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Marvin F Leipzig, Germany
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve 340 comments

Score 80.8%
Oct 23 2014
I'm impressed! - Dec 13 2010

Plasma Themes 37 comments

by mcder
Score 77.1%
Nov 28 2011
yeah man! now it works like a charm! big thank to you... - Nov 07 2010
thanks man, but now there are no shadows at all :( - Nov 07 2010

really nice theme. i love it! but with the blur-effect enabled, the is a issue with the shadows. many themes do not correctly support the blur-effect... :(

screenshot showing the problem: - Nov 03 2010

Plasma Themes 11 comments

Score 74.1%
Oct 20 2010
How can I install the icons? - Oct 20 2010
VBox Runner

App Runners 24 comments

Score 84.1%
Apr 21 2012
Thanks for the quick fix. Now it works. One thing is still annoying: If I enter the name of my machine, many documents are found, which contain the string. All these matches are listed first, so I have to scroll to find the vbox-runner entry. Is there a way to put it at the first position, something like a priority? - Oct 20 2010
This is the console output:

krunner(21376) VBoxConfigReader::updateAsNeccessary: Could not parse machine file "/home/iggy/.VirtualBox//home/iggy/Programs/virtualbox/machine/Windows XP/Windows XP.xml" - Oct 20 2010

I installed the krunner-plugin, but it does not work. I can (un)check it in the krunner configuration, but when I type the name of my machine, nothing is found! Do I need to enter something special? - Oct 19 2010
Additional SysTray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 14 comments

by xam
Score 80.0%
Oct 16 2010
i would also vote for a choqok icon :) - Oct 16 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 155 comments

by bk12
Score 84.6%
May 15 2013
ok, now i can compile it. had a wrong version of attica installed.

i have the same problem here. no shadows around air popups with 0.2.1. same problem with version 0.2.0. looks exactly like on the screenshot of gomezhyuuga1.

i'm using nvidia driver. there is also no blur effect (no shadows also with blur disabled). - Aug 07 2010

I'm getting this error while compiling:

/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `Attica::Provider::hasContentService() const'

Using KDE SC 4.4.95 on Arch. - Aug 06 2010
as the name already implies - IMO the kcm module should be placed into the notifications category. what do you think? - Feb 17 2010
Oxygen scrollbar for Chrome

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 10 comments

Score 63.3%
Jul 28 2010
works here on archlinux and chromium. it does not work on the home page and other pages (downloads, extensions and so on). - Jul 29 2010

System Software 18 comments

by binro
Score 63.3%
Aug 08 2013
please make an option to change colors for output. for example, warning messages are yellow on white using the default kde color scheme.

great program, better than ksystemlog for fast and easy log watching. - May 03 2010
Bespin Dust

Be-Shell/Bespin 7 comments

Score 62.5%
Oct 04 2010

incredible! very nice config!

which color scheme do you use? i have some color problems in some dialogs. e.g. pressing kmix in tray, black on black :( - Nov 21 2009
Score 80.8%
9   Dec 13 2010