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Juergen Gerner , Germany
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Various KDE Stuff 7 comments

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Oct 22 2008
I'd prefer Konqui, because it's the official KDE mascot.

But even more I'd like to see tackat as inofficial mascot... ;-) - Jan 12 2007
cliffs_of_moher ireland xinerama sxga

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jun 08 2006
Thanks a lot! This is the perfect wallpaper for me as Xinerama user and Ireland fan! :-)

IMHO there should be a section for dual-screen wallpapers on this site... - Jan 23 2006

Financial 2 comments

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Mar 05 2005
Looks VERY interesting and promising... I hope Kumula's Journal application will be so sophisticated one day, too. :-)
Our target groups are a little bit different, but I think "Journal" can learn a lot from "kamibroke"s user interface.

Keep it up! - Mar 06 2005

Financial 1 comment

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Sep 15 2004
this is really a great application. Maybe you like to work together with us and integrate it in our Kumula Suite: (Kumula doesn't have a stock management / trading application already).

Go on, it looks very good. - Sep 15 2004
nkids for Eric3 Python IDE icon set

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Sep 06 2004
Kumula stores all icons (for actions, program symbols etc.) in the folder KUMULADIR/graphics. All Icons are loaded at runtime, so if the user replaces the icons in the "graphics" folder, the new icons would be used.

Maybe you can provide a new icon set for it, because we use only Crystal icons for now... But if you want to do so, please wait a few days till the new version comes out... - Jun 19 2004
I love it, because I use this IDE every day.
Thank you!

btw: maybe our Eric Splash is interesting for you, too: - Jun 17 2004