macish bespin preset.

Various Stuff by tomatz 7 comments

Hello, which dockbar do you use? - Aug 23 2010
KDE 4.5 - KMENU Logo icons (SVG)

Icon Sub-Sets by txen 21 comments


(tnx 4 the arch icon) - Aug 22 2010

System Software by binro 18 comments

Yes, you can reach me at martosurf7600 of Google's mail ;-D

(Let's put it that way to prevent massive spam) - Aug 19 2010

System Software by binro 18 comments

Hi binro, I waited until today in the event there was a lag in the OD email system but I didn't receive your email.

Can you please resend it? - Aug 18 2010

Audioplayers by simirimia 28 comments

Translation Complete, UPLOADING BIP BIP ;)

artist = Artista
album = Album
track = Título
duration = Duración
main = Principal
playlist = Lista de reproducción
lyrics = Letras
search = Búsqueda
status = Estado
loading = Cargando
settings = Opciones
opt_autorefresh = Opciones de autorrefresco
autorefresh_volume = Autorrefrescar volúmen cada
autorefresh_progress = Autorrefrescar barra de progreso cada
autorefresh_status = Autorrefrescar estado cada
autorefresh_playlist = Autorrefrescar lista de reproducción cada
about = Acerca de
the_playlist = Lista de reproducción
no_result = No hay coincidencias
search_with_mysql = La búsqueda sólo funciona con Amarok y el servidor externo MySQL activado.
tracks = Títulos
artists = Artista
all = Todo
trans_search_button = Búsqueda
trans_no_lyrics = No se encontró la letra de la canción. (Clickea para refrescar)
refresh_data_button = Refrescar todo

Everything double-checked for typo errors and so on.
Thank you! - Aug 18 2010

System Software by binro 18 comments

I know this is a very disgusting n00b question -and I apologize for that!- but how do I generate/create a .po language file?

Sorry again :P - Aug 16 2010

System Software by binro 18 comments

Any possibility of collaborate with it?
Excellent app, thanks for share. - Aug 15 2010

Audioplayers by simirimia 28 comments

Hi, how can I help to translate it to spanish?
-Martín - Aug 15 2010
JEY!style Icons

Full Icon Themes by jackric 30 comments

Hi, which is the dockbar you use at the botton of the screenshot?
Thanks - Aug 14 2010

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

... ya está instalado :P

Me gusta: cómo queda Kickoff con este decorado: muchísimo más moderno que con Air, 'fresco', muy pero muy lindo.

No me gusta: cómo queda el panel principal: pierde volúmen, con Air queda mucho más profesional.

¿El tema PERFECTO? Kickoff con G-Remix y panel a-la-Air.

¿Alguna sugerencia sobre cómo implementar esto? ¡Gracias! - Aug 09 2010

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

Aunque suene muy n00b, ¡¿cómo lo instalo?!
Excelente tema, gracias por compartirlo. - Aug 09 2010
Penguinos Mutantes

Wallpaper Other by MadeInKobaia 2 comments

Excelente hermano, ya que las recomendás tanto (y el director tiene chapa) las estoy bajando :D

English tranlation:
Cool bro, since you talk so good about that movies (and it's director is a well known and recognized one) I'm downloading both and few more ;)

voted good!

Note: yeah, spanish comment is shorter because it's in pure slang and sadly I can't speak in english 'that good' xD yet. Interpretation in either case's the same =)
- Jul 26 2010

KDM3 Themes by darkblue 4 comments

I love women are sooo bitchy. ñaaamm!!! - Jul 21 2010

KDM3 Themes by raindrop 7 comments

let's see how I adapt it to Arch Linux, a simple, lightweight distribution ;-D - Jul 21 2010

KDM3 Themes by ironwiller 11 comments

Arch logo is beautiful but font plain SUX!! - Jul 21 2010
Sweet Darkness Login Theme

KDM3 Themes by snooky 7 comments

what about Arch!!?, besides that, sweet theme :D - Jul 21 2010
Snowy Alley

KDM4 Themes by soulte 2 comments

I like the picture, thanks. - Jul 21 2010
Debian MoreBlue

KDM3 Themes by edoviak 1 comment

Although I'm running Arch+KDE SC (4.4.5) I still like Debian so THANKS! - Jul 21 2010
Elegant Air KDM Theme

KDM4 Themes by downdiagonal 8 comments

Gracias! - Jul 21 2010

KDM3 Themes by Untergunter 3 comments

it could be nice to have higher res specially 1920x1080 :p

good one! - Jul 21 2010
KDM For FreeBSD and NSA

KDM4 Themes by javanunes 2 comments

FreeBSD rulez, NSA SUCKS - Jul 21 2010
Kubuntu Humanity KDM

KDM4 Themes by PaKoX 1 comment

Totally f*ucking outstanding work, can't realize why you haven't commented now, cool!

Something like this, may be in blue/light blue/white colors and with Arch logo please!? :D:D:D:D:D:D

Thanks!! - Jul 21 2010

KDM4 Themes by bitraptor 2 comments

looks c00l, a bigger preview picture would be a lot better - Jul 21 2010
OxyLights 2

KDM4 Themes by cialdo99 2 comments

looks good, tnks - Jul 21 2010
Big Surfin'

KDM4 Themes by starwolf 1 comment

I'll take this one! - Jul 21 2010

KDM4 Themes by edio 3 comments

downloaded :) - Jul 21 2010
Arch Oxygen KDM

KDM4 Themes by Raboch 2 comments

Arch rulez! - Jul 21 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by mherbert 196 comments

Thanks for your directions. - May 28 2010

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

Then please count with me for translating Bangarang to spanish!

Also, one feature I really miss from W$ is the awesome DFX plugin for Winamp which enhances played music to an incredible level, it's pretty cool.
The only thing near to that here in GNU/Linux is the "Party" equalizer preset in Amarok 2.2 and up. You have to try what I say to note it: anything played via any player you want sounds... err... well, just ok. Play the same song with Amarok's Party enabled equalizer and it will rock! - still nowhere near what DFX for Winamp is, but still better than nothing.

So all this yadda-yadda is to let you know about this and may be you can add something similar to Bangarang which will no doubt add an extra value to your media player. - May 23 2010

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

Is Bangarang still developed?
What wallpaper are you using!?
Thanks! - May 23 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

Ok, the language issue is something trivial to fix but the usage meter is a must have for me :S

I will wait until you add it, thanks for your answers, great job!! - May 21 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

And that's a great advantage for itself.

So basically if I install Kdropbox it will be the same than running original tray icon with the plus of having it in spanish? Sounds cool to me :)
- May 21 2010

Video Apps by swmarcin 20 comments

Sorry for twice-posting but I forget to say if you plan to translate this app I will glad to translate it to Spansish, thanks! - May 21 2010

Video Apps by djustice 5 comments

I liked original closed-source ConvertX, it would be cool if you can make something like that. I would greatly appreciate have some fine tunning of subs =) - May 21 2010

Video Apps by swmarcin 20 comments

May be the first real alternative to ConvertX... DVD Styler (written in GTK+) and Devede... - May 21 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

I'm just curious, what are the differences between this Dropbox interface and the original?

I already have Dropbox sitting in tray doing it's job well and the only thing a miss a bit from GNOME desktop is the items flags that shows update/updating/broken and so on, thanks. - May 21 2010
QuickAccess (maintenance fork)

Plasma 4 Extensions by jmthomas 54 comments

It will be my pleasure to submit spanish translation, just let me know :) - May 20 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Running it on Arch x64 + SC 4.4.3, awesome, thanks for this :D - May 20 2010
Spanish Radio

Amarok 2.x Scripts by MetalByte 47 comments

Whatever you say, 'conchita' MetalByte :D - May 17 2010
Spanish Radio

Amarok 2.x Scripts by MetalByte 47 comments

Te vino la regla que estás tan peleadora!?

This is a english-speaking site, provided FREE to you and us to use; we're guests here, no hosts, so if you don't like house rules you can head-up to another place.

You now why Spain and Latinoamerica will never be anything much than the mediocre thing we are now? Because we have no respect for law and for others, because we are uncivilized and you prove that with your boring yadda-yadda.

So next time you want to give a speech first LEARN about site rules: take it or leave it, anything else is pathetic.

BOOOOOOOHHHH, boludita!!! - May 17 2010
sleepy (shutdown script)

Amarok 2.x Scripts by tmske 17 comments

Tell us when you're ready to add translations and I'll submit one for Español de Argentina (Castellano) - May 09 2010
Good Night - Shutdown script

Amarok 2.x Scripts by zonken 17 comments

Just tried it today, shapping well =) - May 09 2010
Waheela (Amarok Fullscreen Player)

Audio Apps by xadras 71 comments

please fix it, thanks :) - May 05 2010
Good Night - Shutdown script

Amarok 2.x Scripts by zonken 17 comments

there's already a fully functional script that do the same called "Sleepy" - May 02 2010
Waheela (Amarok Fullscreen Player)

Audio Apps by xadras 71 comments

Sorry for the late, link to source file is down:

Thanks! - May 02 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by DavidEdmundson 47 comments

Ok, this is a n00b question, how do I install it?
- May 01 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by genericity 37 comments

@genericity: nice effect.
@sxe: thanks to keep Arch ruling! :D:D - Apr 07 2010
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

Hi, now I'm a fully KDE SC user I found Basket very useful. Sure same things can be accomplished using Kate sessions manager but Basket make it all easy and eyecandy.

So, my question is: are you aware of any plasmoid to use with it? It would be great to have one in my desktop - grat and hand, of course :D - Apr 07 2010
Arch Linux

Wallpapers Arch by salahuddin66 1 comment

very cool, voted good, thanks!

however, a 1920x1080 would be greatly appreciated xD - Apr 05 2010
Designed for Arch Linux

Cliparts by skatox 6 comments

one of the best stickers out there, tnx!! - Apr 05 2010