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Not yet. It'll take quite some time until one appears. But some time in the future it will appear. ;) - Oct 05 2004

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A windows port is work in progress. I don't know how far the progress is, because I don't do it by myself.
The only problem is the KDE dependency, here. But I talked via email with someone, who thought it is possible, because there's some mini-KDE library for Windows.
However, there are good password managers for Windows around. I will add CSV Support to PwManager, so it'll be possible to communicate with them in future.
Thanks and have fun.
-- Michael - main developer - Oct 04 2004

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One thing that turns me off, is that text on the toolbar can be turned off but doesn't stick when I restart PwManager. Also, where ever there is not a button there's a black line on the bottom of the toolbar.

Can't follow you. There's no text in the toolbar. Only icons.

Was editing/creating an advanced comment thought out? Having to click two buttons to get to it is a big no no. And it just happened to segfault on me after I added an entry to the advanced comment OKed out of everything, and then tried to bring the advanced comment dialog back up.

The advanced comment is Work In Progress, as you can see on the TODO list.
However it shouldn't segfault. Can you do a backtrace and say what you did exactly?

As far as Password Safe compatibility, you're welcome to use my code...if you can get it to compile. ;-)

I'm using code derived from pwsafe. If MyPasswordManager is really compatible with this, it should work.
Couldn't get it to compile until yet. :)

We should also talk and standardize on a drag and drop mimetype.

Yes. No such type existing now?
Care to do the first step in developing one?

Could you please reply via email? Would be a _lot_ easier. - Jul 27 2004

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Oh, my friends.
Don't do unneccessary flames, please. The user interface has been reviewed and greatly improved by official KDE usability people. (Thanks again to KDE people).
You may try PwManager-CVS. Its UI is even better, but it's the development version.
If you have any suggestions on improving PwManager, please let me know (Implementing compatibility with MyPasswordSafe is work in progress ;)

Have a nice day. - Jul 24 2004

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it's on the TODO list of PwManager - Jul 11 2004

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I don't have a Palm, so I'm not able to write it.
But I will assist everyone, who owns a Palm and is going to code it. - Jun 22 2004

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SuSE 9 RPMS don't support KWallet.
SuSE 9.1 RPMS are available, now. Please use these. They contain KWallet support. - Jun 20 2004

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KWallet Emulation is only available in KDE 3.2. I guess you're running KDE 3.1. - Jun 05 2004

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I can control when and where it accesses my passwords,

You may disable the "KWallet Emulation" in the configuration menu of PwManager, if you don't want any KWallet based application to mess around with your Database.
But, if you always lock your Database, if you are not using it, no application can access either password. It always asks you to unlock, before. So letting KWallet Emulation enabled should be always save.

I don't know how to restore passwords after a clean install,

The wallets are stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet

I don't know how secure KWallet's encryption algorythm is.

KWallet currently uses exactly the same algorithms, as PwManager does.

Have fun!

Regards Michael Buesch. - May 21 2004

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Because PwManager has been there before KWallet and because KWallet lacks many features of PwManager.
PwManager implements a KWallet import interface and the next release will also implement a KWallet export interface. So, it's designed to co-exist with KWallet.

I like KWallet, because it's a great app and because it's usable. But I develop PwManager, because it implements things that KWallet will never implement. :)

So, if you're happy while using KWallet, there's no point for installing PwManager. But it you depend on things KWallet does not (and will never) implement, then you may try PwManager.

have a nice day. - Jan 22 2004

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cool, thanks.
Added to TODO list. - Jan 19 2004

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That's a known error in the nvidia driver. NVidia is already aware of this. I can remember to find the official solution for this problem from NVidia by using google. - Jan 18 2004