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Jan 12 2011
Hello Friend,

I'm glad to receive an awesome new year surprise in the form of Atolm. Its just a brilliant Elegant Gnome replacement.

With this release, I didn't have found any bugs so far, so I would like you to consider small but interesting things about Atolm that are very strong features to make it a killer theme.

- Speed, it is a good performer than Orta :-( but still my new dark favourite.

- Slider and Tabs, the design of slider is awesome and perfect for touch-screen devices while tabs are yet again unconventional and good looking, similar to Orta's initial tab style.

-Optimizing AwOken icon set in NotifyOSD msgs and other areas where most themes fail to do that.

-Perfect Text color in apps like Evolution and Liferea, etc where its painful to read in themes like Elegant Gnome.


Here are the improvements that I'd draw your attention to for the next release.

-Selection Color in Gradiant would be a great beatification, similar to Dichotomy Gtk theme.

-Subtle round egde of buttons and window frames as another variant of theme.

Hope this helps........
Thanks....... :-)
- Jan 03 2011

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Jan 13 2011
Glad to have Chromium theme to play with Orta. Also, the theme actually feels to perform faster than previous version, and most pleasant thing was, larger panel size doesn't spoils the look (most of the themes never considered panel sizes). However, panel sizes have always limited to 37 pixels to work nice with Window List applet, so thats not an issue. Theme installer just made it easy to alter themes for many of my friends (a.k.a. Newbie Ubuntu users). - Nov 09 2010
Cheers ! congratulations on creation of a masterpiece... Love the theme as ever :-) - Nov 09 2010
I'd love to contribute to make Orta better. Since, I have no prior experience in coding Gtk themes, I can work with design elements. Anyways, thanks for considering and taking time to reply.

Let's build it better... ;-) - Nov 02 2010
I've tried using Gtk theme for chrome but as it used Faenza icons for Forward-Backward & refresh button, they appear smaller to point via mouse. I've also tried the option you suggested but they didn't make much difference. - Nov 01 2010
As you required, here are the versions of software I'm running.

Ubuntu 10.10
Gnome 2.32.0
Kernel Linux 2.6.35-22-generic

Acer Aspire 4930
Intel Core2Duo 2.0 GHz processor.

Note that I've installed Murrine from official Ubuntu repository rather than any PPA.

I agree that elementary is "now" stable & fast as it is at version 2.0. But, I still prefer to use Orta rather than elementary since I've not noticed any performance difference so far.

And yes, I've found another very little issue, while Orta applied and I tried to run any GTK app from Terminal, it showed me a warning regarding unexpected '}' (brace) in file 'scrollbar_10.rc' in Orta's gtk-2.0 directory. I looked throughout the file and actually found an extra brace at the end of the file, I removed it, and things are once again normal. I know, this thing will not make any difference but let's make it better ;-)

Orta is developing, and I expect to see it competing with other popular light themes. I'm also working to create some wallpapers that matches perfectly with Orta.

Hope this conversation helps you to find & fix issues. All the best... - Nov 01 2010
Thanks for creating such a "Softest & Smoothest" theme ever... :-) I used to change themes twice or thrice a day, but this theme is decorating my desktop since I've found it (via

But I've noticed a weird thing, when I switch to Orta from any other theme, appearance changes like normal, but sometimes entire Gnome UI turns into classic (Win 9x style) along with default Gnome icons & panels etc. However, things become normal again if I open Appearance Preferences, but that classic ugly look still persists with Nautilus and all I can do is to restart nautilus to get things normal. Note that this trouble only happens if I switch from any other theme, otherwise every thing is fine without a hitch.

Can't wait for new version of Orta :-) (It is surely a killer for so-called elementary theme), it'd be great if you also provide dedicated Chrome theme to match with Orta. - Nov 01 2010
Grey Strike

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Jun 11 2010
Well I have mentioned in a text document included with the theme that wallpaper is 'Modified' by me. However, I didn't knew whose the actual creator of it and I apologize for not mentioning credit to actual creator, thanks for advicing as I'm novice to this whole 'art-work' thing and I'll try to be as precise as I can. : ) - Jun 11 2010

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by SkiesOfAzel

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Nov 01 2010

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by SkiesOfAzel

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by SkiesOfAzel

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