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Alexander Chehovsky
Qt Tools

Qt Tools 8 comments

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Aug 27 2011
Seems to be bugs. :)
Can you provide details on your configuration? Video driver, window manager, what is the icon theme, and where it is in filesystem? - Dec 11 2011
You should have development packages for Xdamage and Xcomposite libraries. For example, in Ubuntu they are called libxdamage-dev and libxcomposite-dev. - Dec 11 2011

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

Score 76.5%
Sep 13 2017
Spinners look ugly in GTK3. See screenshot (from transmission using gtk3): - Oct 23 2011
I suggest making a variation (like Zukitwo-Contrast) with more contrast to allow user decide. - Oct 22 2011
Brightness/contrast settings on my monitor are absolutely fine, and I can see all the steps clearly.
My point, is that #000000 is more readable than #3c3c3c, and that's kinda obvious IMO. I don't understand, what can possibly go wrong with that, for me it's a clear improvement. - Oct 22 2011
Grey text on grey background is not fun.
I'm tired of manually fixing text color to black on almost all recent themes - Adwaita, Elementary, Ambiance - all suffer from this disease. Where it all came from?
Please consider switching text color to pure black (#000000 instead of #3c3c3c). Staring at computer screen is already tiresome for eyes, no need to make it worse with bad contrast.
- Oct 21 2011