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Jun 03 2013
Systester uses the hard disk only to create simple text log files. This happens only if the user asks for. As far as i know, it is impossible to crash a hard disk that way.

Systester is a free and open source project distributed under the terms of the GPL. If you think it is responsible for your hard disk crash, you just have to indicate the lines of source code that may cause a hard disk crash.

Otherwise try not to buy shitty hardware and spread lies.

- Nov 01 2009
It is a hardware failure for sure. It may be one of your DIMMs, or the cache, or the CPU itself.

The DIMMs are the #1 suspect.

- Jul 12 2009
Systester depends on gmp. I am sure you'll find it in your distro's repo if it is not already installed.

Try to run:


If it succeeds just run:


and after this try:


- Jan 07 2009
I just uploaded the patch version 1.0.3 with an updated configure script. Don't forget to add GMP in your dependency list.

- Jan 07 2009
Ok! I will make the changes in a couple of days. You may add ~alpha to the supported platforms. Systester runs under Linux/Alpha just fine recognizing correctly the CPU family and the operational frequency.

- Jan 06 2009
Please read the faq:

- May 21 2008