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Aug 18 2011
My response was less about this project and more about your statement "If the license is GPL, you have to upload the source. If it is not, you have to have a non-GPL (commercial) license for Qt.
" -- your statement is incorrect since Qt now may be used as LGPL. Yes, if the author wishes his code to be GPL, he needs to provide source, however if he were to choose some other license for his work, he would no longer need a commercial license for Qt to do so. This changed at Qt 4.5 I think. - Oct 30 2009
> cannot use any static Qt library files like QtCore4.dll without publishing the source code.

When using LGPL, you never have to release source code to your own app. The only source you must release: IF you modify the LPGL code, then you must release your modifications.

Furthermore, QtCore4.dll is not a static library, it's a dynamic one. If he released binary-only, this means you are still able to use any QtCore4.dll you wish and still use his app with it -- as long as he has not made modifications to the dll that are required for his app to run. This is why he has no compulsion to release his code (again, assuming he has not modified the library -- and then he only must release his library modifications under the LGPL). - Oct 29 2009
Qt is also available as LGPL now. - Oct 28 2009

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May 25 2009
Ok, using Process Monitor I was able to trace what you're doing. I copied License.GPL2 from an open source version and was able to get past this issue. You might choose to add a search for ".LICENSE-DESKTOP", ".LICENSE-ALLOS", and perhaps ".LICENSE-EVALUATION" before failing. (SIC; all of those begin with a . )

- Nov 04 2008
I'm trying out your tool, wanting to build the commercial version of Qt 4.4.3. When I click "next" (after specifying the path to my source) I receive an error titled "Wrong directory", stating "Unable to get the license of this version of Qt.Please make sure you entered a correct path to the Qt source code you want to compile.

What leads to this error? If I copy a file (or more) from an open source Qt path, I can convince CuteBuilder to run against my commercial source, or will there be other issues? - Nov 04 2008
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Feb 04 2010

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Jul 30 2009

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Jul 30 2009

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