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Andreas Kwiatkowski
indian oil

Various Artwork by kwiat 8 comments

just a detail, probably not to be seen. next time ill do so! thanks for your tip! - Jan 31 2004
Like Spinning Plates

Various Artwork by artur 4 comments

very nice idea especially the hand drawn gear! i like it! - Jan 25 2004
indian oil

Various Artwork by kwiat 8 comments

thanks a lot! best comment so far :) - Jan 24 2004
Tuned and Quickly

Various Artwork by Quickly 8 comments

that's cool! it really catches eye! sharp and clean. - Jan 23 2004
indian fuel

Various Artwork by kwiat 9 comments

Bogus? Aha. Thanks a lot. - Jan 23 2004
indian oil

Various Artwork by kwiat 8 comments

Quoted from an e-mail by chris:

"I totally agree when you mention about the problems with print and
complex gradients... Simpler , the better. I strongly feel that
'Sitting around the gear' is unsuitable being a logo, maybe if it was
solid colour with a clever play with contrasts to make a 3d effect. Its
a great image and I think it may be being voted highly because it is a
'nice' image and the other logos (simple flat colour logos) are not as

well, enough of the negative side, on to more positive things, you have
created some great logos!... personal favorite is indian oil. clever,
very natural, pure, very similar to the ink blots in psychology where
you look at them and see what you want to see :) clever play on the

Thanks to him for his comment! - Jan 23 2004