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frank kokert Berlin, Germany

System Software by gorin 12 comments

You have an idea like that also with
the LPT goes (Win and Linux)
is a good idea and/or any others idea ?
One is good program Idea. Extension capable.
happy new year :-) - Dec 31 2009
gljakal's WAYD

Groupware by gljakal 2 comments

For what does your program make Interrasant so?
That it immediately install must become!?
The GBL is heeded here anyway!
Some put here it the Source code from!
Need source code for "Free software"
happy new year - Dec 31 2009

Qt Tools by DrHorrible 17 comments

The Progr. seem to be very much Interresant,
What is that with the source code
Maches me please the joy. thank you. - May 17 2009

Qt Widgets by qphoton 44 comments

What has changed that?
The Sorce code is yes afterall the old. - May 17 2009

Qt Widgets by ramesh321983 1 comment

One now compresses completely.
What is that with the Include ?
And how is another example ? - May 17 2009