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Jochen Puchalla Cologne, Germany
Dolphin Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

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Oct 31 2019
Thanks for reporting it!
Please try the 5.9.5 version with - Aug 29 2017
Please try the latest ubuntu package. - Oct 02 2014
how inconvenient!
Can you try
"sudo ln -s /usr/bin/avconv /usr/bin/ffmpeg"?
I have to think about a solution of this annoying problem. ubuntu could have kept this symlink and everybody would be happy! - Oct 02 2014
Please try installing it with the installer from the tarball. This does not affect your package management, then. - Sep 05 2013
Is it free software? - Jun 16 2010
Thanks for the praise.
What exactly do you mean? It can convert ogg to mp3. - Apr 16 2010
Monkey is inofficially supported.
For ape to flac (lossy format to lossfree format) you must edit your "audioconvert" file. Find it with "which audioconvert".

There is a
function apetoflac()
echo -e "# Monkey to FLAC only increases filesize. I won't do this.\n"
kdialog --passivepopup "Monkey to FLAC only increases filesize. I won't do this." 3
# flacname="${encdir}/${EXTRA}/${shortname}.flac"
# nice -10 mac "$1" "${tempfile}" -d
# nice -10 flac ${FLACOPTS} --output-name="${flacname}" "${tempfile}"
# rm -f "${tempfile}"

Delete all "#" there, make one before "kdialog" and save the file.

Then you can do "audioconvert -t f filename.ape".
I want to keep audiokonverter simple and sensible. It is not easy to add ape files to the servicemenu, because the mimetype is different in every distro. Probably it is not even existing in most distros, because the software to use it is not free. - Mar 17 2010
I added a package for karmic koala. The programs it complains about add functionality, but it also works without them. My package will not resolve dependencies so far! - Nov 29 2009
Please try sudo ./ --suseinstall
It worked on my virtual box SUSE installation! - Oct 01 2009
Then try "xhost +" before. This will allow anyone to connect to your Xserver. "xhost +<your ip>" will allow anyone on your computer. - Sep 30 2009
Please open a terminal in this directory and try "sudo ./" - Sep 29 2009
Please download and unpack the current tarball and try:
sudo ./ --suseinstall

I already mailed the opensuse maintainer. I will test his package. - Jul 09 2009
Now I installed Opensuse on another HD. There are a lot of differences which I am beginning to realize. Also the opensuse rpm did not add kdialog from KDE4 as dependency, which makes it hard to operate. Hopefully 5.8.2 fixes a lot of these issues.
I cannot test on all distributions. :-( - Jul 07 2009
The script is the same.
Only the installation in KDE differs due to changes in KDE. - Jul 06 2009
So you could choose a file, but the spaces in the file name caused problems? Normally they don't. I don't know why it does not work on your system.

Anybody else using it on OpenSuse 11.1? - Jul 06 2009
How did you install it? I guess you are missing helper programs because you installed some rpm.

It can even convert directory trees. - Jul 06 2009
Where did you do this? At the very end?

What does "kde4-config --prefix" say? - May 01 2009
Please try the manual install of audiokonverter then or show me the exact error message, so I know what it is about. Your problem can be solved, I am sure. - Feb 19 2009
So where is the service menu directory for all users on ubuntu for KDE4? Things have gotten non-standardized with KDE4 :-( - Feb 19 2009
Hi, please try /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. - Jan 18 2009
Thanks for your feedback!
I would like to improve kde4install with your help.
Can you tell me the output of
kde4-config --type services ?

You can also reach me easier via
mail at

Jochen - Nov 17 2008
Please redownload the file. According to a tutorial on, it must be MimeType, separated by semicolons. - Aug 07 2008
Thanks for your input! I added and created desktop files for KDE4. Feedback is highly welcome. - Jul 30 2008
I am sorry to hear that.
First, it will not work in GNOME, this is kde-apps.
Second, I don't have any idea what else to write into the documentation. I guess you installed it for yourself, but .kde/bin is not in your PATH in FC9. When installing globally, finds out the path of kde by kde-config and installs audiokonverter there. Then it will enrich your service menu as audiokonverter is a service menu.
There is a mail address in the README, not without a reason. Use it. I cannot test on all distributions, sorry. And if people do not complain, I cannot improve audiokonverter. - Jul 15 2008
and install again, of course. - May 02 2008
Please try adding this line to in the last block with similar lines:

install -m 644 $DESKTOPFILES $PREFIX/share/apps/dolphin/servicemenus/

If it works, I can add it to the release. - May 02 2008
Hi Tobi,

version 5.7 is on the way. It features a fix to your problem (MPlayer was the cause, being replaced by ffmpeg) and in addition the possibility to dump the audio track of a video to a file, so no quality loss there. - Apr 01 2008
I just tested this with a 13:33 video, everything's there. The video stop with sound and the WAV and the MP3 stop at the same point.
Can you show a link to a youtube video with problems?
Which MPlayer version do you have? I have 1.0rc2. - Mar 30 2008
Thanks for your input.
Does it happen with all flv files? I have to check this, but probably I will not be able to do much apart from seeking another program to extract audio from video other than MPlayer. - Mar 26 2008
OK, I will check this. - Jul 16 2007
Yes, that's the patch I meant.
What does "which mppdec" say for you and for root?
The version doesn't matter.
The installer doesn't complain about other programs?

What's the problem with m4a? Do you have faac 1.25? - Jun 20 2007
Please add this as line 42 in


This would be my fix for your problem. - Jun 20 2007
Thanks for your feedback! I guess the more downloads, the more votes you need, so it is very slow for audiokonverter. But percentage goes up lately.

The script is looking in $PATH of root, this may be empty in this special case. I will to try to fix this in the next version. Meanwhile ignore the warning if you know better. - Jun 19 2007
Thanks for your suggestions.

- Default is the dir you selected last time, this is useful for USB sticks. Same dir is a problem for ro media. This is a matter of taste, some people will not be satisfied, no matter what I do.

- delete or maintain old file: ro media issues, too many parameters issue.

- kdialog is a nice tool, easy to program, therefore 3 or 4 single windows one after the other.

- progress bar from the output of several encoders is a problem. Progress bar for the amount of files is possible.

To make it short, I have neither the ability nor the time to program what you suggested, but you are welcome to do so.
I also like a nicer interface, but I cannot code it, sorry. - Jun 19 2007
Please post the output of
metaflac --show-tag=YEAR
metaflac --show-tag=GENRE
of a problematic file. - Jun 09 2007
Hi, this sounds like a problem with the path name. This should not be, please try to find out which names work and which don't, or post working and non-working path names and trees here. - May 23 2007
This software does allow settings and stores them as default for next time. - Mar 14 2007
Add this to the second line of audioconvert.desktop with a comma and re-install. Every distro uses another name for the mimetype. Thanks for the trouble report, I'll add it as well. - Feb 22 2007
I meant the technical name like: audio/vnd.rn-realaudio. Just follow my instructions given above. - Feb 21 2007
What's the mimetype of .ra on your system? Get it by right-click, properties, tool icon. Then look at the window title bar.
Which distro do you use? - Feb 21 2007
Please download again and try it, I changed the installer only a bit, not worth a new release. - Feb 02 2007
You're right. kwavencoder wasn't really fitting anymore, so I changed the name. - Feb 02 2007
Please ignore this if the app runs fine nevertheless. I try to figure out this problem. It looks like the PATH is messed up somehow when you become root during install. - Feb 01 2007
Please install audiokonverter in addition from the first download link. Unpack the archive and click on '', then choose for all and enter the root password. The rpm I built does not seem to be compatible with Mandriva, I guess. The installer will also complain about missing things, if any. Try again afterwards. - Jan 20 2007
So the problem is you don't get an entry in the actions menu for WAV files? Did you install audiokonverter for all users or just for yourself? Do you have the program 'flac' in your $PATH? - Jan 20 2007
I guess the mimetype for WAV is not audio/x-wav in Mandriva. Then you won't get the corresponding action in Konqueror. Can you check the name of the mimetype for WAV? Usually found in the properties of the WAV file under the tool icon. - Jan 18 2007
FLV audio extraction works since 5.4.5. - Nov 27 2006
Does MPlayer support flv files? If not, it is too much work for me, sorry. - Nov 05 2006
.ape files are not officially supported (that's why it doesn't work out of the box in Konqueror!), but you can make it work. You need to define a file type and add this file type to the second line in audioconvert.desktop.

People using exotic formats are also often able to use the command line, there it will work if you have the mac binary in your $PATH. - Nov 05 2006
Thanks for your valuable feedback, I'll fix this as soon as I find time. - Nov 05 2006