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Jan 08 2012
I meant that the reason why i cannot provide a package for mandriva using the opensuse build service is that opensuse build sevice seems to be broken concerning mandrivia 64bit.

So i am thankfull for your package. - Jan 12 2012
Thank you.

I cannot build the x86_64 package because OBS has some problems with it(

- Jan 11 2012
There was a problem building openBibleViewer 0.7 on Debian 6.0, so there was still only version 0.6 available.
But it's fixed now.

Also the source code is here: - Jan 09 2012
Jes, 0.7 will come with SWORD support, but you have it enable it on your own. Before compiling you have to enable it with cmake -DOBV_SWORD_SUPPORT=True .. Or use ccmake and change OBV_SWORD_SUPPORT to True.

To add a TheWord module go Settings->Module->Add File and select the .ont or .ot or .nt file of the Module. It will be added to the list of modules.
If you downloaded some modules from TheWord website, you have to install them.

I encourage you to use the lastes version of openBibleViewer e.g the master branch or from here <> because there are some bug fixes for TheWord.

I hope to release 0.7 before the end of the jear. - Dec 09 2011
Thanks, i will take a look at it. Right now it looks promising. - Jan 07 2011
Thanks for the good comment.
Yes, BibleTime has a lot of very good features. And I am trying to implement some of them.

To be honest, i copied some parts of code and idea for the module downloader from the bibleZ-Project <>

Further I am currently rewriting some parts of the code, to make it easier to support more formats. Some days ago I implemented modest support for TheWord modules.
Support for Sword would be no much harder, because of the well written Sword library. I hope I can implement it for 0.6 or 0.7.

BibleQuote is a russian Bible Software with a lot of Books, Dictionarys and Bibles, around 4 GiB. <>. - Jan 03 2011
I never tried to compile with VC++ :)
So i will commit your changes. But there is still the problem that you have to add the root path manually... - Apr 26 2010
fixed in 0.4.1 - Apr 20 2010
Should be fixed in 0.4.1 - Apr 20 2010

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Mar 16 2010
As i said the sword support is only experemential, and so unstable. I have with some modules the same bugs, but i don't know why. I will try to make it more stable in version 0.3.
- Mar 13 2010
should be fixed in 0.2.1 - Mar 11 2010
i will try it - Aug 02 2009
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

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9   Sep 26 2010