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Sandro Garcia Lisbon, Portugal

Plasma 4 Widgets 574 comments

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Jul 14 2012
Thank you again for those suggestions. Option hopefully available for next version. :) - Apr 30 2009
Thank you again. :) - Apr 30 2009
Thank you for those ideas, your input is very welcomed and apprecited.
Most of those ideas will hopefully be implemented in next version. I'm coding in my free time as fast as I can, shouldn't take too long to get those options implemented. Some are already implemented in this version.
Best regards, Lechio. - Apr 30 2009
Thank you for reporting and subscribing. :)
Could you test with the new version and check if that error still happens in your system? Regards. - Apr 30 2009
Thank you for reporting that, and sorry about the late reply.
That's not how it should display, some error is going on there.
Could you test with the new version? Regards, Lechio. - Apr 30 2009
I like your input. New ideas and opinions are very welcomed.
The "spin icons" option is now implemented. A new role (cornered) should be implemented for next Daisy version.
Regards, Lechio. - Apr 30 2009
It was paddock on a previous preview:

Daisy is now updated and has that traditional dock role implemented. Hope to be able to implement all of the paddock features into Daisy, and do even more. Stay tuned. :)
Regards. - Apr 30 2009
Hi there.
Don't know if it is possible to do that in Plasma. But a key combination can used with the applet.
Regards. - Apr 30 2009
Thank you very much for providing this. Daisy is now 0.0.2 . :) - Apr 30 2009

Karamba & Superkaramba 74 comments

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Oct 29 2008
Been working on one for plasma. Current state it's just a static bar with some icons that launch applications. Very far from being called a dock. Here's a preview:

Will release a preview as soon as it gets usable. :) - Jan 17 2009
Now it reflects the mandatory dependency for KDE 3.x.
Compatibility with KDE 4 will be assured in some time, maybe with a plasma script. Regards. - Dec 03 2008
Hi there.
This dock is not compatible with KDE 4. Will have to rewrite it entirely for compatibility with KDE 4. It maybe be a Superkaramba theme or a Plasmoid, that is yet to be decided.
For now, only KDE 3.x is supported, sorry.
Regards. - Nov 29 2008
The file needs to be downloaded again (if you got the file from the "kgetnewstuff" it always takes a few moments for the file to be updated there, but the most recent version is now available there), bug for configuration window not opening is fixed there, and it's working on my system with the same Ubuntu distro. Configuration files for this widget are located in the '~/.qt' directory (remove paddock* files) and it installs in '~/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba' (remove that directory too), also remove '~/.superkaramba' and '~/.kde/share/config/superkarambarc' this will reset superkaramba and the widget to it's original config. Then download and open the new file with superkaramba.

If after all of that done it still fails to load the configuration window, run superkaramba from a terminal and post the output here if you can. Regards, Lechio. - Oct 30 2008
Well that sure clears things. It's not a crash due to the use of PyQT or PyKDE as those aren't being used. I'm clueless over what it could be. Maybe a bug in superkaramba or another python component. I cannot tell you for sure what could be wrong, these are those guesses. It works great on my systems (Ubuntu, Debian), I just don't have your distro to test this on. Sorry if I cannot be more helpful. - Oct 29 2008
Small bug on the configuration launcher creator. Sorry about that. It's now fixed. Uninstall the theme, restart superkaramba and download the new file.
Thank you for reporting this. Regards, Lechio. - Oct 29 2008
Something similar will be done for plasma. Just need to study the API a bit more and have my system setup with the KDE4 dev tools (still using KDE3). Can't tell you an exact date on that yet. Regards, Lechio. - Oct 27 2008
It helps allot. Now we know that PyQT is not the responsible for the crashes as we are not using it this time. Repeat the process but this time comment the edit following line:

#from kdecore import KWin,KWinModule

My guess is that it can be the PyKDE module causing the crashes. We are going to get this sorted out. - Oct 26 2008
It is... I'm really sorry about that, the script used to backup paddock and upload it to google was doing that in the aRoK directory not the paddock one as it should. Again, i'm really sorry and it is now fixed. Please re-download the file if you can. Regards. - Oct 25 2008
OK, let's try something.
Close superkaramba and execute the following commands:
rm -rf ~/.kde/share/config/superkarambarc
rm -rf ~/.superkaramba
rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/paddock
rm -rfv ~/.qt/paddock*

This to remove all of the superkaramba and widget previous config.
Now download the available source file for this widget, extract the file somewhere, browse to that dir and open with a text editor. Comment the following lines located at the top of the file by putting an "#" at the start of each line:

#from qt import QPixmap,QWidget,QCheckBox,QPushButton,Qt,\

Now run superkaramba from a terminal and open the .theme file from that same extracted dir with superkaramba. Widget will not load OK, we are only doing this to see if the superkaramba crash is really related to the PyQT libs. Report back with the results please. Regards, Lechio. - Oct 25 2008
Yes all the terminology in your question is correct.
PyQT3 is needed to run this theme, I'm using this version of PyQT to do just what you said in yor post, make this theme accessible to more users. PyQT3 is common in most distros including some of the most popular ones, like Kubuntu which is the one that I'm using to test this widget on.
Widget should not crash SuperKaramba, the only thing it should do when it doesn't have the necessary libs is to display a message to inform the user about missing libs. Something gone wrong, maybe a bug. I just don't have that distro to test on.
What version of SuperKaramba are you running? Regards. - Oct 24 2008
I've designed this with usability as one of it's main objectives. Surely you can find use for a desktop panel right? Try using this as panel replacement, checkout all the plugins and their functions. If after that you still cannot find any use for this widget, you'll have your money back ;) - Oct 24 2008
Glad it's solved :)

- With paddock we use custom png's as icons, not based on the KDE iconset as this is karamba. No option to use the KDE icon selection thing. But will look into making a better icon selection option.
- Moving icons around is a todo. - Oct 21 2008
The configuration for a thunderbird launcher should be the following:

Alias: "thunderbird-bin"
Executable: "thunderbird" - Oct 19 2008
OK. The ID name of that version of mozilla firefox (firefox 3 beta 5) changed from 'gecko' to 'Navigator'.

Just change the alias to 'Navigator' and the executable to 'firefox'. The firefox icon will be working then :) - Oct 18 2008
This superkaramba widget is not yet compatible with plasma/KDE4. Removing the .skz file should work. It installs in:'~/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/paddock/' remove that dir too. - Oct 16 2008
Proceed like said in the previous post. No file needs to be manually edited, configuration tools are available to do just that. :) - Oct 16 2008
- Right-click the dock on an area with no icons, choose 'Configure dock...'. A configuration window will show (preview #2), just increase/decrease the number of launchers available on the dock, "add/delete" icons is done that way. More plugins are also available to "add/delete" to the dock.
- If you deleted/changed something in the widget just uninstall it and restart superkaramba, the default configuration will be loaded after that done.
- Will test it with thunderbird. - Oct 16 2008
Try changing the executable, the name and the alias to 'firefox'. See if it works that way. If it doesn't please report back with details on the distro you are using so I can try and test/fix this. - Oct 16 2008
Hi there. Thank you for reporting that. That launcher is by default for use with mozilla. Was in the believe that it should also work with firefox depending on the browser installed, "gecko" should be the name used by both, guess not... What you have to change is the alias. From a console run "top", then press 'c'. See what it reports for the process name of firefox, then change that in the alias. Best regards, Lechio. - Oct 08 2008
paddock works with the PyQT PyKDE libs 3.x, not yet compatible with version 4 of those libs. I use Ubuntu too and it will work right out of the box, only requires superkaramba to be installed. And it's OK to keep both versions of those libs installed. - Oct 03 2008
We do not use kross, instead we use the PyQT and PyKDE libs. This Superkaramba widget is not compatible with plasma. - Oct 02 2008
Thank you for the comment. To be true the system tray is not yet well implemented, it will display the icons wrong when on Vertical mode. But this is something for the Superkaramba guys to fix, I think (if they have not done it yet). We will be evolving to KDE4, and a better dock is yet to come. :) Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 18 2008
Thank you for the comment, it's now an alpha and a bit more stable and bugfree (we hope). Will have to look at that leopard for inspiration... ;) Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008
Oh and try using tabs on konsole, saves space on desktop... ;) - Sep 17 2008
Option added. :) Thank you for the suggestion. Right-click on the icon to launch new app instance. Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008
More options for time and date added :) Thank for the suggestion. Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008
And what's wrong with superkaramba? :) nice things can be done with it too, and with a few nice advantages like it being able to 'compile' themes on-the-fly. I agree with you that plasma is a nice tool, but KDE4 is not yet a standard for many distros. Will be releasing a plasmoid when i'm done working on it, by that time surely KDE4 will be a bit more of common use... :) - Jul 15 2008
...Just forgot to mention you need to uninstall the theme and close Superkaramba before removing the config files. - Jul 13 2008
Amarok 2 Simple

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

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Nov 19 2008
In amaroK 1.x the cover for streams is:


Don't know if it's the same for amaroK 2, not using that version yet. Check if the cover is located there, regards. - Dec 14 2008
Simple CPU MEM and NET monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 28 comments

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May 20 2011
The issue is not really in your theme, but in how Superkaramba reads the package. Being a zip file, Superkaramba assumes that it is packaged as an skz file, when in fact it is a compressed zip file with multiple skz files inside.

It's a quick fix for the packaging, instead of using zip as compression, use the .tar.gz compression format. Put all of your skz files inside that tar.gz package and it's done. - Nov 02 2008
Hi there. First congrats for your theme, very simple and usable.

A couple of things that could be improved:

- The packaging: don't put the skz file inside a zip archive otherwise it will fail to install with the "get new stuff" option in SuperKaramba;

- The position of the themes on screen: when a person has the panel at the top of the screen, the themes get covered by the panel, and will not show, making a theme display at (0,0) coordinates is not a good idea. Try to make them display lower, maybe something like x=100 would be a good spot. Also don't make the different themes display at the same positions.

- The size of the themes:
Background image is of 230x16, but in the theme files that display two rows you have the sizes of 240x25. Should be something like "h=32" in those and something like "h=64" for the quad core, otherwise those will crop.

Other than that it's a nice, simple theme and my choice for showing CPU info :)
Regards, Lechio

- Nov 02 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Oct 27 2008
Right now the change of the event is done by browsing to the widget directory events/Default/ and editing the "" file (all is commented in that file so it is easy to edit), and after reloading the theme. Will be adding a graphical configuration tool to configure that and more options later on.
- Oct 28 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 40 comments

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Nov 13 2008
I believe you can, running it in KDE3/superkaramba with the PyQT/PyKDE 3 libs. Yes, plasma does support karamba widgets, but this widget is not supported.
A plasmoid will be done from scratch it's, in my opinion, the best solution. - Oct 22 2008
For the PyKDE and PyQT we are still using the 3.x ones. Any version of 3.x will work. - Sep 18 2008
Hi there. I really would like to get this issue fixed, I just can't yet tell from where the problem comes from. Tried to reproduce but Superkaramba refuses to crash on my system. I'm a bit clueless... - Sep 17 2008
Crashed on the theme startup? Have you done a clean install, uninstalling any previous aRoK version and restarting superkaramba? - Jul 13 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 289 comments

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Sep 04 2008
Glad to see you back at it :) Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Jul 11 2008
The only 'special' lib required for this to run is pyQT and pyKDE. Maybe you have pyQT4? Isn't yet using that version. - Sep 17 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 80 comments

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Sep 18 2008
No idea. That problem seems to be happening in aRoK too, but I have no clue from where it comes from. My best guess is that it is related to the player module. I just don't have a way to reproduce the issue as I can't get superkaramba to crash on my system... Will only be able to fix if someone with this problem reports back, with some more detail. Bet regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008
What version of pyQT do you have installed on yor system? Best regards, Lechio. - Sep 17 2008
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