open-new-window goes, I could take a look, but something tells me it wouldn't be as trivial a change (few lines). And I have no desire to fork a project that is in active development and doing great on it's own, much less to maintain a fork.

- Nov 03 2009
Modified a bit to also work on grouped tasks:

< if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) {
< m_applet->toolTip()->hide();
> if (event->button() == Qt::MidButton) {
> if (m_task->type()==Task::TaskItem) {
> m_task->task()->close();
> } else if (m_task->type()==Task::GroupItem) {
> m_task->group()->close();
> }
> } else if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) {
> m_applet->toolTip()->hide(); - Nov 03 2009
Ah well, I edited the source to add a hard-coded middle-click close for I'm happy.

Here's the diff on TaskItem.cpp (if someone's interested):
< if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) {
< m_applet->toolTip()->hide();
> if (event->button() == Qt::MidButton && m_task->type()==Task::TaskItem) {
> m_task->task()->close();
> } else if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) {
> m_applet->toolTip()->hide(); - Nov 02 2009
First of all, love the widget.

I agree that doing nothing at all by default is a good choice, but still think it'd be nice to have some configuration options for middle-click (mine would be close program...much like tabs in many programs).

Anyway, your project, your call. - Nov 01 2009
klear_kweather weather icons

Icon Sub-Sets 12 comments

Score 58.6%
Jan 08 2007
Ah, I see.

You could create simple overlay texts (in Dutch if you prefer) for "special" weather conditions (like storm, windy, icy), that you could add to the general weather condition icons as necessary.

I'll take it into consideration to add something of the sort to the set if I decide to update the icon set for KDE4. - Nov 02 2009
Hmm...when I made this set of icons, none of the sets I looked at had those. So I concluded kweather did not support them, I might be mistaken, though. - Nov 01 2009
Score 82.9%
Nov 01 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

Score 86.9%
Nov 01 2009
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather
by clearmartin

Score 87.8%
9   May 26 2015
UFW KControl Module

System Software
by CraigD

Score 83.7%
9   May 11 2011