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Lokheed Lokheed
gFlat gtk engine

GTK2 Themes by olinux 38 comments

Nice work. I think the lines on the scrollbar looks really tacky and is a little too much. Other than that, its a great start :) - May 28 2006
Rezlooks GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by rezza 134 comments

I dont see any performance difference either. The good thing about source based themes is they are much more dynamic. Pixmap themes are restricted on a lot of levels, especially when it comes to resizing and working nicely in a myriad of situations.

They are however much easier to work with and alter, at least for graphical people, perhaps not coders.

Theming in Linux really needs to get better and easier to do. It has an endless amount of potiental, yet only utilizes a small portion of that. - May 13 2006
Rezlooks GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by rezza 134 comments

Very nice theme. Just letting you know that it works just fine using the latest public release of Cairo 1.0.4.

Another person who is getting sick of round corners :) - May 13 2006

GTK2 Themes by Phrodo00 24 comments

Curse them! - Mar 12 2006

GTK2 Themes by Phrodo00 24 comments

The name is Lokheed. It is insulting to keep "typo'ing" my name. At least take the second to double check the spelling. Show some effort! - Mar 12 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Hey when you do work for someone, you track all the hours.

I dont charge my clients an amount based on finished product, I charge the entire time spent. Sure it might take 8 hours to find 30 ways you don't want a button to look like, and only 8 minutes to get it exactly how you do want it. What's the total billable hours? 8.

Creative work doesn't spring foreward; everything in life requires planning and insight. Not unlike inventing.

It took 200 attempts to create electricity. When attacked by the media, Edison replied: "I didn't waste all that time, I found 200 ways NOT to make electricity."

If one can understand the moral behind that story, well they probably understand a lot more about art and about science ;)

Point is you cant look at a finished product and sum up its parts. Because a piece is much more than the sum of its parts. - Mar 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Spoken like a true artist and one who truly understands the workings behing my motives and behind it all (and quite eloquently I might add).

Its funny, whenever I am confronted with some shmuck who says my work is nothing special, I recall a guy who would go around and look at people work. The work was good and bad: a mixed bag of sorts. So for the bad, he would just snicker, the good he would quickly find out what was used and recite aloud (like a recipe list) what tecniques were used in a sarcastic tone. "Oh, that's easy, a joke, nothing but a lense flaire, contrast up, colour down, add one pixel border..." he would spew and conclude that the work was poor.

I was blown away at how some people think. Here is a perfect example on how simplicity:

He was awarded a DD for his work and no doubt time. But I think all of us can do what he did ;) Does it take away from it? Not one bit.

Thanks for the kind words on my work. I think those that are art appreciators and those that have an eye for art, can see the great amount of effort I put into my work. Those are the people I cater too, people like yourself. The haters can go whistle for all I care ;) - Mar 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Well said respite, very well said. This was never meant as a stiffling of cimi's creative work. It was never meant as an attack on anyone's talents or workmanship.

Its a shame there arent more people like yourself respite. Epathy and intelligence are in short supply it seems. You certainly have my respect :) - Mar 04 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Dont go spreading rumours there pal. You have no clue, and only speculation to this assumption. You haven't spoken with me or know of any of my motives.

Stop spreading FUD and move on with your life cause I don't think mine really should concern you. - Mar 03 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Thank you. Nice to see someone rational and acting maturally. I will omit any negative post above from enter into this conversation (beyond this sentence).

My main concern is not about money. My main concern is protecting my digital rights. Money is not the only motive in this world (and I wish people would look pasy monetary gain or value, we are dealing with something more intrinsic here) and doesn't move me. My main concern is about losing my digital property.

If a person cannot understand what it means to paint the Mona Lisa only to have 3 other people paint her as well but with blond hair or a purple dress, then I cannot further exemplify my stance beyond what I have already said.

I will talk with cimi86 as he has been more professional and respectful in meeting my demands.

I again thank you for being understanding (ashame there aren't more people like you in this world) as art means a great deal to me; it is a part of myself and that is why I am motivated to take the actions I am taking.

Much respect and signing off,

Lokheed - Mar 03 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Yeah, shame you cant contribute anything more than insults and bitterness to Its people like you that really get the hits up at this place... - Mar 03 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

Thats not accurate. The GPL licence is only in reference to the actual theme structure which, as mentioned previously, is based off vistabut. I make no claim to the pixmap engine and have put no restraints on its licence. My CC is applied to the images. Any graphical image within the theme is under my licence and its reproduction is prohibited without my express written permission. If you refer to the the only known existing release of Mint (, you will notice that it is under copyright (located in every deviantart submission at the top left.

I can see why you were confused about the GPL licence, but as per the clarification now made, there is nothing contrary to my claim that any image is bound to a GPL licence.

In fact, all images are held within my copyrights which you are in violation. The pixmap engine itself is free to use, I make to claim against that. But again, all images created by me, are held under my CC licence.

If you can show me any evidence that I have specifically attached the GPL licence to my images, then I will take them under consideration, but I feel that I have been more than consistent.

This is not a personal issue. I am merely looking out to protect my intellectual property. I appreciate the fact you like my work. There is nothing that stops you from making such themes and enjoying them yourself, but you cannot freely release them for others to copy as well. This has caused my work to spiral out of control and become parts of many other peoples themes. This is my major concern here. - Mar 02 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

"which is also a modification of "Mint" by lokheed, but this one is no more modificable due to its new copyrights law"

Sorry, I dont get this. Are you CC'ing your theme? Cause it's released under GPL.

If you do CC it, you better remove my arrows, my frames, my handles, my list-headers, and my sliders, cause sadly those are under my Creative Commons licence. Or you can change them. In fact, would you please remove or change them, as do are in violation of my CC licence.

Cheers. - Mar 02 2006

GTK2 Themes by Hadret 9 comments

The names not lookhed...its Lokheed... - Feb 18 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

Thank you for the recognition :) - Feb 16 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

My problem is not with you're them but with your request for recognition on this one. I dont care that it took you days to go in a menu and choose "grayscale." The metacity theme has nothing to do with anything here, it is not part of this argument.

My problem came when you treated my theme as a repository and someone that saw yours and redid it was told to pump your name, not mine. Rightfully a decent person would have given the true source. I cant make you do anything and you have shown your colours. I am just dissapointed by the lack of respect for an artist here.

I mean tit for tat, how "graphically" different is your theme from Mint??? - Feb 15 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

And where did "Gray" come from??? I dont want to be a jerk but I had remade everything from the VistaBut theme. All you did was drop it to gray scale. Give credit where credit is due... - Feb 13 2006
Green splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tuxxland 5 comments

Sorry, MS holds the CC on that image.. - Jan 30 2006
Kbfx - Menu Improvement (Mockup) Opinion

Kbfx Startmenu by nookie 43 comments

It looks really nice. You did attend to detail so your mockup is pretty but looking at the functionality of the start menu, it is not intuitive at all. A start menu should be simple with as few clicks as possible. It should not be a control panel. There are levels of this.

You have quick launch (one click) icons, then you have start meny items which can contain more launchers and save space (not to be burried under directories (2-4 clicks away), then you have a control panel with the variety of options.

If anything, more work on control panels to encompass more and be more user friendly and intuitive is needed, not copying Windows XP start menus. Just because MS says it is, doesnt make it so... - Jan 30 2006
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets by imaster 8 comments

Contact the creator:

Then ask permission to use them. Make sure you respect their copyrights if they have any. You cant release something that is GPL because you feel like it or have good intentions. Stealing someones art or claiming it to be your own is probably an all time low.

Putting a few sentences that you did not create them and a link to the site and a few nice words doesnt hurt either.

No one can stop you from altering images on your own PC, but its not good practice to release the stuff, especially if you have no concent at all.

Regards. - Jan 27 2006
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets by imaster 8 comments

Does the original artist of the Marvin character know that you have done this?

This is of course is then not GPL since you did not create the character. Since you made no mention whatsoever that you did not make the image (here or on your site), I am assuming you are a simple thief? - Jan 26 2006

Cliparts by Arcueid 4 comments

He is saying that the pen design, the one you based your image on, is patented. The design is copyright by who makes that pen. Yep patents extend as far as pen designs :) - Jan 10 2006
Luna Royale

Metacity Themes by zegnus 13 comments

Happens with everything thats new. When 2000 hit, there where icon themes ready before it RTMed for IconPackager so you could have Windows 2000 icons on 98 and NT.

Its not just Windows however, there is a working port of Clearlooks for Windowsblinds that is getting rave reviews in Windows land. Its just people who think something is nice, want it too :) I am sure people will get pretty sick of Vista when it goes gold...that is when they stop those BSODs, heh :)

This is just the way of people jumping on fads and whats new. Personally I agree with you and dont think Vista is worth copying in the slightest (whats the deal with the close button being bigger than the other two?) but it doesnt bother me much. No one forces anyone to use a theme and if someone wants to spend their time making Linux look like Windows 3.1, then by all means let them ;) - Jan 10 2006

Wallpapers Gnome by ellion 6 comments

I think that would really sharp with the bottle cap aligned to the bottom right and a few drops of beer around it.

That would be classy. But great work on the bottle cap, nicely done :) - Jan 08 2006
A Big Thank You

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by BorgQueen 35 comments

Ohh? It is this emotion that makes women weaker than men.

Based on your arguments, women show more emotion than men. Emotion is known to cloud judgement and rational thinking. Therefore, men are more rational and less clouded by emotion when making decisions.

Important decisions don't call for emotions, they call for the ability to do what is right. A man would let that person drown because there is no more room on the boat as apposed to the woman that would haul him in causing the little vessel to capsize and kill everyone. Again, based on your argument, women are therefore weaker in making important decisions and this perhaps correlates into women not having much control in this world.

Its a patriarchal planet baby! Now shutup, look pretty, perk up your tits, and just nod your head when you are spoken to!

Ahaha, I am priceless!!!

Seriously, positive emotions uh? I gotta agree with you there. Maybe thats why I hang out with more women than men... - Dec 26 2005
A Big Thank You

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by BorgQueen 35 comments

Should have called yourself DramaQueen. - Dec 25 2005

GTK2 Themes by robsta 10 comments

Trying to download your patch results in getting download.php.

Please zip your patch or add it to a tarball or inform the people who run gnome-look as its not downloadable however you uploaded it.

Using FF 1.5 - Dec 02 2005

GTK2 Themes by graig 13 comments

Hehe, I took a double take and was like: I dont remember recently updating theme suite ;) - Sep 16 2005

GTK2 Themes by graig 13 comments

Can you please rename your theme:

Thanks. - Sep 15 2005
Winterfox - Clean Firefox Forms

Various Gnome Stuff by ilishin 6 comments

Its nice but it busts many things in the latest trunk build (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20050912 Firefox/1.6a1)

Text on buttons in Firefox (buttons in Preferences window for example) are missing. The throbber is also MIA. Aside from that it works OK, but the bugs above make it unusable at this point.

The check/radio elements do not also display correctly, ending up with a awful looking mishmash of the current look and the clearlooks looks. - Sep 12 2005
ClearlooksForms for Firefox/Epiphany

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaP 6 comments

Forgot to include my reference link: - Sep 12 2005
ClearlooksForms for Firefox/Epiphany

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaP 6 comments

Great to see this being taken up. However due to internal bugs with Firefox trunk build, we need to work around to get this theme installed.

I have gotten it to work but admittedly am not a coder. Here is what I have and most elements do work. Perhaps you could support Firefox trunk as I would love to get everything working harmoneously in clearlooks.

Here is the tarball:

Firefox version string:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20050910 Firefox/1.6a1

Cheers - Sep 12 2005
Krystal Tux

Cliparts by mateusz93 5 comments

Holy jagged edges Batman! - Sep 06 2005

Cursors by madman2k 4 comments

Thats funny. These were designed by Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner. He made them quite some time ago and the original author is him alone. Ubuntu is "using" this theme and this release is for everyone else in Linux land to be able to use these cursors.

If you want to talk like that (IE: 'rip'), then you might as well point your finger at Ubuntu cause guess what? They 'ripped' this theme themselves. Linux is about GPL and as such, everyone is free to dump their creativity into a big pot and those that want a scoop, are free to do so. This is not about 'ripping' or C's.

It is one thing to claim something is of your own creation but another thing to simply release a piece of art for everyone to use. While I think Jakub should have been given a mention, no one 'ripped' anything here. - Sep 02 2005

Cursors by madman2k 4 comments

Thanks for fixing the black plus arrow. I love this theme :) - Sep 02 2005
Smoked Glass v0.9.5

GTK2 Themes by kerrle 61 comments

I too noticed that people will go out of their way and peruse my entire uploads to vote "bad" on them. Its lucky that most of those release our hard work for help the community and not to get "good" ratings.

On the topic at hand, yes it remains to be seen if an actual theme can do justice against the screenshot. There is still alot of work to do with GTK+ and themeing, but I hope that our author accomplishes what he has set out to do.

I love seeing creative and prominent work spring to life, from a mockup or whatever. I think many things can still be achieved with quality people doing the back end.

I am looking forward to seeing just how close he can get it as it "looks" very promising, a large load to take, but lets hope he surprises us.

I still stick by my comments as I do think its gorgeous and the voting issue doesnt concern me. I would like to think that he is not here to amass votes but to get some feedback.

If it is releases as a working theme as per the screenshot, then I am sure he is going to get all the "good" votes he can get :) - Jul 30 2005
Smoked Glass v0.9.5

GTK2 Themes by kerrle 61 comments

I love everything except the scrollbar, the metacity theme buttons (as was mentionned before), and the scrollbar arrows. Aside from that, its simply gorgeous. Clean and stylish. For sure one of the best themes I have seen and glad that people are finally creating themes of this caliber...Linux desperately needs it. - Jul 30 2005

Metacity Themes by marandhu 30 comments


I love this theme. Its simple, minimalistic, and beautiful. Rounded edges simply would not work with this theme. The y would certainly look out of place and take away from the smooth, yet defined contours.

Truly an awesome job, simply gorgeous. - Jun 06 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

not impossible to set, but impossible to make it theme specific.

If you want to change it you need to edit the gimp-remote.desktop file in /usr/share/applications and point the icon to whatever you like. If you remove the path and simply put something like


Then it will pull it from the theme (providing there is a gimp.png located somewhere in the icon set). - Jun 01 2005
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 34 comments

Totally agree. In a usability standpoint, this is much worse as it shoves more options onto the beginner.

Having a menu option to enable "advanced settings" would have been much more ideal. This is just more Linux overkill.

You dont need 4 different levels. You need concise and easy to understand descriptions not the common ones you come across.

IE: RDPd: The Reverse Depenency Protocol Daemon.

That is the norm in Linux and is NOT a satisfactory description. What it needs is attention to the finer things, not more buttons, check boxes, radio boxes, options, features, menus, or selections.

Sorry, but this really needs to be set back to the drawing board for a complete retooling. - May 26 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

Thats because they are wrong. I posted this before but I HATE this posting system on these forums so it no doubt got lost...

Anyway its fixed so its all moot at this point. - May 25 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

Thats because thats what it is... - May 25 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

Most of the icons I did by basically the seat of my pants. I would simply try and hunt down the icon that was being used.

I would suggest using mine as a template and overwriting the icons you have so far and then simply overwriting each icon you have left with your own from the GANT theme...that would be the easiest and most precise way.

Guides and tutorials are few and far apart. I had some help from people in the community who were really nice in ironning out a lot of icons that needed to be either changed or fixed.

My best advice is to use mine as a template as mentionned above. It should cover pretty much anything.

The hardest part sometimes is when an icon is "hardcoded" to a specific place and unable to be themed without altering the .desktop file...

In my opinion these should be condemned and the author of the program should fix them to point simply to a .png file (GIMP is one for example). - May 24 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

*.bak is: gnome-mime-application-x-trash.png - May 24 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

As long as you have the icons in the largest size possible (nothing will use 128x128 or any size bigger), then you dont need one single icon of any size underneath it.

If you gotta scale higher (IE: 24x24 to 48x48), it will look like crap. If you are always scaling down (IE: 48x48 to 24x24), then thats fine.

Dont waste space by adding anything under 128x128 unless you are going to do more than just open up GIMP and hit scale image because GNOME will do that for you, and at no extra charge ;)

Keep making your theme complete. The GANT set has thousands of icons, you can certainly pack everything into it.

If you need guidance feel free to take a look at my set to fill in anything you might have missed. Take a look at the 48x48 directory (unless you want to reference the gtk folder, look at the 24x24 directory for that) as it is by far the most complete.

Keep at it and great work so far. GNOME needs aesthetic boosts. - May 23 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

GIMP's icon is "harcoded". It is actually specifically specified in the .desktop file. There is nothing you can do with your set, you are going to have to modify the actual .desktop file to get a custom icon.

Maybe email the GIMP crew and tell them to change it in the .desktop file so it points to an icon that can be changed by the theme. - May 23 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

I would suggest you remove all seizes under 128x128. If all you are doing it scaling them down in GIMP without any added pixel work, then you are just mimicking GNOMES behaviour and upping the icon set's size 6-8 fold.

Let GNOME scale it down for you. - May 22 2005

GTK2 Themes by SoN1C 5 comments

Thanks for making a v5 Son1c :) - May 01 2005

GDM Themes by Kain2004 7 comments

Thanks an incredible render of the powerful dragon. Can you please post a link to the original image? - Apr 20 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

No, you cant interpret my post above as: "I like them."

I am going to have to go ahead and say I dont believe you created the hardrive icon from scratch.

Yes some of your icons are almost perfect copies of ones done by Jimmac but the hardrive icons dont even match the rest of the icons. They are detailed beyond the others and again, I dont believe you when you say you did them from scratch... - Apr 11 2005