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Oskar Ellström
SMHI weather plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp 34 comments

Finally a plasmoid with which i can see the forecast for my town!

Previously I had to use the city next to me to get a somewhat close forecast. The sad thing is that the weather differs alot between two cities 30 kilometres apart. Especially when there's a huge lake, like the biggest one in Sweden, and a wide-but-not-so-high mountain involved so that forecast for the city next to mine is pretty useless. - Jan 03 2009

Plasma Themes by AdrienV 67 comments

Congratulations for the plasma theme contest victory!! - Apr 28 2008

Wallpaper Other by wafel 5 comments

would love to see this in 1680 resolution... - Mar 20 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by Petunia 14 comments

Maybe you should convert this to a more powerful plasmoid?! Really like this one...

However, if clicking or scrolling on the theme, the theme will pick a new fortune. If waiting a while the theme automaticly picks a new fortune. But clicking/scrolling does not reset the timer for the automagic change of a fortune.

Otherwise... good one... ;-)

//Oskar - Sep 17 2007
GNU/Linux gun

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 10 comments

... to do with Computers, GNU/Linux, and Free Software!?!?!

Man You're messed up...
GNU/linux and Free Software has nothing to do with guns and violence. What are you trying to do? Start a holy war in the free software community??

Get a grip on your self and rethink what GNU/Linux and free software really means to You. I can ensure You. Guns wont help You spread the Free Software throughout the world. They will only ruin our purpose and reputation towards the worse. - Jun 23 2007
ak74 - Air Soft Gun

Wallpaper Other by johnyts 5 comments

I really can't figure it out where the military uniform and the ak47 fits into the KDE project and the GPL?!

I don't think it's that healthy to have a picture of an ak47 as a wallpaper. People are being killed by weapons like this every day throughout the world, and You post this as a wallpaper??

Get real and fight the use of weapons instead!!

Really don't like this content.

Now I don't want other comments like "don't like it - don't use it".

//Logge - Jun 08 2007
Kopete Reloading Kit

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by neptune3k 39 comments

Mmm... I think so too... But how about that as an option? - Dec 10 2006
kmail: display current sender time

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dmiceman 11 comments

Yes! File it as a wish at because I belive that this is a very useful feature to have in KMail.

//Oskar - Oct 23 2006
Info Scheme

Karamba & Superkaramba by Onykage 3 comments

I like this theme alot. However, just want to give You a good advice.

Most people that writes themes like this makes them really good and useful. But, sometimes the code doesn't really look that good. In your case, the line that looks like this:
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | sed -e 's/.*: //' is a little of overdoing and it has one side effect. It's not acctually anything wrong with it, but if a user has a machine with two or more cores/cpus the resulting line becomes two.

The solution for this is to use the small and easy program uname with -p as argument. The result is the same but only one line.

Happy hacking!!

//Oskar - Oct 15 2006
Vital Statistics

Karamba & Superkaramba by carl0ski 3 comments

I found the random A inside the theme file. Just remove it and it's all good.

//Oskar - Oct 15 2006
Metabar Themes

Various Stuff by alekz 9 comments

Really like these themes. Especially the dark one.

Keep it up!!

//Logge - Sep 18 2006
Väddern lake in sweden

Nature by ambitux 3 comments

Yepp!! Brommö it is... really beautiful place in a sunny sommertime day.

//Logge - Aug 10 2006
Väddern lake in sweden

Nature by ambitux 3 comments

That's about 35 kilometers from my place...

There is a very beautiful place on an island not that far from Mariestad. That's a "must see" place with really clear water and cliffs on the side of the beach... Soooo nice... And best of all is that one can't bring the car over to it if you don't have a permission for it.

//Logge - Aug 09 2006
XP Royale Makeover

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jestersmurf 16 comments

But... I can't seem to find the reason on why people want to turn their desktops into something that looks like Windows (C, R, TM.... and the rest of all their patent numbers.....).

By this I'm not saying that this or that is better than the other, I'm just trying to figure out why on earth you want to make enimies by writing stuff like "looking 4ward to read all of those jada jada...". For me it sounds like You just want to have angry kde users spaming your contents with "i hate windows".

Please try to be mature and dont beg for people to enlighten you how much they hate windows or that linux based systems is better than the other. It doesn't make this place better.

This place is for eyecandy made for GNU systems running KDE/GNOME/XFCE. Not for something that is ripped by an OS created and sold by a company that cant stand one bit of competition.

And by the way... Alot of the looks in your screenies are copyrighted property of Microsoft.

But don't mind me... I'm just one of the guys that tells you that "Windows sux and linux is better"...

//Logge - Aug 01 2006
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Take a look at the scrolling technic that Kopete uses in its main window. I think that is something that can be really nice to look at and useable. - Jul 24 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

Hehe!! Go for it...

"Bring him down like a shotgun..."
--SWAT - Mar 23 2006
Evening at Mousehole

Wallpaper Other by mfettke 3 comments

That's not good for the boats... - Mar 23 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

As the first one answered: His name was Torvalds.

And NO, he did not write the Unix kernel. He wrote the Linux Kernel back in 1991. - Mar 15 2006
A storm eye

Wallpaper Other by dens 3 comments

... you made it with inkscape??

Nice one!! - Mar 13 2006

Science by cbn 8 comments this could be used to plot ECG's. Also continuos surveilence of a human body's heart in work.

It would be very cool to see a bigger audience using KDE for a more critical purpose than just dektop, medical purpose I mean.

//Logge - Feb 16 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 24 comments

Well... If you decide to make translations, You won't need to write a new i18n-engine... =) You got one really good workin'!!

//Logge - Feb 08 2006

System Software by drobin 13 comments


I've just upgraded to your last version to figure it out how the heck I have to do to get stuff on to the psp thru your ioslave. I've set up a udev rule just to make it more convenient but no... That doesn't seem to work. psp:/ responds with "your psp is not mounted" allthough it is... If I mount it as su with mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /media/psp that makes it work but I cant put, let say, pictures on the psp using your ioslave. In this case it is just poosible to view files, not write...

Got a good mount-command to get this work??

//Logge - Feb 05 2006

System Software by drobin 13 comments

I was trying to copy a single picture.

Maybe I got the wrong permissons when I mounted it?

//Logge - Jan 28 2006

System Software by drobin 13 comments

This looks like a great... thing... =)

However, I'm trying to get this working with my brothers PSP. No difficulties mounting it and to browse it with psp:/
But it seems like I can't put pictures on it... The only message I get when I'm trying to copy a picture in to the Pictures catalog is: Could not create directory.

Why is this and how can it be fixed??

Otherwise - Greate job!!

//Logge - Jan 27 2006
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets by imaster 6 comments still not GPL though...

//Logge - Jan 26 2006
Kiddy Grade Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by WingZ 1 comment

Is this work entirely made by You? I mean... Did You paint this Yourself or is it a work of someone else?

'Cause if it is, it can't be released under GPL if You don't have permission. If so, use Proprietary license instead. It suits it's copyrights better...

//Logge - Dec 02 2005
Alyssa Wall

Wallpaper Other by bageera 1 comment that no celebrity ships themselves under GPL!!

Proprietry license please... =)

//Logge - Dec 02 2005
Sunrise - Worthing 2005-10-03

Wallpaper Other by benbow 1 comment

Got a screenie??

//Logge - Dec 01 2005
Jessica Biel white

Wallpaper Other by CoBr0u7 2 comments

Biel comes under GPL!!! Nice.... =)

Seriously... Do you think that she will let You do allmost what You want with her??? Atleast not modify her to fit Your needs and spread widely across the world 'cause of a commitment to the GPL... No, I don't think so....

Proprietary license fits better to this content.

She is looking real good tho...

//Logge - Nov 30 2005
Jessica Biel Black

Wallpaper Other by CoBr0u7 2 comments

Biel comes under GPL!!! Nice.... =)

Seriously... Do you think that she will let You do allmost what You want with her??? Atleast not modify her to fit Your needs and spread widely across the world 'cause of a commitment to the GPL... No, I don't think so....

Proprietary license fits better to this content.

She is looking real good tho...

//Logge - Nov 30 2005
Frozen Winter

Wallpaper Other by atdi72 3 comments

That looks really cold.... =)

//Logge - Nov 22 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by autodefentsa 3 comments

...that content is under GPL??? - Nov 22 2005

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 6 comments

It gives the desktop a kind of depth...

I like it!

//Logge - Nov 20 2005
Origine del mondo

Wallpaper Other by Anarchico 3 comments

... don't think the original drawer made this public under GPL.

... a little piece of something like a warning text or something, for those who don't appretiate contents like this, could be very useful IMHO!

//Logge - Nov 18 2005
Kbfx - Menu Improvement (Mockup) Opinion

Kbfx Startmenu by nookie 43 comments

KBFX exists as you allready might know. But, however, this thing does not. From the title: "Kbfx - Menu Improvement (Mockup) Opinion".
This means that this is a fake screenshot painted in gimp for example and is not installable( - yet).
The creator here want's to hear comments of this concept used in this so called mockup.

Hope this explains it all.... =)

//Logge - Nov 11 2005
Kbfx - Menu Improvement (Mockup) Opinion

Kbfx Startmenu by nookie 43 comments

But IMHO this looks a little too much as a windows-rip to me!!

//Logge - Nov 09 2005
Future of SimpleKDE -Raleigh-

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nunogomez 11 comments

That's great to. But that would also take as much space as the other one too.

Why not mkae so that the bars swaps visibility?? You'll never need both at the same time anyway...

Just a thought...

//Logge - Oct 26 2005

Wallpaper Other by fly0v3r 4 comments

Too much sun, eh?? - Oct 21 2005
Alysseum - Citron

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by maitre 15 comments

Hmm... Oups... =)

//Logge - Oct 19 2005
Alysseum - Citron

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by maitre 15 comments

Put them all in a tar-ball then... - Oct 19 2005

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

D*mn You're fast!!!!

//Logge - Oct 15 2005

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

Klik is also a great app, just like this one. But what do you think of a combined version of these two programs running as one? I think they would complement eachother nicely, but there will still be problems to solve that is distro-specific...

//Logge - Oct 14 2005
Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by SASq 1 comment

Does Angelina come in GPL!!!

Seriously. Really nice splash but it can't be released under GPL due to interference with other licenses.

Please choose another proper license form...


//Logge - Oct 13 2005
Hardware Messages MOCKUP

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by RikRat 26 comments

This is one among many greate ideas useful for Linux users.

But I don't see why all this info about "new blaha using blaha on adress X" acctually needs to be shown to the average user. As allways that could be an option how you want the info to be displayed.

I've been running graphical Linux for a couple of years now and that info just tells me jack accept when I'm really interested in knowing it...

Instead there could be a, to the hardware, related icon displayed together with the info like what the hardware is, it's vendor (just as it is right now), link to a FAQ telling the user how to handle it etc....

The possibilitys are many just thinking userfriendly.

Just some thoughts
//Logge - Oct 04 2005

Board by redsh 68 comments

This app is a killer!!

Low cpu usage in 3d mode... Greate!!!

//Logge - Oct 03 2005
Catherine Bell Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tar1901 8 comments

One can never be sure but why not be the one that shows the way how it should be...

//Logge - Sep 30 2005
Mac OSX Login Screen Imitation

KDM3 Themes by bonafide 11 comments

That is a screen shot for sure!!

=) - Aug 30 2005
Concept: Modern Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kasra23 10 comments

This is a really greate idea!

I've been thinking of this a long time now, but since I suck at KDE/Qt-programming I haven't done anything about it...

It would be greate if that entire ... um ... thing... could be pushed away just like a kicker.

Greate job!!

// Logge - Aug 20 2005
Te parto en ocho

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by yofiloso 16 comments

I believe that this quote says it all:

"All text must be in English."

-- Quoted from the page where comments are added...

// Logge - Aug 17 2005
Gentoo KDE 3.5

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by trancelis 4 comments

..font You're using to your icons look interesting.

Which is it and where could it be found?

Greate WP dude!!!!

//Logge - Aug 15 2005