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Matthias Fuchs
Plasma Comic Sources

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Sep 14 2019
Thanks for your work! I updated the comic. - Feb 10 2017
Thanks for the patch. :) I updated xkcd using your changes. - Apr 06 2015
Calvin and Hobbes [eng]

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Sep 24 2019
Thank you for the fix and the information! :) - Feb 07 2017
You're welcome. - May 27 2014
Thank you for the info, it should work again now. - May 27 2014
Thanks for the info, it should work again now. - May 27 2014
Sorry for not replying earlier.

You need the comic widget that is provided with KDE 4.2 (going to be released in January). You even do not need to visit this website then. - Jan 02 2009
Garfield [eng]

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Sep 24 2019
Thanks for the patch. :)

I slightly modified it and now both old and new strips should work again. - May 27 2014

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Sep 24 2019
Hab es gefixt.

Ja, kenne ich schon. Kannst hier du unter "Shithappens" finden. :) - Jul 24 2011
Hab es gefixt.

Ja, kenne ich schon. Kannst hier du unter "Shithappens" finden. :) - Jul 24 2011
Gern geschehen! :)

Wenn dir selbst einmal ein Problem auffällt, dann bitte hier posten, denn immer fallen sie mir nicht sofort auf. - May 20 2011
Looking for Group (en)

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Apr 06 2016
Thanks for taking over. It is just too hard for me to manage all these comic strips. :)

Btw. I fear that updating to your version does not work automatically, though better to have something properly maintained than not. - Apr 08 2011
Wulffmorgenthaler (en)

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Apr 14 2018
Thanks for mentioning this issue. It should work again now. :) - Apr 01 2011
Thank you for the info.
I'll try to fix that today. - Jan 18 2011

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Nov 26 2018
Thank you very much, looks a lot better now. :) - Nov 09 2010
Le Chat (fr)

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Oct 04 2010
Hi, the package structure of your comic is not correct as you have a main directory:


while it should be:

This leads to problems when uninstalling.

To make a correct package you can do the following (suposing that you are in the lechat directory):
zip -ur ../lechat.comic .

If you have some files you do not want to include like "~" files you could use the following command for example
zip -u ../lechat.comic icon.png metadata.desktop contents/code/main.js

The same applies to the La Bande Pas Dessinee comic.


PS.: Nice to have some French comics too. :) - Sep 16 2010
Userfriendly [eng]

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Sep 27 2019
Ok, I was interested by the problem and as it turned out easier than initially thought I implemented a solution for 4.6

What it does is it jumps to the last frame of the animation. That also means if an animation is intended for the comic itself also the last frame will be shown.

The last issue should not really be a problem, since animations aren't supported anyway.

Nevertheless more nag-comics would be interesting to try it out, though only if it is not too much work. - Jul 04 2010
In any case if you happen to have more links to some of the nag-images please post them.

Because if I find the time they might turn out useful. - Jul 03 2010
Well the problem is that these nag strips are one image.

I.e. there is a gif with the "nag" and 30 seconds later the gif will change to the real image, basically it is an animated gif.

Probably it would be possible but most likely too much work and specific just for this comic.

So I am afraid that I can't provide this feature in the foreseeable future. - Jul 03 2010
Shit Happens [ger]

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Sep 14 2019
The website changed, it is fixed now. - Apr 17 2010
Fixed, it works again. - Apr 17 2010
PhD [eng]

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Sep 29 2019
Sorry for replying so late, but I did not found a way to be informed of comments.

Thanks for the patch, I changed the plugin now. - Apr 17 2010
Questionable Content [eng]

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Sep 24 2019
I'm sorry it took that friggin long to reply [1]. I'll look into it.

[1] Is there a setting to get mails when someone writes a comment on one of your commits? - Dec 02 2009
Fluffy and Mervin

Plasma Comic Sources
by notriddle

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9   Nov 16 2010