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by micko
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May 25 2010
Hello, I know this is a very late respons but I haven't had any time to do some hacking with mandvd. I tried to increase up to 35 videos. The way Mandvd handles titles sets a limit there it seams. Consider this a BETA testing. - May 01 2010
Hello.! I know it a very late answer but maybe you would like to try the new Beta. I tried to fix this issue there. - May 01 2010
I'll put your fix in the next release. (Hopefully some time after ester I'll make it) - Mar 23 2009
OK, I'll hope ver. 2.5-5 will fix this. I'm sorry for my long silence. I've been to busy to attend anything to this code. Maybe I can find some time now, but I saw that 2MANDVD is developing. Probably the right thing to go for :-) - Mar 09 2009
Dear all Mandvd users! I can't find any time at the moment to do any coding in ManDvd. I got to much to do in my new work. If someone would like to continue or fork this program, please do.

Until I got some time again I would like to say thanks to all feedback and help to all of you, packers and translators etc.

Until we meet again, have a good time.

// Micko

- Aug 15 2008
There are no rules in the Makefile to install/uninstall the program, I'll try to fix that. Actually I did, but the where run over bye qmake I think. Next week I might find some time to deal with it. In the meanwhile, just run make and move the binary to /usr/bin or else and you should be able to start it from terminal. - Jul 18 2008
Hello, can you please explain a little more, I'm not sure I get it right:

> It works fine but editing menu is >quite boring:
>- it's difficult to know if masks are >overlapping before dvd is created

What do you mean by "masks are overlapping"? I don't understand that.

>- it would be fine if I could save the
>way I rename chapters (usefull if >there are many tests before final >version)

You mean you want to save all chapters on the DVD menu? At present no menu setup is saved in a project I'm afraid.

>- it would be fine if I could move or >add/remove one chapter to move it in
>the menu without erasing all the menu

You like to mark one chapter in the menu and be able to remove it!? Right?

>- I sometimes get errors like:
>ERR: Cannot jump to chapter 21 of <title 1, only 20 exist
>dvdauthor.xml contains:
><button name="0"> jump title 1; ></button>
><button name="1"> jump title 1 chapter >2; </button>
><button name="2"> jump title 1 chapter >3; </button>
><button name="19"> jump title 1 >chapter >20; </button>
><button name="20"> jump title 1 >chapter 21; </button>

>It starts from chapter 2??? curious!

Maybe there is a limit of a maximum of 20 chapters? Always the same, right?


- Jul 09 2008
Hello! Actually I have never used the slideshow part of the program myself. I have only tried it once now while checking out the source. The generation failed for me to, but from what I could see, it was something due to dvd-slideshow not working okey with ffmeg anymore. Something with a "K" missing. I'll look in to it when I can!

best regards, - Jul 07 2008
QT4, well, I think its a good idea, but I got the feeling it will take some time to do it. Maybe this is something the original author have in mind? Else, I might try to do this, but not right now due to limited time.

I think its good if there is a discussion about what do with this program and what direction to move it. I think it would need a proper environment for bug reports (takes far too much time for me alone to find them), a svn repository etc. What I have done here are just some improvements I wanted myself and I thought it was a good idea to share it. The interest of this has been much more than my wildest imagination :-) And much more fun then I thought also.

I don't know what you mean with an "official release", but I'm open to all ideas and how to do that. Anyhow, my next release 2.5-4, I hope will be quite stable and could somewhat be considered official.

If there is going to be a 2.6, I have some thoughts about checking out Blue-Ray. Any thoughts about that? Anyone? But I cant promise anything before checking it out some first. But if there is interest, why not. - Jul 05 2008
There is already one man, Kai Regenstein who is working on German translation. Please check with him if he needs help. The lang.h file is on my page for download, but there is no use if two of you do the same work!

Best, Micko - Jul 05 2008
No problems... - Jun 30 2008
I'm the Hulk hacking on this and soon I might start hacking on you - Jun 23 2008
Nice to here from you Gibault. Maybe I can try some more fixing if I get some feedback from users also.

I wish you luck and to find time to start it up again. I've had great joy from this software making my own DVDs.


Micko - Jun 23 2008