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Mikhail Fursov Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Unipro UGENE

Science by mfursov 8 comments

There is an Ubuntu package of UGENE:

I think Debian installer should be almost the same.

We have no 'debian' package now because the release cycle of Debian is longer then the overall project age and it's not possible for us having more or less up-to-date version in the stable branch.So we provided binary package that must work on any Linux distribution:
However moving to Debian 'testing' would also be a good progress :)
- Jan 04 2011
Unipro UGENE

Science by mfursov 8 comments

Yes it can work with the original package.
Moreover with Linux distributions the original package is used by default.

zlib is included mostly for Windows users to make the whole bundle is complete: only QT libs are required to build UGENE.
- Jan 03 2011
Unipro UGENE

Science by mfursov 8 comments

Hi, half of the UGENE team uses QT Creator tool to develop UGENE and we cann't reproduce the issue. So this issue looks like a local misconfiguration

Could you check that the project can be successfully compiled from the shell with 'qmake -r / make' commands first?
- Dec 17 2010

Developers Apps by oszine 7 comments

V 0.8.0 crashes when I try to see a file diff in revisions log window - Feb 04 2009