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Mario Cazorzi , Italy

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Sep 21 2007
I would like a version for kde4. - Aug 19 2010
Sorry, I didnt see that the icon changes (I have a white screen).
So I changed the color of the icon and now it is all OK.

Thank you abain,
mario - Sep 21 2007
I like this program. Thank you.
There is only one thing I missed: a changing icon when new email is present.
Is that possible?

Thank you again,
Mario - Sep 21 2007

Graphic Apps 34 comments

by irbis
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Apr 16 2008
Thank you.
I found the file in the Debian package:


And now it compiles and works.
Very good. - Apr 16 2008
I have them (and also qt3 devel). - Apr 15 2008
I downloaded it once more and I get it. But I get this error when I try to compile it:

"In file included from dicomimageview.cpp:21:
dicomimageview.h:27:20: error: qqueue.h: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [dicomimageview.o] Error 1"

I'm on Debian 64bit with KDE-3.5 - Apr 13 2008
I can't open the tar.gz file. - Apr 13 2008
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 360 comments

by kenws
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Aug 20 2007
It doesn't work.

I hope that in a new release it will be possible to open a windows with all the measures by pressing the middle mousebutton.

Thank you very much. - Jun 23 2007
It works for any applet (kget, kwikdisk, amarok, basket, kalarm, etc.)
and also for the pager, kmenu, etc..

When I start kima it works also for kima, but after some time (30...45 minutes) it works no more (only fo kima).

At this moment every applets has its tooltip, only kima doesn't. - Jun 22 2007
Thank you for the program!

Kima works very good, but after some time I doesn't get any tooltip more.
All the other applets have no problem with this, only kima.

(I have compiled the program for amd64bit on Sidux) - Jun 22 2007

Utilities 41 comments

by medoc
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May 06 2014
I found Recoll on the net for etwa one week and I compile it on my KUbuntu-64bit.
At the time I had to change a filter (rclsof) file with the correct one present on the program's site, nedeed to index the open office files (I don't know if this correct file is now in the package).
I run the programm intensively up today and I remain very impressed for its performance.

I used other dearch tools (Beagle, Strigi, etc,) in the past, but I found this one really superior.

I appreciate the time it needs to index my data (etwa 50.000 files for 13 GB disk space in 30 minutes).
I appreciated the powerful of the query facilities (no more hundreds of file in the result's list).
I appreciate the possibility to run it with or whithout a daemon.

I liked it so much that I translated the english Manual (you can find on the site a link to the italian translation).

Really a good,good work!

Thank you. - Jan 29 2007

by james147

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9   Jan 31 2011