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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
KmPg2 - The MPEG2 Encoder for KDE

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Jun 10 2006
The command:

y4mscaler -h

should give you usage hints for y4mscaler. It this does not happen, the application is not installed correctly. Please ask your distributor. - Jul 10 2007
As far as I know, DVDAuthor does not support colorful subtitles. You will have to live with plain white for now. - Jul 26 2006
The issues with distributions using the CVS version of FFMPEG have been resolved.

KmPg2 should now work for everyone, hopefully. :) - Apr 17 2006
Just run the installer again. It will replace the previous version. - Apr 13 2006
Ok, I got the cause of the problem you describe. Some FFMPEG version seem to interpret the -t flag differently, causing it to decode the entire file.

Fixed in latest version. - Apr 12 2006
Could you please contact me by email and send the 'DebugOutput' file created by KmPg2?

Thank you. - Mar 13 2006
Well, either you own a machine that is not suitable for video processing, or you have a configuration problem.

Personally, I run a 800 MHz Athlon machine, and it never takes more than 10 seconds after pressing 'Play Preview' before it is actually playing.

About batch processing: You can have KmPg2 write a script in stead of execute the encoding right away. This is a BASH script that you can submit to any job scheduler. You can even concatenate multiple scripts into one, if you want. - Mar 12 2006
Another update of KmPg2 has been released. Please send any bugs or suggestions to my e-mail address.

Happy encoding! - Mar 12 2006
I just uploaded the new rewrite which can also use FFMPEG to decode MiniDV.

The downside of using FFMPEG is that it cannot seek in video files.

Please ask your distribution to include a SMILUtils package. - Jan 09 2006
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

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May 29 2007
In the package, you find a text file that explains how to do this. - May 29 2007
Only by editing the script. Making the main title really long also makes it become smaller. - May 29 2007
I guess you forgot to install the graphical part of Xine, which is sometimes shipped seperately named xine-ui. The wizards needs the GUI part, so you can test everything interactively.

As for the ISO creation: Maybe you can send me the DebugOutput file generated by the wizard? - May 29 2007
This issue has been fixed in version 1.4.5. - Mar 11 2007
How about installing Kommander and clicking on the kmdr file... - Mar 05 2007
This depends on the font you are using. 99% of all fonts work correctly. It's not difficult to adjust the script to your own wishes though. - Mar 04 2007
Are you on Ubuntu Linux by any chance? I hear people say Kommander is broken on Kubuntu. - Mar 04 2007
It tries to be on the safe side regarding file sizes, and don't forget that a DVD menu also requires disk space... - Jan 14 2007
That happens when you try executing the application using the shell. The wizard is not a shell script, you need to execute it using Kommander. - Sep 09 2006
That has been fixed in the latest version. - Sep 09 2006
Note: The individual chapters do not show up in the menu, only the MPEG files themselves appear. - Jul 26 2006
Yes, this is possible. Read the README file. - Jul 26 2006
I do not say anything about required DVDAuthor, because any reasonably recent *stable* DVDAuthor version will work. I could add a 'Don't Do This And That' list of all stupid things people might do, but I'd rather assume the user knows that unstable of very old versions might cause trouble.

Detailed DVDAuthor version detection may be added at some point in the future.

About the NTSC/PAL mixing thing: This is on the list of many things that need to be added in order to make things as 'fool proof' as you'd expect the wizard to be.

Fortunately, the wizard is not finished yet, there will be many improvements... - May 25 2006
You are using unstable DVDAuthor versions and complain to me that it isn't working... That's funny... :D - May 21 2006
I managed to reproduce the problem, and fixed it in version 1.3.0.

Thanks for reporting! - May 14 2006
Can you send me an email telling exactly what happens?

Thanks. - Apr 24 2006
The Kmenu entry are stored there. - Apr 24 2006
Contact me by email and we can try to figure it out... - Apr 22 2006
Sure, but how do I do that in BASH? - Apr 10 2006
The audio checking is on my TODO list.

The evil filename problem is something I cannot do much about. I added a hint to the error message which says that the DVDAuthor error may be caused by special characters in the filename.

Thanks. - Apr 09 2006
Hmm.. I use the exact same version of ImageMagick myself. But I can't reproduce the problem. Everything is working perfectly....

Maybe Debian Etch has once again added bugs to their packages? It would not be the first time that the customized Debian Etch versions have bugs that the official version does not have.

"Xine is not installed" has been replaced with "Xine (Xine-UI) is not installed" in the latest version (which I will upload in two minutes :-) ) - Apr 09 2006
The preview thing is probably fixed in the latest version.

About adding fonts: The wizard will automatically list all fonts in the standard font directories on your system. As long as your fonts are not hidden in some weird place on your filesystem, the wizard will automatically find them. - Mar 08 2006
Yes, please contact me by e-mail. - Mar 07 2006
This error message is caused by a bug in Debian Etch. DVDAuthorWizard 1.05 has a work-around for the problem. - Feb 11 2006
Hmm.. that is interesting, because backquotes are still working fine in BASH 3.1. The actual reason why the Kommander script is not working is a parsing bug in BASH 3.1. But it is possible that the bug is not triggered when the backquotes are replaced with $().

Personally, I was not planning to try to work around the bug, but if you manage to get the script working on both BASH 3.1 and older versions, I would be very happy to replace the script with your version. - Jan 28 2006
The generation of the soundtrack for the menu failed somehow. What options did you choose for the soundtrack?

And could you please contact me by e-mail?

Thanks! - Jan 23 2006
Thank you for your suggestion, but since my application is basically a BASH script, it cannot use libraries directly. It needs commandline interfaces into libMagick which, unfortunately, change quite often.

Maybe I should learn how to write PERL scripts some day. But then again, maybe the PERL interface is just as unreliable, don't know... - Jan 21 2006
This has been confirmed to be caused by buggy BASH 3.1.

I just released an update that will refuse to run on this BASH version. Please upgrade and you will get a nice error dialog explaining what to do.. :) - Jan 18 2006
Please upgrade to the latest version of the KDE DVD Authoring Wizard. - Jan 18 2006
Ok, I got one more report from someone running Bash 3.1. So, this starts to look like a bug in Bash 3.1.

I will try to *temporarily* upgrade my own machine to Bash 3.1 (because that version isn't marked stable yet) and see if I can reproduce the problem. - Jan 18 2006
Sorry, running the script without commandline arguments should not generate this error. In fact, it you get this error, the Kommander GUI will not work either.

I got a similar report from someone else running Debian and Bash 3.1. Could you please send me an e-mail and tell me your Bash version? - Jan 16 2006
The error message


means that DVDAuthor fails to use ImageMagick correctly. DVDAuthor needs to use different ImageMagick commands for each ImageMagick version. The wizard should have generated a nice error dialog explaining that your ImageMagick version does not work with your DVDAuthor version. If you do not see this dialog, and the debug output does show a BAD IMAGE error, please contact me by e-mail.

Possible causes of the BAD IMAGE error are:

1. Your ImageMagick version is newer than DVDAuthor, so DVDAuthor does not know how to use the installed ImageMagick.

2. You installed ImageMagick *after* installing DVDAuthor. Re-merging DVDAuthor might help.

On my Gentoo box, all 6.1.x and 6.2.x ImageMagick versions work perfectly. - Jan 08 2006
DVD Rip-O-Matic

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Oct 07 2006
Subtitle support is in the latest version (0.95) now.

HD copy is also possible, with the help of an external application. You should create an ISO image of the DVD on your harddisk and mount the ISO on /dev/dvd. DVD Rip-O-Matic won't see the difference with a real DVD! - Oct 07 2006
DVD Rip-O-Matic also needs Transcode to have DVD support. It tries to run this command:

tcprobe -i /dev/dvd -T 1

If this fails on your machine, DVD Rip-O-Matic will fail as well. - May 21 2006
I have no idea. If you send me an email we can try to figure it out. - Apr 22 2006
The problem is that there is very little information about how to rip DVD content using gstreamer, and how to use gstreamer to detect all kinds of information about the DVD, like the available audio languages, chapters, and so on.

If someone can show me a tutorial about this subject, I'm interested. - Jan 29 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

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Mar 05 2008
I like the idea of KBFX, and I would love to use it and test how it works out for me.

Unfortunately, KBFX is not very usable for me, because the most basic feature of KBFX does not work properly: Showing the menu.

In the KBFX 0.4.9 stable releases, clicking the menu button would only show the menu for a split second. Just a flash, and the menu is gone again. Sometimes, the menu stayed visible, but most of the time it did not.

In the latest CVS, this problem is a lot less severe: Most of the time, the menu pops up and stays visible. But when you release the mouse too quickly, the menu is not shown. There seems to be a delay of about half a second between pressing the mouse button and the menu popping up. When you release the mouse within this half-second delay, the menu does not appear. This starts to get irritating real quick, and it makes me grab the old KMenu again.

Using KDE 3.5.3 on Gentoo Linux. - Aug 18 2006
MiniDV Assembler

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Jun 10 2006
As far as I know, SMILUtils 0.3.0 is the latest version. Your Linux distribution should provide a package, and if not ask for it.

You do not need to compile it with --with-ffmpeg or anything, it will work perfectly fine without any special options. - Mar 08 2006
How on earth did you manage to open a MPEG file? MiniDV Assembler deals only with MiniDV files....

MPEG is no good for editing, only for playing video. But if you really need to edit MPEG you should either use a big, heavyweight video editor like Cinelerra or convert it to MiniDV first. - Mar 08 2006
You can either use the 'dvgrab' package, or the 'SMILUtils' package. SMILUtils contains the 'dvconnect' tool, which is more advanced and can both capture from your camera and send edited video material back to your camera.

If you use FFMPEG to capture a movie on DVD to a DV file on harddisk, you can even store your DVD movies on MiniDV tapes! - Jan 28 2006
Kontact improvements & integration ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

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Feb 01 2006
Good, Good...

Have you submitted wishlist items on

Especially the quick-answer box for quickly answering e-mails is interesting... The IM-icons next to the mail message listing is useful too.

I'm not so sure about the Amarok/Digikam thing.. It seems a bit far-fetched.

A much more useful thing would be that Kontact could compile a list of E-mail contacts, based on the addresses of sent and received messages. Clicking on a contact would show only the email messages received from or sent to this contact.

At some point, this contact list could also contain contacts from Kopete. Clicking on it would display both email messages and chat logs. When one person has both a Kopete contact name and a email contact name (which is different) the RMB menu of both names could have an entry "This is the same person as...". This would allow easy merging of multiple names into one metacontact. - Feb 01 2006