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Plasma 4 Widgets 35 comments

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May 08 2011
Another thought is that the loop might have happened when the plamoid was asked to redraw itself. It was covered up when akregator was running and was then uncovered. - Jan 03 2012
I don't have any details beyond what I put in the original ticket. I can't really follow the traceback either, but you can see that when the process was pegged and I killed it this plamoid was in the traceback, so it is very likely that the loop was there. I think that's why they closed the ticket, and claimed that the bug was here.

Is it possible that the plasmoid somehow got detached from the timer and then looped immediately instead of after a delay?

Perhaps you can e-mail one of the plasma devs to get some help interpreting that trace.
- Jan 03 2012
I just reported this bug:

which I think is due to this plasmoid going into a loop. - Jan 03 2012

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Jun 25 2008
Does anyone know if it has been released as an Ubuntu package? - Jan 05 2008