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Feb 07 2014
Dear 3E,same problem!
other widgets are good with nice UI for graph you need more effort.

i tried to find problem,but cant spend much time to find code. - Nov 05 2008
still problem in painting.
iterator i pointed to empty vector!

channeldeco... .cpp line 49 =>

Channels & channels = chart->channels();
Channels::iterator i=channels.end();

*ERR* while ( i--!=channels.begin() )

channels is empty on debugger.
- Nov 04 2008
Dear 3Electrons
chart has problem in QT 4.4.0 & VS2005
in scalegriddec... line 127 i--; in debug testing,channels size is one! no size checking.... also in paint event,i removed all call routine except (ChartDecorator::paint(painter,chart); unexpected error too

any question/additional info/effort

- Oct 31 2008