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Dennis Gallion

System Software by jrfaller 87 comments

Just FWIW, on second thought, there is a workaround . . . you can create multiple Keep source/destination records. So you could give Keep each of your /home subdirectories as a separate entry, exluding the media folder. Place each of these under a backup /home parent directory and you've accomplished what you want in a round-about way. Of course, if you have individual files under /home, you would need to group these into a folder. Not elegant, but it should work. - Sep 11 2006

System Software by jrfaller 87 comments

like the author's note above indicates: "need coders . . . to implement the include and exclude file management" - so, no, doesn't do that now. However, you can easily do what you want without this front-end. This tool uses rdiff-backup, which supports several include/exclude methods. Write a simple script and set it up to run whenever with cron (Kcron is nice); that is what the Keep daemon is essentially doing. You can do the same thing with rsync. AFAIK, the main distinction rdiff-backup has is its creation of differentials along with the mirroring. - Sep 10 2006

System Software by jrockey 2 comments

I encountered a similar problem to that described above, specifically KFS crashing when it encounters a filename beginning with a tilde (~). Unfortunately this is not uncommon on a partition shared with W$.

Sending a bug report to returns with an invalid address. This is not a KDE supported app, so not applicable to send to the KDE team.

A very useful and simple app, but apparently with no active support. - Jun 05 2006
yaBi - beagle search client

Various KDE Stuff by dbera 31 comments

Great little tool! I just upgraded Beagle 0.13 to 1.4-8, and for a reason I have not been able to dig out (grr!), lost the Best GUI. While yaBi is not quite a match aesthetically, functionally it is fine. More importantly, doesn't require all the Gnome stuff that Best does. Now if I could just easily figure out all the Gnome sw to uninstall since I'm not using Best . . . - Jan 10 2006

Security by hoganrobert 150 comments

In SuSE 10.0 w/KDE 3.4, KlamAV's built-in web browser does not work; KlamAV calls the KDE default browser instead. Now after upgrading to KDE 3.5, the external browser call does not work either. - Dec 07 2005

Security by hoganrobert 150 comments

Sorry to be adding so many comments, but to be accurate . . . the instruction above re the installer compiling dazuko after the package is installed with YaST, is probably incorrect. The YaST description indicates that this package is for the sources, but that also the binary is included in the kernel package (this is also indicated by the dazuko website). Therefore, it would seem that all that is needed in SuSE is to modprobe the dazuko module. - Nov 13 2005

Security by hoganrobert 150 comments

Added note: The updated 0.87 ClamAV can be found at: - Nov 12 2005

Security by hoganrobert 150 comments

Getting the install script to work in SuSE 10.0 was a real pain. I thought it might be helpful to pass along what I did to make the script work:

1. Install these packages with YaST:


2. Create a symbolic link in /usr/lib/ named linked to The install is looking for libcurl, not to be found anywhere in SuSE. So I pointed it to the newest version of libcurl, and it apparently worked.

3. Compile km-dazuko. Alternatively, you can run the install script and it will compile dazuko, but the script will then fail because the module is not loaded.

4. Do #modprobe dazuko (to load it)

5. Run the install script. It will run KlamAV automatically and find that the SuSE version of ClamAV is not the newest, and then offer to download and compile the newest. I declined, not wanting to risk more dependency problems.

6. The executable is /usr/local/kde/bin/klamav - this has to be manually added to the KDE menu

The only problem problem I've found is that the KlamAV Virus Browser sends the query to the system default Browser rather than retrieving the page in its own window. Perhaps the libcurl workaround above is causing this??? Otherwise seems all OK.

Good luck. - Nov 12 2005