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Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez
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Feb 15 2014
I meant with the "only show for maximized windows" something similar to the kwin button plasmoid: to only show if the current window is maximized, so they don't appear in the application window and the panel.
With the application window title, is the same. On the following screenshot, the application title shows up both in the panel and in the window:
This is something like Unity, where the top panel behaves like the window decoration for maximized windows. Otherwise, it's just a panel. - Feb 16 2014
Great plasmoid!!!
I have 3 suggestions:
* Add a max width, so when showing the application title, it would be possible to control the maximum size, but still would show all content for small titles;
* Add a tooltip to show the entire content when it doesn't fit;
* Add an option to only show for maximized windows, so the title is not displayed in 2 places at the same time when using kwin's BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true.
Again, great job!!! - Jan 05 2014
Icon Tasks

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Nov 10 2011
Any news on center align? - Aug 19 2013
Currently, the arrow for running applications is colored in light blue when they demand attention.
However, the arrow also fades a bit when the application is minimized, making them similar.
It has happened lots of times that I'm away from the pc when somebody replies an Skype message and I miss the notification, as it's not that flashy. Only some time afterwards, I see it.
An idea is: when an app demands attention, it blinks for some time. It would be nice to have an option to make the blinking last until the application is focused.
Or something else, which makes the notification more obvious...
Thanks! - Nov 23 2011
Well, it was a problem with versions, for sure...
Installed the libunity6 package and the latest Unity Integration for Firefox extension and it worked.
Thanks a lot!!! - Nov 22 2011
Not only firefox, but also in Chrome it doesn't work...
Anyway, I'm not sure if it is this version, but both on Firefox add-ons and in the Ubuntu package, UbuFox version is 1.0. - Nov 21 2011
In the last version (0.9.2) progress bars / counters no longer work for Firefox and Chrome (Dolphin does shows a progress bar).
Is this a known bug or some environment thing? - Nov 20 2011
I've translated this plasmoid to Brazilian Portuguese.
Here is the link:
Loved this plasmoid! - Oct 10 2011
Man, this plasmoid is something I've been searching since I first used Unity.
Check out - Oct 10 2011
Brazilian Radios

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Jan 04 2011
Please, could you include the stream for Radio Ga├║cha FM (Porto Alegre)?
The stream url is
Thanks! - Jul 07 2011
KWin Button Applet

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Mar 25 2010
First, congrats for the applet. Very useful for netbooks...

It would be nice to have a config option to only display if the active window is maximized. Together with the BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true, this makes it more natural to the panel behave like the window decoration, as non-maximized windows already have their own buttons...

Another suggestion would be that the maximize / restore could swap it's icon depending on the state, just like the regular windows decoration does... - Apr 11 2010

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by csgib
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Jul 30 2013
Thanks! I'm new in this video stuff...
I had to resize all videos and add a border equal to the security area.
Works now. - Oct 20 2009
I've used 2ManDVD (fantastic, by the way ;) to create a standard PAL DVD.

In the computer, everything is perfect, but when I burn a DVD and watch it on the television, the content doesn't fit and is cropped (in both with and height).

What can I be doing wrong? - Oct 13 2009
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

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Oct 10 2011