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Andrew Somogyi , Hungary
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Fonts 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2010

It's a nice font, but there isn't "Ű,ű and Ő,ő" characters. We use them in the Hungarin language.
Please, make them.


Andrew Somogyi - Jul 19 2010

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

Score 65.7%
Feb 25 2011
Your theme is very good!

On your pictures the RGBA was possible, but I don't know, how can I make it. Do you have idea?
- May 02 2010

Fonts 9 comments

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Apr 03 2010

Your fonts are intresting, but not good for Hungarians, because there isn't "Áá, Űű, Éé, Úú, Őő, Óó, Üü, öö, Íí" characters. Please make them, because I'd like use them.


madboy74 - Apr 17 2010

Full Icon Themes 53 comments

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Apr 25 2020

Your project is very nice!

Long time ago the Tango was good, but today the Humanity is the best.

I made and collected few mime and other icons. If you need, you can use them in your project. These icons are made in Tango style. It's bad, but you can use parts from my SVG collection or you can change them to Humanity.



Sorry for my english! - Dec 27 2009

Fonts 2 comments

by gluk
Score 77.7%
Aug 01 2011
It's a nice work! - Dec 10 2009

Fonts 59 comments

by west
Score 80.0%
Mar 05 2010
Thank you!

All characters are good.

It's a nice work! - Sep 19 2009
It's a nice font, but I can't use all Hungarian characters. (óüöúőűáéí)
Can you make them?

Thanks! - Sep 11 2009
SchoolBoy Text [updated]

Fonts 8 comments

Score 63.3%
Aug 31 2009
It's good in the Hungarian language. - Sep 11 2009

Fonts 6 comments

by gluk
Score 70.0%
Mar 04 2009
Bravo, it's a nice work!

The fonts are beauty and I can use the hungarian characters!

Thx! - Mar 29 2009
Natural Fiber Optics

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 26 2008

Is it Echinocactus Grusonii? Very nice!
In Hungary we say: The chair of the mother-in-law. :) - Mar 27 2008
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010

Nowtimes I downloaded lot of iconthemes, because I'm hunting for mime icons and I found my PSD feather in your iconset. When somebody uses my work, I'm happy. If you need other things, you can use it:
The old SWF, PSD and CDR themes joined in the Tango mime icons.
New icons: Quicktime and Skype. Few days and I will upload some new icons.

Have a nice day!

Andrew - Mar 22 2008
Ultimate Gnome

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May 22 2011
Yes, I was stoopid!

I downloaded lot of iconsets, but I can't remember the correct name. My icon is in the Elementary iconset...

Sorry! - Mar 22 2008
Nowtimes I hunting for new mime icons and ideas. Three mounth ago nobody had PSD icon. I downloaded an Adobe symbol in jpg format. In the Inkscape I made the feather symbol in svg format. I had an uploaded work on the It's contains Coreldraw, SWF and Adobe mime icons for the Tango theme. (Now it's joined into the Tango mime icons)
My Psd icon: image-x-psd.svg

>Why are you saying this?

Because, i found your image-x-psdimage-x-psd.png icon. Yuor feather likes my feather. I was very happy. I think: My work is good, because somebody uses it.

I made a test picture for you. Can you give your e-mail address?
My address is:

Happy easter!

Andrew - Mar 22 2008

It's a very nice theme!
I saw the mime icons, and i found the psd icon. Is it from my theme? I'm very happy, when somebody uses my works. If you need more works, I uploaded my new theme:

New icons coming soon. (3ds, and others)

Sorry for my english :(

Andrew - Mar 21 2008
Tatabanya city (1600x1071)

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 27 2008
Great work!

Soma - Feb 29 2008

by gluk

Score 70.0%
Mar 29 2009
Oxygen Refit 2

Full Icon Themes
by Chrispy

Score 46.0%
Feb 23 2009

Full Icon Themes
by perfectska04

Score 83.5%
Jan 24 2009

Full Icon Themes
by deviantdark

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Jan 24 2009

Full Icon Themes
by schollidesign

Score 58.6%
Jan 24 2009

GTK2 Themes
by SkiesOfAzel

Score 77.5%
9   Dec 12 2010
TextRipper (aka T-Rip)

Nautilus Scripts
by kickass

Score 70.0%
9   Sep 23 2010

Various Gnome Stuff
by vinoddahiya

Score 77.9%
9   Sep 23 2010
Ubuntu Flare Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by kukac67

Score 47.5%
9   Sep 23 2010