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Aug 15 2015
Please try with latest version and install the 32bit version.
If that does not work, please send me the debug files under /var/opt/kchildlock/ including .kch_time.dat and /usr/share/kde4/config/kchildlockrc*
and /root/.kde4/share/config/kchildlockrc* - Aug 26 2013
Sorry, I forgot this!
I am just now generating the rpms (with your translation). They are already on

Rene - Sep 11 2012
Version for Maverick exists now. - Nov 06 2011
thank you very much! It will be included with the next revision. - Nov 05 2011
Sorry, but this software can NOT be used as a router software. It basically does the checks on local interactive users of the PC. - Oct 27 2011
please install the 32bit Version of kchildlock. If the problem persists, you can enable a debug log. To enable the logging function of the daemon, create a file '/var/opt/kchildlock/kchildlockd__debuglog.tmp' with any content. The generated log files will be named like '/var/opt/kchildlock/kchildlockd_yyyymmdd_HHMMSS_debuglog.tmp'.
Have a look at that file, or send it to me. - Jun 28 2011
In the meantime there is a package for kubuntu on sourceforge. I generated it on launchpad, and in the control file there is a line included with dependencies:
Depends: ..., cmake (>= 2.6.2-1ubuntu1 ), ...
It compiled without problem with this line. - Jun 28 2011
The link on SF has been corrected. thank you! - May 31 2011
I don't think this is possible yet. The daemon is tigthly coupled to KDE mechanisms. - Mar 04 2011
not yet available. But will try to make a package in the next month. - Mar 04 2011
I know it; should do a complete rework... (but this will take a lot of time :-(( ) - Aug 04 2010
I will check how to realize this request. But this can take some time ... - Aug 04 2010
The copies of kchildlockrc should be identIcal, that's ok. It is better **NOT** to link the copy of it in /root/.kde/... to the other file in /usr/share/... ! - Aug 02 2010
No, if the user has rw permissions on that directory, it is sufficent. - Aug 02 2010
Yes, this is a good idea, it should work. The configuration data is in the file /usr/share/kde4/config/kchildlockrc, so link it to a common file on the NAS. A second copy of the config file is /root/.kde4/share/config/kchildlockrc , which has to be linked to a common file on the NAS too. The aggregated usage for each user is in a file in the directory /var/opt/kchildlock/ , so you have to link it to a common NAS file. - Aug 01 2010
The directory is still /var/opt/kchildlock. There should be a file 'dummy.txt' in it. The directory should have write permissions for the group 'users'. Pleae check these two things.

René - Aug 01 2010
I could reproduce the error, and fixed the bug. Please use version 0.76.3 downloadable from the home page - Jul 18 2010
The package is now downloadable from the home page - Jul 18 2010
not yet, but i could generate it next week. I will inform you if it is downloadable.
Rene - Jun 16 2010
the second error you mention with the command 'sudo kcmshell4 ...' is a fact. You can only call it as root or with 'kdesu systemsettings'.
I can reproduce the first error if I call the program without 'kdesu'. After saying ok to the error message 'you have to be root to use this program' the program will crash with the same crash log. I have to do more tests.

Rene - May 03 2010
please try again with latest version 0.76.2!
try as normal user with 'kdesu', and as root user calling 'systemsettings'. perhaps there is a difference? - Apr 22 2010
both errors should be fixed in version 0.76.2 (the icon path is detected by a dirty workaround; will make a proper solution later)) - Apr 22 2010
Application restrictions are now possible in the new release V0.75! - Feb 08 2010
The latest version 0.60 should run on KDE4, at least on opensuse 11.0 (even if perhaps some kde3 libraries have to be installed). - Feb 22 2009
Prewarnings of time running out exist. The user will receive notifications 15, 10 and 5 minutes before the logout to finish his work.

I will consider how to implement the ability to send email after an extended period of time.

Rene - Sep 17 2008