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Marc Stewart , United Kingdom
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Dec 18 2010
The GUI isn't really meant for such insane numbers of images. That potential problem, particularly with recursive folder opening, is the main reason why I haven't added the feature yet.

Use the command line for making slideshows of that scale. Type:
crebs --help
man crebs
for instructions. - Sep 22 2010
I did have that written down somewhere, but somehow it never got copied into the online blueprints list. Thank you for reminding me.

You can already add several images at once though, either from the Add Images dialog or by drag-and-drop from another window. So you can always select all the images in the folder before clicking Open. - Sep 22 2010
Thanks; that's great! Head on over to
when you want to get started. - Jul 01 2010
The localisation matches the locale associated with your user account (i.e. whatever the 'Language' setting is on the login screen), so if the rest of your GNOME desktop is in Russian, you should get "Создать слайд-шоу" instead of "Create Background Slideshow" automatically.

Not all the text is translated into Russian yet, but the major parts are. - Jun 20 2010
If you haven't already done so, head over to to add your translations. You'll need a Launchpad account—click "Log In / Register" in the top-right corner if you need to sign up.
That's a great suggestion. You can be sure to see it in an upcoming version. - Jun 10 2010