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May 15 2008
Indywiki now uses Launchpad to handle internalization. Please help us translate Indywiki to your native language, by translating a few strings (! Launchpad is a very intuitive way to deal with translations and is being used by many big projects, eg Ubuntu Linux. - Jul 30 2008

you get the SIGSEGV when you run the program through src/indywiki directory, or after you've installed it with I need more information on how this happens to see what I can do. I've been thoroughly testing indywiki on a openSuse 10.2 64 bit system and didn't have any problem so far (I run the program through src/indywiki, I haven't installed it on that system, although I'm not sure if this is related to the problem)

- Mar 23 2008
#python install runs well here on Ubuntu. I quickly googled the message you get and I saw somewhere the following:

"You need to install the development package for python. It should be called
python2.5-devel or something similar. "

seems it's a python issue , but will be included in the Readme file (please drop a line if this works.

Cheers - Mar 23 2008
this is open source software, a person or a team releases an early version of a program, and developers are welcome to contribute code if they find the project interesting. It helps most when people say 'fix this thing, or add this feature', rather that 'this software is too buggy'. Also if you notice this program is labeled as in beta version.

Agree with the one about Edutainment. No such category here though!

I've been using Wikipedia for > 2 years time and am constantly being impressed by the information found there and accuracy of it. I have met the phaenomenas that you mention very FEW times. It's not that easy as you say for a simple 'joe' to affect the quality of an article. True, on some articles one can vandalize or delete content, but it get's fixed soon, on internet real time, as hundreds of people might be watching and editing the article. Apart from this there are mechanisms that lock frequently vandalized articles. As an example try to edit a highly objective article, like 'George Bush', or 'Socialism' and see if you can make it.

This dispute can keep on for ages and I repeat this is not the correct place to do it, don't you think so?
- Jan 09 2008

thanks for the comment. about the second issue, indeed there has to be provided a better way of choosing which Wikipedia site to use! I'm trying to find that, any ideas are welcome!

leviathan2, you're out of the topic, as always. maybe start visiting a religious site instead of a software one? - Jan 07 2008

I'm fed up of reading your comments about wikipedia's reliability. You wrote it once and I think it's enough, this is not the site for discussing all these! If you have a suggestion or comment on indywiki please state it, otherwise don't distract us anymore.

your initial quote is copy/pasted here, so you don't have to repeat it again.

(WIkipedia is not a reliable source of anything but merely a posting place for personal opinion)

(no comments. it's your personal opinion, and i can respect that)

- Dec 21 2007

This is your PERSONAL opinion. I strongly disagree, that wikipedia is an unreliable source. I can also point you to scientific publications that show wikipedia's reliability. And also I have contacted people from kde-apps and they suggested that KDE education is the best place for indywiki project.

regards - Dec 14 2007
There was a silly bug on 0.9.1.tar that is now fixed. Please download the new package. Kind apologies, Markos - Nov 12 2007