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Matthew Taylor Manchester, UK
Scan with ClamAV (extended)

Dolphin Service Menus 77 comments

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Jun 18 2013
OK, I've pushed my changes to feel free to fork.

If you want to add to your own repo that's fine we can merge quite easily I think.
- Nov 22 2017
I've set up a repo yesterday and imported Incarus's original code. I've got code committed on my desktop computer upstairs that I still need to push. I'll go do that shortly.
- Nov 22 2017
Hi, I've made changes to this dolphin service menu for clamav to support kde5, clamdscan or clamscan, depending on if clamd is running. I'm going to probably create a new service menu as this one looks dead. Would you like to send me your code and maybe I could merge ours together, put it on github etc.

It would be nice to make other improvements such as perform actions on files that are found to be infected. - Nov 21 2017