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Karamba & Superkaramba

System Software 236 comments

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Mar 28 2014

as you answer "...There are also tools like deb2lzm...". This means it just take some minutes to generate the module. And during your multitasking job it just take 10 seconds to type the deb2lzm command and 30 seconds to upload the file. Is it too much to ask you giving a so easy created module !

Bye. - Jul 17 2009

a very good program but please can you automatically create a .lzm (module) for the SLAX distribution.

This is also a perfect and easy distribution that is really perfect with luckybackup.

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jul 16 2009

answer from the command line :
Segmentation error
(Erreur de segmentation).

Thx. - Feb 18 2009
on the 6.0.9 slax icon dance but luckybackup doesn't start (no display) even with super user mode (under client account and root account).

For the idea of a catalog of folder (CD/DVD) content, may be this can be used :

Bye. - Feb 18 2009
Hi Lukas,

1) can you please a little a bit explain what means exactly remote connection ?
Is a remote with ftp available ? Or a shared remote with samba (by example) ?

2) I was always looking for a perfect backup programs and yours seems to be the ONE. But I was also looking for this. Due to the large amount of backuped files it is sometimes difficult to find where is the searched one. It means by saving a file I don't know where it is when I need a restore. For this reason can we hope you realise an inventory entry to help us to find where is a file. By example if I create some disk-X folders that I will burn later. It could be interesting to know on which disk (DVD or CD) I burned the file I am looking to.
I know this is maybe difficult but I presume it can be done.

Thanks for you work and I hope your program will allows this inventory tools (database (like sqlite) with a search engine on filename and/or content).

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 10 2009

I will wait for the next version.
I use the LZM module package (used with slax have a look to to know how to create modules. Really simple).

Have a nice day and thanks for your work.

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 30 2009

interresting program but can it do :
1) synchro between a local folder to an ftp external folder ?

2) synchronise via ftp to/from a LAN available folder ?

Thx - Jan 30 2009
K Learning Aid

Education Apps 16 comments

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Mar 11 2007

does it evolved now ?

Thx. - Feb 24 2009

System Software 134 comments

by yogin
Score 58.0%
Jun 30 2010

does kleansweep delete cache files ?
If not, can you add a checkbox and the script to delete all browser cache files, cookies, ... (for all present cache : opera, konqueror, ...).

If you do something for slackware can you please also do it for SLAX (this SLAX distro is based on a SLACKWARE and is really easy to install on USB to test).

Thanks for your work and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 17 2009

I verify if all is wel installed with my adept (under kubuntu) package installtion tool.

Scons, Python, Perl and all the needed program are well installed.

But when I do the first command : scons, I receive this error message :

scons: Reading SConscript files ...

Checking for kde-config : kde-config was found as /usr/bin/kde-config

Checking for kde version : 3.5.5

Checking for the qt library : qt was not found

Please set QTDIR first (/usr/lib/qt3?) or try scons -h for more options

I verify and saw that qt3 is well installed. So what happend under my kubuntu 6.10

What must I do ?

Have a nice days,

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 21 2007
KDE Partition Manager

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Sep 01 2010

can you please generate a package for SLAX distribution (called module, have a look to the easy way to do it at :

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 06 2009

Financial 91 comments

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Dec 01 2015
All the nine modules to change it to kde 4.1 is explained here :


Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Dec 23 2008

oh, here is kde 4.1 ... yess please offer us your program for christmas ... yes...

SIncerely thanks and I wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year.

Thanks to create your program module for slax :

Have a nice day.

Miguipda ;-) - Dec 23 2008

yes I am interrested to have it under slax distro.
For that have a look to developper guide :

Sincerely thanks and with pleasure to use it as quick as possible. - Dec 03 2008

System Software 44 comments

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Nov 17 2007
perfect program but need to be compiled as module for slax.

Sincerely thanks.

Have a nice day. - Oct 09 2008

I just discover this (in french but can be translated via tools) :

I regret the price of this service. I already have a hard drive connected to my router to allow my family using datas. But this router is also connected to internet. Then...

With this idea I am interresting to be able to backup my data with your program if it can do those kind of protection (all is better than one and still better than none) :
- authentification certificat X.509
- cyphering 3DES of data
- sécured transfer SSL128bits

Do you thing you are able to enhance your program that will then become one of the more secure enterprise backup/transfer program.

Sincerely thanks to try it.

Miguipda ;-) - Nov 08 2007

does it means this program is able to tell me that where I searched something it will tell me that actually located on my CD or DVD number X I backed up 3 month agao ?

If well this program is really what I was looking for.

Have a nice day

Miguipda ;) - Nov 08 2007

Email 148 comments

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Jul 09 2012
Hi, sincerely good apprlication. Can you please extend it to use it with zenbe ( and hotmail ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day. - May 21 2008
Slax Tools

Utilities 4 comments

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May 01 2008

can you please check to also integrate this use in your Slax Tools :

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - May 06 2008

Browser 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 20 2008

it becomes to be interresting to enhance this program to a similar JSAS (
Then could you please enhance kwebserver with the possibility to choose like a default webserver that you do it now and having a second choice to a joomla standalone server.

Sincerely thanks. We really need it to definitively migrate from Windoz to Linux.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 29 2008

System Software 105 comments

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Jan 13 2018

another thing we need for kbackup.
Backing up data is really needed. But we must not forget the media size.

Then I think it could be interresting to have this specifications :
- a preference settings allowing to define the size used by our : cd-rom, dvd, tape, other (where other ca be renamed as the user want like sdhc16, usb8 (meaning sdhc 16 Gb or usb key 8 Gb)),
- in the main window, under the selection tree, an horizontal line with two informations : 1) is the media selection (radio button for cd-rom, dvd, tape, named other (only displayed if renamed in place than other), 2) a gauge showing the size media occupation following the selected data to backup (considered with the default compession ratio used by the compression tools used by kbackup)

I hope you could consider this enhacement as a really needed upgrade of your used program.

Thanks to help us and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 27 2008

the fact is when we backup a lot of data we some have problem to find them back.
Then catalog those file names could be interresting.

It was why I though it could be an enhancement to also include a catalog of the backuped data.

Thanks to take this request in consideration.

Have a nice day, - Feb 25 2008

sincerely thanks for your program.

But we are also many people that need to catalog files to know where they are (when manage a lot of data).

Is it possible to integrate the same use that gtktalog ( in your kbackup program. Or a link to it to directly launch a catalog of the new backuped data ?


Have a nice day. - Feb 20 2008

System Software 157 comments

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Oct 29 2007

I know it is not the subject of kpowersave but this program is now the more powerfull and usefull for us. I presume it could be the more inovated program.
I explain :
due to the cost of power and the extension of phtovoltaic use I think to use a photovoltaic system (then with battery).
I presume that to check the battery of a portable could be the same that checking a home battery system used with photovoltaic (also called PV) panels.

Then I want to use my portable on a home PV installation by connecting my portable to a standard car plugin (habitually used for smoker but also used to connect a portable in a car).
I then presume you can add a tabulation in your kpowersave program to be able to check the home PV situation and if the portable is not using his battery but well a connection to the car connector it can also do the same job (to sleep or shutdown if no power will be avaliable in X time).

I sincerely hope you can enhance kpowersave with this idea (adding a tabulation for monitoring (when portable has an electrical or battery use) and do the same job as it has now).

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 21 2008
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

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Oct 01 2010

is it possible to add the functionality to be able to lock an object in a basket to prevent to move it in another or to change his position in the basket organisation ?

It could be so useful.

Thx and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 18 2008

we are actually eady to manage a big project. We though to use basket to help us but we really need the functionnality to addd pictures in a basket.
How can we do it and please enhance basket as quickly as possible.

Sincerely for this usefull progam.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 12 2008

I have a router on which I connected an usb HD.

I am so interresting with your basket program but I encouter a problem.

Then I ask you if you can develop this needed trick.

Be able to use basket with local (HD) and network (centralised) basket (and sub basket).

Why does I ask this ?

I can use my habitual basket informations and need to centralised through a network some basket. Some with developpers some with my children.

To do this it need at the creation of a new (sub) basket to ask the location of it. After what I see them in my basket collections.

Just one think. For this it is necessary to manage conflicts between two users on a (sub)basket item. You just need to lock it if a user is using it. It means in the basket folder (on the centralised storage) you just can use a small file. this file can tell which item is in use in a (sub) basket and if somebody try to access it he can just see it and not modify it.

And the last but not least. The HD connected to my router is a 2,5" external HD. It means I can take it to my office and then connect it to my portable. Then it is may be also necessary that when basket is opening it check if the known centralised (sub) basket are available. If not it scan the usb port to see if they are availble in local and then display it if exist.

Sincerely thanks and please allow us to use this basket tool so professionaly as possible.

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day.

I hope you can positively answer to this request. It can be better for all user to be able to share this.

Oh I forget to tell you that the centralised (su) basket can be connected with a simple fpt address (exemple :

Miguipda ;-) - Feb 18 2007
Fresh Memory

Education Apps 10 comments

Score 58.6%
Aug 09 2015

sincerelly thanks to take care about the need to display a picture and sound as requested.
Sincerelly thanks.

Have a nice day and with pleasure to use the next version (under my kubuntu and windows in my office).

Miguipda ;-) - Dec 02 2007

I forget to ask you if it could be possible to run a sound file.

I explain. If in the flashcard file I give a path to a mp3 file then a speaker appears in the fresh memory program to let the user (by clicking) on the speaker to hear the associated file. It can then for my example tell the term in chinese and help me to correctly hear and pronounce it.


Miguipda ;-) - Nov 29 2007

sincerely thanks for this program I need to use on linux at home and on windows at my job.

But, yes there is, I need en enhancement of your program if you agree. Sincerely it can expand the use of your program to more studying courses.

I explain : I need to study something that is an image. This image has a name in chinese and a translation in french. This means I need to be able to studying it by displaying the image and then found the goo chinese word and french translation. It could be also display the french or the chinese and then found the image and the chinese or french term. It must so be able to display a random image/chinese/french term or be selected in a settings form to decide I always display image/chinese/french and need to found the two others elements.

I know it's a little a bit more work for you but I sincerely need it. And I think it can be used for other studying courses like medecine, ... by displaying image and latin and othe language term.

Sincerely thanks for your help and I hope you agree to enhance your program with this idea.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Nov 29 2007
Stock Watch!

Karamba & Superkaramba 18 comments

by sound
Score 50.0%
Mar 19 2011

sincerely thanks. I will try it as soon as possible and feedback.

Have a nice day - Oct 25 2007

I use your stock watch but need an interresting enhancement.

I explain.

We can know the up or down evolution for stocks but can't directly know the gain.

Please, sincerely please enhance your stock watch by adding the buyed stocks like on this one stock watch (under windoz) :


Miguipda ;-) - Mar 07 2007
thanks - Jun 08 2006
Hi can it do it the same with this other 'bourse' website ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day.

Please never stop to support this so useful program.

Miguipda ;-) - Jun 06 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 227 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 23 2007

previously I asked you how it doesn't work under kubuntu 6.10

You give me information that doesn't change the problem.

But now, the downloadable debian package works well under my Kubuntu 6.10.

Sincerely thanks for this really great program. Each day I use it now.

Just one question. Can you please add the possibility to change (by right click by example) the name of an added progam.

Second question. Is it possible to have the possibility to put this kooldock on the left, or right or top side on the display ? If not can you prepapre this please ?


Miguipda ;) - Jan 28 2007
with this : ./configure --prefix=/usr/include/kde/
I receive :
checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!

and with this :
./configure --prefix="/usr/include/kde/"
I receive :
configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --prefix: ”/usr/include/kde/“ - Jan 22 2007

I installed all the needed autoconf and automake programs.

I followed what is precised in the README file to install kooldock under my kubuntu 6.10.

When 8 do the ./configure command I receive this error :

checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!

Then the make; make install doesn't work. Normal.

Then What must I do to be able to install your so usefull program ?

Sincerely thanks,

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jan 21 2007

Network 85 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 05 2009

sincerely interrested with tork but when can we hope to have a kubuntu package ?

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Oct 25 2006

System Software 61 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 28 2008

sincerely great program. Thanks for that.

But we need something special more.
Comparing name files from pictures I take with my camera are all called by number. Then if I compare one from another folder it can be the same number but not the same picture.

Is it well possible to display a small preview file when they are pictures ?

Sincery thanks,


Miguepda ;-) - Oct 02 2006
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

Score 50.0%
May 17 2006

can you please tell me where are you now with the idea of a flashcard theme so useful for students ?

Do you already start it ?

Remember I can translate it in french when ready (graphical interface).

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - Jul 03 2006
It could be interresting to adapt those exiting (but incomplete flashcard superkaramba theme :


A+ - May 10 2006
Here is an example for a correct concept to develop a ggod flashcard (used to studying chinese : what we need).

Sincerely thanks. - May 08 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
Score 46.0%
Jun 01 2008

sincerely thanks for your karamba themes.

Can you please add the pollen situation for the selected region like they do on the opera widget :


Miguipda ;-) - Jul 03 2006

sincerely thanks for this so useful themes.

Can you please adapt it to create a plugin for those theme :

Information to generate the plugin :

The fact is due that we then have a lot of themes on the desktop. It can be interresting to have a weather plugin to just use our Aero AIO.

Sincerely thanks for this if you do it.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-) - May 28 2006

Utilities 124 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2007

may be interresting to add some new 'babylon 6' like functionnalities :
"Il offre également l’accès à l’encyclopédie Wikipedia ainsi qu’au contenu des plus grands dictionnaires et encyclopédies.".

Bye - Jun 09 2006
Aero AIO 0.9.1: sensors-HD temp monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 33 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 03 2007

sincerely thanks to answer to my request.

Then as you understood flashcards are habitually small cards on which we write a question and to the answer is to the backside of this card.

Then they are used to study cursus.

Actually we need it to help us studying chinese. But the difference between a traditional language where we have a word and his translation (english to french by example) here in chinese for an english (or french for me) word there is a chinese word as translation but the pronouciation has four tones (four ways to pronouce it). And also there is also a way to write this pronouciation with western characters (called pinyin method).

Then to create a correct flashcard file format, please have a look to this :

because some (like kvoctrain and kwordquiz) use an xml format file and other use private format like question;answer

I presume to make a good job it is may be the best to try using xml files format you can see here :

BUT exceptionally, please to be large enough and then to study chinese we need four fields to display :
1) the question (is the word in chinese)
2) the answer (is the mother language)
3) first info field(in chinese is the pinyin (western characters) pronouciation)
4) second info field (is the radical of the chinese character).

BE ONLY CAREFUL that displaying those four fields must be in UTF-8 format due to the fact there is western and eastern characters.

Don't forget to try this (by selecting a lesson) to see how we use a flashcard.

And the must of the must it could be also interresting to be able to play a sound (which is the pronouciation of the chinese word).

Sinrely thank you if you can do it.
I am available to translate it in french when you realized all the fields labels.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda :-) - May 23 2006

I always use Aero AIO. Sincerely thanks for your new plug in.

Do you thinks you can develop this so useful flashcar described here please ;

Here is the best useful flashcard display :

I think it is not so difficult in regards of what you do with the fan.
For this useful flshcard plugin it is just necessary to read files and display informations. Just select the good data format inside the used flashcard file.

Best regards.

Miguipda ;-) - May 22 2006

I always use Aero AIO. Sincerely thanks for your new plug in.

Do you thinks you can develop this so useful flashcar described here please ;

Here is the best useful flashcard display :

I think it is not so difficult in regards of what you do with the fan.
For this useful flshcard plugin it is just necessary to read files and display informations. Just select the good data format inside the used flashcard file.

Best regards.

Miguipda ;-) - May 22 2006
Japanese Flashcards

Karamba & Superkaramba 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 01 2006

sorry if I don't study japanese but I am studying chinese.

May be can you help me.
I am looking for a goor flshcard tool I can find.

I actually like the aero aio karamba theme and I think somebody can may be develop a good flashcard for this because I can't.

I finally find the better flashcard concept (for all the cursus). You may see it at :

Can you develop this flashcard tool for aero aio ?

Sincerely thanks,

Miguipda ;-) - May 18 2006
Aero aio - needed plugin

Karamba & Superkaramba 1 comment

Score 50.0%
May 08 2006

here is an example for a good flashcard concept. It is used to studying chinese (what we need).

Thanks - May 08 2006