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Dolphin Service Menus
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Dolphin Service Menus 21 comments

by kuser
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Jan 09 2020
Thanks for the comment!
True, it doesn't work if widgets are locked. I didn't notice that as I have widgets always unlocked. Looking forward a workaround, until then you may have a look at
This Servicemenu is actually a hack for something that DE should offer out of the box. I was frustrated about the lack of this option and after searching I found that bug and thought let's make a Servicemenu of it and share it with people that are also missing it. Let's see what KDE guys will do about it. - Feb 11 2017
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Plasma 5 Menus 143 comments

by Sho
Score 85.2%
Apr 18 2018
It looks quite nice!
I have a question to the position of the search box and the categories:
Is it (currently) possible to position the search box (plus reboot,logout...) at the bottom and categories to the left?. If not : would you consider it for future releases? Thanks. - Jan 30 2017
Arquetype Dark "plasma 5"

Plasma Themes 7 comments

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Jan 26 2016
How to change the color from green to blue? - Jan 09 2017