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Sergio Jovani Alaquí s, Valí¨ncia, Spain
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Dec 16 2008

ImportError: /usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/PyQt4/ undefined symbol: _ZNK16QFileSystemModel6removeERK11QModelIndex

I think this error is caused by PyQt4 package in your system. This appears when there is a incoherence between libraries versions. I propose you to file a bug to OpenSuse tracker. - Feb 14 2009

Multisite download is not supported in stable version. I said Elltube will have multisite support in next version, for this, I want to receive proposals in and if it is possible to add them in next release.

Regards. - Dec 16 2008

There is not a new version of Elltube. Last version is 0.3, released at 2008-11-30, like changelog says.

If you said me this because there was a Elltube update it is because I add to Elltube description the next: "Elltube will have multisite and multidownload support! Check this to propose new sites where to download media content".

As I said, Elltube will have in next version multisite and multidownload support, but next version. I would like everybody propose sites where download content next version.

Regards. - Dec 16 2008
:D - Nov 23 2008

I think this is fixed in SVN.

Please try with

Decompress and execute inside:

If it does not work, please, paste again "python -v" - Nov 23 2008

Thanks for your report!

Please, I'll need you paste here the output of following commands:
ffmpeg -formats | grep xvid
Also, the 2 first line of:
elltube -v

Thanks! - Nov 23 2008
Thanks for your reply.

It's very rare this error, it happens to me too, it seems be "this video" who do to fail the conversion.

BTW, fun ska song! :P

I will notice you when I fix it.

Bye. - Nov 20 2008

Can you tell me video URL?

Can you try with other video if you have same problem?

Thanks! - Nov 18 2008

Gracias por interesarte en el programa.

Por ahora no lo tengo previso, creo que me centraré solamente en YouTube. Lo siento.

Gracias por la aportación.

Saludos. - Oct 30 2008
Ah! Pensava que parlaves irònicament!

Gràcies! Espere suggerències!

Oh! I thought you was talking ironic!

Thanks! Waiting for suggestions! - Oct 12 2008
what...? - Oct 10 2008
Try deleting these configuration file and executing again program.

By the way, I think this bug is fixed in next version, 0.2.2 that I'll release in a few days. - Oct 07 2008
Can you paste here the content of file /home/user/.elltube (check if there is any password and replace your password with "password" word).

Thanks!! - Oct 06 2008

Seems like Python doesn't find PyQt4 Libraries.

Can you execute this and paste the output to here?

import sys

And, can you paste the PyQt4 package filelist? - Oct 03 2008

It does not happen for me, it is rare...

Any output?? - Oct 03 2008
The video works for me.

Anyway, in a few hours, I'll release version beta, fixing some bugs and support for YouTube/Google login.

This version will have debug control. We'll try with this.

Thanks! - Sep 20 2008
Can you tell me video's address?

Thanks! - Sep 19 2008

I can, I'll work for it now :P

Thanks for your collaboration. - Sep 19 2008

If you want to convert to others formats, you have to install ffmpeg, look for it in your distribution repository.

Bye! - Sep 19 2008

Thanks for your comentary! For this reason, my version is alpha, I only tested in my computer! :P

Can you paste console output executing elltube?

Thanks! - Sep 19 2008
Extract And Compress KDE4

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Mar 12 2009
I think you have kde-config instead of kde4-config??? - Nov 25 2008
I forgot to say you have to execute install script as root (with sudo or su). - Nov 22 2008
Hi all,

I've created a new install and uninstall script. Also, I've included catalan translation.

You can get it from: - Nov 22 2008