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Fl Star Of Grace Zorin Edition

Plymouth Themes by aditya1122006 4 comments

This is a dupe/exploit of Fl-Star of Grace Ani-01 Plymouth Theme -! Author details were removed from mdv.script because apparently cleaning of that kind seemed needed, author not credited and name is almost the same but it has nothing to do with first theme! - Mar 19 2021
I'd like to note that GIMP2Ps.tar.xz is an older version, there's a newer one. - Feb 14 2021
thank you - Dec 07 2020
thank you - Dec 07 2020
thanks but you are a bit wrong with later things, I don't make them always in sets and all in one go, I don't always know how many more will I make, if I shared one theme in all colors and then new one in just one people could be confused or even disappointed if they don't find all colors at once, they could think "there are no other colors..." or "it's not finished..." and don't visit again to check, many people also won't read, if I wrote other colors would be shared, I know in part people would miss message, it's just 3 colors I think, if I made e.g. icon in 5+ colors, I would share it as one thing, that's why I prefer to do it like now at least for now :) - Oct 27 2020
thank you - Sep 21 2020
ah sorry, initial command should be:

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/Unicyclesynced-Ani-08-Torquoise/Unicyclesynced-Ani-08-Torquoise.plymouth 100

I gave example using Dark Gray version - Sep 19 2020
check where is folder with Plymouth's themes, on my OS they're in /usr/share/plymouth/themes i.e., unpack my theme package and place resulting folder in that previous folder, then it's based on what type of Linux you've got, for anything Ubuntu like, next you run terminal and in it configure use of a new theme using:

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/Unicyclesynced-Ani-08-Dark-Gray/Unicyclesynced-Ani-08-Dark-Gray.plymouth 100


sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

which lets you choose a different theme by entering its number and pressing enter,
followed by

sudo update-initramfs -u

more info about that is at which is similar to what I wrote - Sep 19 2020
I've added that :) - Jul 15 2020
Doesn't look like a comment, any symbol can be used as a menu button if user is happy that it means that for him, -100 points....... - Jul 15 2020
Linux Wallpaper 024 [4K]

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Markospoko 3 comments

thanks for a valuable feedback, this artwork doesn't base on surprise factor, it's meant to bring people who would like their privacy/rights to be respected to Linux and keep remembering that you shouldn't rely that substantially on people who are as we still do remember insincere like Bill - Jun 14 2020
HP elitebook 830 G6

System Monitor Tabs (old ksysguard) by zezinho 1 comment

who would need that crap.... - Jun 11 2020
Yeah, I looked on my and it's also like that, it's because this pack doesn't work with Gimp not in usual location, however you may try this: install Gimp like most would (you can uninstall later) or run live Linux distro with latest Gimp, run transformation pack and you should find Gimp's config in ~/.config/GIMP that you can copy and place where your Gimp config is supposed to be. I'll probably have a look too, Gimp 2.10.18 has some new features and I might need to change something to align, although I'm busy with couple of other things now :). - May 14 2020
It hasn't been made with support for windows and I'm not planning to make a windows version. It's my personal effort that I kindly thought about sharing via FOSS means, I don't work for that guy, for you or for adjudicatory company to do as I'm told. Please read the disclaimer that is plainly available in the product's description, esp. it can be informative to read the part "This software/resource is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied", "Additionally, we make no warranty that: (a) This software/resource will meet your requirements, (b) This software/resource will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, (c) The results from the use of this software/resource will be effective, accurate or reliable, (d) The quality of this software/resource will meet your expectations". This guy was impolite, didn't ask me, a question ends with a question mark (?) and you can use "please" and "can you", I wrote it as it is and since I didn't announced anywhere that it will work for windows I consider this comment as downvoting and I'm reporting it. - May 04 2020
It's not for dows, if someone can use it there, nice. A basic knowledge about how to run commands is necessary, it's very easy and straightforward, just looking at names after unpacking tells a lot, if you don't know how to run commands you should learn something, it wasn't made for peeps with subbasic or less knowledge, you are going to use advanced graphics editor so knowing more is also required. - May 02 2020
Did you report my reply? If so, don't do a stupid thing again and follow what's in description, it'll be fine. - Feb 04 2020
You haven't read comments, have you? And description info? I posted it long time ago, can't assist every distribution user when he/she installs it, change paths and name like it's said in description above and it'll be fine - Jan 28 2020
I checked and it doesn't seem to be so on mine, I saw maximize button disappearing although it got sorted out somehow with later dos, no errors as you wrote in settings, perhaps you upgraded in uncleanly way or have some overlapping PPAs?; I have latest Gimp using ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp. I also guess it could be because of the theme, maybe use different one than the one that comes with Mint, I'm not certain if it's written to be issue free, I's using:
Numix as window borders metacity theme
Miny-X-Aqua as controls theme,
all fine with this, I'm taking into account all the time that you use Cinnamon, no issues like you said, maybe see how some other themes cope if u don't like Numix. I updated GIMP2Ps to start GIMP maximized, that should be helpful as well.
Install fresh Mint, there's probably latest around to download as a resort to have clear situation :). - Dec 18 2019
I have no time for assholes, go away and be asshole somewhere else you piece of rubbish - Dec 05 2019
Kind wishes :) - Dec 04 2019
Back off dude - Dec 04 2019
It's what it's put as - rollercoaster entertainment, can't you read? Turning off the name text when doing the video capture isn't doable in the program but you didn't think about that, did you? I knew some idiot would have a "problem" with that. Not only video but also music category is here and there're choices like dance, pop, alternative and I can't picture how it should be related to od right now and if I will want to share my music, I surely will. I don't give a damn about this comment. - Oct 26 2019
That's better, however I stay on with what I've said. Besides, I can tell the difference between good and ugly myself and I don't really need to be hostilely puzzled about that in any respect. I already came across stupid, rude comments before so better be aware of what you write or you'll be reported if you do that again. - Aug 09 2018
Funkey Wallpaper 002 [4K]

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Markospoko 3 comments

is it? my friend made a screenshot of the scene I liked, AFAIK, I don't claim anywhere
that I'm from creators of the game or that I've created the game myself but judging from your trippy piggy appearance I can easily imagine how spoilingly satisfying it must've been to add a text like this, unluckily, internet is full of web crawling creeps whose only job is to post their crappy things as soon as something appears. The "repeal" line which I came up with and matched with the image is nice, yeah, however it's not about trying to introduce forceful struggle but a funny approach to view the choice between the two, for guys to stay on GNU and to prevent someone seeing that you're using GNU from telling you to use Dows once they see the wallpaper, to end any system based clashes actually by making laugh of it and I wanted to share that with others, is that really so difficult to understand? so be aware of it and discontinue being stroppy or you'll be expunged, moreover, there's a representative T-shirt I wear gladly as an appealing mantra for some and TBH it'd much adviced for you(?) to see it - - May 27 2018

Conky by KYD 1 comment

it's an overused script, nothing fresh really - Apr 11 2018
Walking the Dog

Nature by KYD 2 comments

poorly designed - Apr 11 2018
Beware, ogre! I've just checked and it works very well, I can think only about few possibilites in which it might not work - trying to use it on older version of Mint, where themes' path in .plymouth needs to be adjusted, using a previously downloaded/file bookmark version - there was something wrong with it but it was fixed some time ago, trying to use it in a distro like Arch based one - possibility of havin' to change .plymouth's name case, skipping to run update-initramfs. In short: your comment is complete bullshit to me, so beware, educate yourself. - Apr 03 2018
Have a look at a hint in updated description here, it's probably a path thing and small change in .plymouth file should be enough - Mar 10 2018
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Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

you should work at, see if you're there - Jun 13 2017
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Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

this is the graphics I created and I can do with it whatever I plan to, it's not a link to an unrelated crafty shopping site but to obtain the image itself, as I said before go browse free things on this site, there're a lot of, you don't have to choose mine, you won't get it for nothing, mind your own business - Jun 12 2017
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Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

There're other free things on this site - Jun 11 2017
2   Mar 19 2021
This is a dupe/exploit of Fl-Star of Grace Ani-01 Plymouth Theme -! Author details were removed from mdv.script because apparently cleaning of that kind seemed needed, author not credited and name is almost the same but it has nothing to do with first theme!
HP elitebook 830 G6

System Monitor Tabs (old ksysguard)
by zezinho

1   Jun 11 2020
who would need that crap....